ChengYi Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags for Fitness,Functional Fitness, Cross-training Exercise & Crossfit with Adjustable Weights CYTN02 (Black)

Product Features

  • MULTI-FUNCTION TRAINING: Whether you are a beginner or a long-time sand bag trainer, you will appreciate the wide variety exercises you can do with these sandbags. Deadlifts, carries, squats, presses, lunges, even throws!
  • FITNESS ANYWHERE: Perfect for a Workout at a Variety of Weights and Locations- At Home, in the Gym, or Outdoors.
  • BUILD STRENGTH, POWER, AND ENDURANCE: Achieve your fitness goals faster with sandbag training. Our Sandbags come with everything you need to quickly improve metabolic conditioning and increase your overall lean muscle mass
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Filler bags feature a double velcro design for maximum leak resistance.

ChengYi Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags for Fitness,Functional Fitness, Cross-training Exercise & Crossfit with Adjustable Weights CYTN02 (Khaki)

Product Features

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Brute Force Sandbags is the ORIGINAL (and most trusted) workout sandbag on the market. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, backed by the Brute Force Shield Warranty.
  • VERSATILE: Perfect for your Crossfit workout. With 4 Sets of flexible soft grip handles (8 total). The best Sandbag for Functional Training. SLAM IT, TOSS IT, BEAT IT, DRAG IT or anything else you can think of. It’s built to last, that’s why Brute Force is trusted Crossfit Equipment.
  • RELIABLE: Most reliable functional sandbag on the market. Brute Force proudly outfits every branch of the US Military, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Division I Athletic Programs and many more.
  • MADE IN THE USA: No cutting corners just to save a buck, Brute Forces uses only the highest quality materials to make products that will last. Handcrafted and handmade right here in Denver Colorado, keeping jobs local!

Weights III – The Circuit Strength Training Workout [VHS]

Find out how to look 10-15 years younger just by working out with weights. Fight the effects of gravity and prevent osteoporosis in this one-hour circuit strength training workout video. You’ll feel more energized and healthier each time you work out! This video concentrates on shaping your muscles, preventing osteoporosis, and making you look younger.

THIS IS NOT A BEGINNER VIDEO and is suggested for the moderate to advanced strength training participant. You should be very familiar with weight training and be regularly working out with at least 7-pound dumbbells (each) or a barbell.

Here’s a preview of some of the exercises used in this video: Slow Motion Squats, Negative Lateral Raises, Isometric Knee-Ins and Pulses (for lower abdominals), Pyramid Pushups, and Reverse Kickbacks. The repetitions will be performed at a slower pace to allow for as heavy of a weight as you may want to use.

In Weights®, III your muscles will be hit at every angle to give you the results you’ve always wanted. If you have an inner thigh problem, imagine it GONE! If your hips are wide at the sides, watch them vanish each time you work out! If you just can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds no matter what you do, watch the weight melt away. This workout definitely WORKS!

TheraBand Soft Weight, 4.5″ Diameter Hand Held Ball Shaped Isotonic Weighted Ball for Isometric Workouts, Strength Training & Rehab Exercises, Shoulder Strengthening, Set of 6 Assorted Weights

TheraBand Soft Weights are hand-held, ball-shaped isotonic weights – a soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells providing users more versatility for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. They are unique because the size of the ball, with a diameter of 4.5 inches, does not increase as weight increases, allowing for a consistent and functional grip. This allows for either unilateral or bilateral exercise progressions, either independently, or with a partner.

Product Features

  • A soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells which provides users more versatility for strength training and rehab exercises
  • Hand-held, ball shaped weights allow for unilateral or bilateral exercise progression, easy use with balance training and stabilization exercises or with a rebounder or mini trampoline for plyometrics
  • A compelling alternative to neoprene, vinyl or coated dumbbells, ball diameter does not increase with weight and offers standard 4.5″ for consistent and functional grip
  • Ideal for older adults, people with arthritis or limited grasping ability, and people in toning, shaping and sport-specific programs
  • Includes a guide that demonstrates proper exercises for a variety of applications
  • Pilates, Yoga, & Toning Workouts, Home Exercise Equipment Balls