Titanker Bike Lock, 4ft Security Resettable Combination Coiling Bike Cable Locks with Mounting Bracket, 1/2 Inch Diameter (Bike Lock Keys)

How to set your own password?
1. Use the default password 0000 to open the lock.
Please make sure all numbers aligned with the arrows otherwise the lock cannot open. There are some buyers said they cannot open the lock because they have not set the numbers on the exact place.

  1. Notice the keyhole is facing up. Turn it to the right to horizontal position (90 degrees).

  2. Set numbers to whatever code you want, making sure to keep the numbers aligned with the arrow. And remember your new numbers or write down them. Last, turn the keyhole back to upright position.
    There are many people forget to turn it back so they cannot successfully set new password or cannot open the lock.

    Warmly note:
    Please take a photo for your lock dials after you set your own combination in case you forget it.

    What is the mounting bracket?
    The bracket attaches to your bicycle seat post or frame post and the actual lock has an easy release attachment mechanism that lets you hook one to the other while not in use. to use the lock, you push the
    easy release button and the lock is then usable.

Product Features

  • EASY TO USE: With 2pcs unique keys for every bike lock,no one have the same. You don’t need to use the key to lock, you can just snap it together and go when you lock it
  • UPDATED MOUNTING BRACKET & WATERPROOF DUSTPROOF COVER: Compared to ordinary mounting bracket,Our updated bike lock holder have 2pcs inner rubber for your choice to adjust your circular seat tube. With the waterproof dust-proof cover, which will effective your key hole from rain and dust
  • SECURE CABLE BIKE LOCK: Flexible 12mm steel cable prevent your bike from strong cutting, and PVC coating helps to prevent from scratching and rusting
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Total length is 4ft, ideal for bike,skateboards, scooter, wagon, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, wagon and more
  • SECURE & PORTABLE: It’s an easy locking mechanism while inserting the locking bolt, the anti-rust and zinc alloy key core to prevent the bike from stealing

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  1. Back for more My 10-year-old previously had a bike that she got for free, so I didn’t worry about it when she rode it to school and left it unlocked on the bike rack all day. When she got a nicer, more expensive bike, I decided she needed a lock. Obviously, her school’s bike rack is pretty safe (otherwise her freebie bike would’ve been stolen years ago!), so she doesn’t need anything super-strong, just something that will discourage someone from walking past and quickly grabbing the bike.This…

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