Xbar Resistance Band & EZ Bar Workout System – Home Gym Strength Training Set – Over 100 Exercises for Men & Women


Sadly, it’s not always that easy. First, you have to get motivated. That’s a lot easier said than done for most of us, but what if you didn’t have to leave your house to get the body of your dreams?


Combining resistance bands and a durable multi-grip exercise bar, we’ve brought easy to use fitness home again with the XBar Fitness System! With over 100 workouts at your disposal, you can train your arms, legs, shoulders, and core quickly and easily with this versatile gym tool.


Why XBar? In the realm of fitness equipment, you will always get what you pay for. If you really want to advance your fitness, you need the right tools. The XBAR is skillfully crafted to fit the ergonomics and natural position of your hand and wrist placement. It’s made with only the highest quality materials and includes strong yet flexible resistance bands. Our attention to detail sets us apart as we offer fluid rotating end swivels for attaching the bands, rubber-to-rubber detached push-up docks, and a slip-free grip. These are just a few of the features the Xbar offers.


We believe, and we’re sure you’ll agree: we have an excellent set. However, even if it’s not for you, we’re here to make sure you leave us smiling! For a full 30 days, try our product without risk!


Product Features

  • * X-SPECTATION MEETS REALITY – Xbar is truly a redefining of what a home gym can be! Funded by the people of Kickstarter, we’ve taken an innovative idea and turned it into the next generation of portable home gym technology. Easy-to-use and extremely durable, The XBar Fitness System allows for over 100 different exercises for an unbeatable total body workout!
  • * FROM BEGINNER TO PRO – No Matter what your fitness level, the Xbar set offers enough veight versatility to mimic an entire gym rack! We keep you burning the calories and on the way to a leaner meaner you. Our low impact system offers three bands with this set: Green – 5 lbs, red – 8lbs, blue – 13 lbs. Use one, or use them all to intensify the resistance.
  • * PERSONAL PORTABILITY – Weighing less than 10 lbs and packing down to 34″, The Xbar fits into your life, on your time, in your space, and at your pace! Forget gym memberships and enjoy the ability to workout at home, at the office, or whenever you are with true unmatched quality and convenience.
  • * THE ULTIMATE SET – Combining bands, push-up stand, and attachable door ancor as well as the incredible Xbar, this is the total body fitness system chosen by personal trainers and travelling athletes alike. That’s because of its durability and effectiveness at training not just one or two muscle groups, but your ENTIRE BODY!
  • * GUARANTEED – This is truly a great deal but just so you can buy stress free, your purchase is covered for a full 30 Days! Try the XBAR in your home of office today, and if you’re not satisfied with the results you can achieve from this innovative product, just send it back our way for a full, no hassle refund!

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  1. AS GOOD AS A GYM! I didn’t purchase this on Amazon but I did back XBAR on kickstarter but trying to help get the word out about this awesome product. I have been working out 5-6 days a week for over a year now. Unfortunately I just started a new job and have to travel a lot now. So I was looking for something I could take on the road with me so I could continue to get a good workout without having to find a gym in a new city every single week. The first day I used the XBAR I wasn’t sure I got a…

  2. Excellent Gym for use Anywhere After watching the videos for the XBar here and on YouTube I was interested in this but still had questions about using this product. I emailed the company with my questions and was pleasantly surprised to get my questions answered by the company owner, Damian Sanders. He even sent close-up photos of the product to answer my questions. I purchased the XBbar on Amazon as it was eligible for Prime shipping. So far I love this – it’s very well made, heavy duty construction and comes with an…

  3. I’m impressed… and getting in shape. “Disclaimer: I didn’t buy my Xbar on Amazon and the founder of the company is my brother.That said, I may be a qualified reviewer for this product for multiple reasons: 1. I know the complete backstory, 2. I’m naturally critical of family- in a loving, supportive way, 3. I would never buy an exercise gadget because I don’t believe people should set aside an hour a day to spike their heart rate and disrupt their natural patterns, (read: lazy) 4. I don’t need another `thing’ in my house…

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