Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wet Suit 3mm (Large)

XTERRA Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Sleeveless 3/2mm

The Volt Sleeveless is the ultimate basic training and entry-level wetsuit, though you’ll find it on the back of some of the strongest swimmers in the water. It is ideal of shorter swims of 1.2 miles or less, or longer swims in salt water or if you’re a better swimmer.

Each XTERRA wetsuit is made for the water. It doesn’t matter what kind of swimmer you are, you will look like you’ve been ready to compete your whole life.

Each product is tested on four key components – comfort, speed, buoyancy and value.

About XTERRA Our goal is to make you the swimmer or triathlete you strive to be. We offer state of the art materials that will help to not only train smarter, but faster too. All wetsuits are carefully designed, crafted and tested in San Diego, California, The birthplace of triathlon!

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Product Features

  • AMERICA’S FAVORITE TRIATHLON WETSUIT – The XTERRA Volt sleeveless triathlon suit is the ultimate tri suit for men that is comfortable, durable, fast and affordable. Get maximum flexibility and buoyancy with 3/2mm neoprene construction. This suit is great for both beginners and veterans. The suits comfortable fit and streamline body are perfect for both training and racing.
  • SUPERIOR COMFORT & QUALITY – The XTERRA Volt Triathlon Sleeveless Wetsuit’s high-performance X-FLEX suit liner stretches in all four directions and returns to its original structure to guarantee that the Xterra Volt will retain its shape and fit over time. The wetsuit’s flexible liner allows for a comfortable snug fit. X-MAX Seam-Seal Technology uses a triple layer of glue and double-blind stitching to ensure long-lasting waterproof seams that keep you warm and dry.
  • UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE & DECREASED DRAG – XTERRA’s X-SLICE tri-suit coating reduces drag to keep you fast in the water. The trisuit’s 3/2mm neoprene body provides excellent buoyancy, lifting your body into an optimal position for smooth and fast swimming. The wetsuit’s back has 2mm neoprene for ideal flexability. The suit’s double seam shoulder cuff allows for unrestricted shoulder movement for a comfortable and powerful swim.
  • CORRECT SIZE GUARANTEE – All triathlon wetsuits are designed to fit snugly. After trying on your wetsuit, if you believe that the suit is too snug then contact us directly before returning your wetsuit. You have 30 days to try on and test out your triathlon wetsuit and can even take it for a swim! Available in 9 sizes while supplies last. Please see size chart in images for correct sizing.
  • 30 DAY NO RISK RETURN + 1 YEAR INDUSTRY-BEST WARRANTY – Xterra Wetsuits strives to make your swim faster and more comfortable, and to offer you the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. We confidently stand by our claim of making the world’s fastest wetsuit and our triathlon wetsuits are warranted against manufacturing defects for 1 year.

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  1. High Quality Product; Super Customer Service! I’m training for the St. Mary’s International Triathlon in 64 degree water, so I needed to get a wetsuit and fast because I have less than two months until the Tri. Not only does the wetsuit keep my body toasty warm, I was amazed how buoyant I was in the water and how easily I glided through the water. I was also impressed with the craftsmanship and design. High quality through and through! My first swim in open water with the Vortex was my fastest swim to date! I highly recommend the…

  2. GREAT for Surfing Too! I LOVE this wetsuit! And I hate wetsuits. I’m a surfer, not a triathalon’er, so my needs are different but this fills those needs perfectly. I can’t stand all the rubber on my arms in a normal wetsuit. You lose so much paddle power stretching the rubber around. And those newer ‘chest zip’ suits… Brutal to get on and off. This thing is great. I’ve been out in cool’ish water 62-64 or so. And yes my arms get a little cold, but my core body temp never drops. The black skin gets HOT in…

  3. Keep your core warm during winter swimming I’ve never owned a wet suit before, and getting close to 60, psyching myself up to swim during the winter and not feel too cold has become increasingly painful to do. It really was starting to kill my enthusiasm about lake swimming over the winter. After reading multiple articles in various magazines I decided to purchased the Xterra Volt. Having a quality Tri wet suit allows me to continue distance swimming during the winter months in preparation for the Spring Triathlon season. I followed…

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