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Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – Black – Size 30

The #1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters is now available in Black! Exclusively made for Tiger Claw, this black line of Feiyues brings you the same tough performance as regular white Feiyues. Feiyue Martial Arts shoes have a simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole. The tread is perfect for all styles, providing maximum traction for ultimate performance. Most of all, you cannot beat the price. You can buy several pairs of Feiyue shoes for the price of a single pair of most other martial arts shoes. And the Feiyue shoes might last just as long, if not longer! Try a pair today. You’ll discover why hundreds of thousands of martial artists are choosing to wear Feiyue Martial Arts shoes for their practice! Sizes 31 to 47 (child 1.5 to adult 12.5)

Product Features

  • The #1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters
  • Simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a padded yet light sole.
  • The tread is perfect for all martial arts styles
  • Providing maximum traction for ultimate performance
  • Popular and Fashionable

3 Replies to “Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – Black – Size 30”

  1. Better quality, a stitched label on the tongue and … I believe I can shed some light on the confusion with the sizing.The first pair of Feiyue shoes I ordered arrived in a random paper bag with some chinese print. My initial impression of the shoes were that they were cheap looking and sub par quality. Upon trying them on, despite ordering the correct size according to the site, they are about three full US sizes too small, and extremely narrow.I requested a refund and to send the shoes back. The retailer asked that I instead…

  2. Fake Chinese Knockoff. But hey, the company builds their shoe there. This size was too small but all the other shoes my son wears have room. This size 3 is pushing his toes.Anyway, now to the real problem. These are fakes, I noticed right away when I saw the difference in the letter “Y” on the shoe. I also know this because I talked to the actual company and she went through all of the signs to tell if they are genuine. Any of them that say “Tiger Claw” are not genuine Feiyue, they are copies and will not be same quality. I am…

  3. These aren’t Real Feiyues. Horrible quality in an imitation of an iconic shoe. EDIT: Downgraded to 1 star. After inspecting my genuine pair, the difference in quality is like night and day. After my week of wearing the Tiger Claw shoes for walking only, they were already splitting at the ball of the foot. The rubber has already worn to the same level my 2-year old pair of real Feiyues, and it has bubbles and imperfections. I know it isn’t just my pair, for those who wonder if I’m simply a disgruntled customer, because my fiancee wears Tiger Claw Feiyues all the time and…