Training Mask Sport Mask Gain Benefits of High Altitude Elevation Training for Running, Biking, Cardio, Sports; Increases Strength,Endurance,and Stamina Workout Mask(+ Free Bonus Carry Case)

The Training Mask lets you achieve the effects of a high altitude workout efficiency when training with the level air flow regulator, which helps decrease & maximize your workout time. You can then reduce the amount of training time by getting the same results in a shorter amount of time. You will also increase your lung capacity and will constantly push your training limits to the fullest.
– The level resistance system allows changing difficulty during training without having to take off the mask.
– Simulates high altitude training, ranging from 4,000 – 16,000 Feet
– Trains breathing muscles and improve overall performance in any sport
– Increases and conditions lung capacity by creating pulmonary resistance
– One size fits most adults (120 lbs – 230 lbs)
– Includes A Carry Case for easy storage, protection and caring for the mask
– Easy to clean and wash
– Ultralight medical silicon material and nylon sleeves make this non-slippery, comfortable and ultralight weight.

Product Features

  • IMPROVE LUNG CAPACITY: The original high quality workout equipment mask brings your work out breath to the next level with a workout accessory that offers you the same effects similar to High Altitude Workout Efficiency training. Simulate 4,000ft / 8,000f t/ 12,000ft / 16,000ft respiratory altitudes with the control switch.
  • FREE BONUS CARRY CASE included; compact and convenient to carry your training mask anywhere you want without hassle, plus added protection to prevent any scratches or damage.
  • ULTRA-SILENT & LIGHTWEIGHT; Easy-to-Use with an Innovative Design; includes Non-Slip Training Straps; One Size Fits most – From 120lbs to 230lbs.
  • MAXIMIZES WORKOUTS & ELEVATES PERFORMANCE by strengthening your respiratory system through 4 breathing levels; Improves Overall Performance in any sport and workout. It creates pulmonary resistance and increases lung capacity which allows you to train harder and more efficiently
  • TRAINING MASK USERS LOVE IT: Our mask is made from high quality ultra durable construction and will easily notice the difference. Made with sturdy breathable elastic straps that do not loosen or stretch out for an extended lifetime of use.

LNBEI Fitness Resistance Band set 5 Levels Elastic Latex Strength Training Athletic Rubber Loops Bands Workout Fitness Equipment

Product Description:
These exercise loop bands are used and recommended by physical therapists to help patients recover and rehabilitate as part of their physical therapy. For example, recovering from injuries such as torn and damaged ligaments, such as the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). As well as other procedures such as hip and knee replacement surgery.
Great Value and Less Hassle.
If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the gym that will help you get a good workout from your home or on the go, you have found the answer: resistance loop bands. This is a perfect solution for busy moms, office workers and students who want to get fit and toned without expensive workout equipment or the hassle of going to workout at the gym.
These strips of elastic high quality latex will help you build muscle and increase flexibility and agility at a price that will not cause a dent in your pocket.
Versatile Workout Kit.
A resistance loop band is a versatile workout tool. It can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body). It’s perfect for strength training and for doing cardio workouts. This set is very light and easily portable.These bands wrap around the ankles, calves, knees, thighs or wrist and are designed for strengthening and toning the body.
They are portable, simple, safe and effective, the band will make your training more challenging and give you better results.
Package Included:

1 x Green (X-Light) – Thick 0.35mm Tension: 10-15lbs
1 x Blue (Light) – Thick 0.5mm Tension: 15-20lbs
1 x Yellow (Medium) – Thick 0.7mm Tension: 20-30lbs
1 x Red (Heavy) – Thick 0.9mm Tension: 30-35lbs
1 x Black (X-Heavy) – Thick 1.1mm Tension: 35-40lbs
1 x Carrying bag

Product Features

  • Each strap has a different strength so that you can increase the intensity of your workout gradually
  • Improve muscle tone in arms, legs, back & buttocks without need for expensive gym memberships
  • Straps are 12″ long and made from 100% natural latex so they can be stretched further – Great for Pilates, Physical Therapy, Yoga & Crossfit!
  • Flexible power loops are lightweight, durable & compact so you can take them along in a purse or briefcase in the included carry bag
  • Set of 5 straps come with handy travel bag & 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee

High Altitude Training Mask 16 Breathing Levels Simulation For High Intensity Workouts-Perfect For Running, Biking, Cardio and HIIT Training

When it comes to our customers’ satisfaction, we have one rule: settle for nothing but the best. That’s why we work only with premium quality products and suppliers, that are guaranteed to deliver to our high expectations.

Why is this product for you?

Because you are training to become a high-level sportsman and this mask is the one accessory that will push you to the next level. From now on, you can experience with high altitude simulations and increased intensity workouts so that you become the absolute best at what you do. Take advantage of your full potential and reach your goals with the training mask.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • 16 breathing levels
  • With free holding bag
  • Safe to use
  • Drawstring backpack included
  • For high altitude simulations

ORDER NOW and get the high intensity training you know you are up to!

Product Features

  • WHY YOU NEED IT: Are you a long-time sportsman looking for a way to boost your training? Are you reaching for performance and you need the right sports accessories? Are you training for high-intensity races? Then we have the answer: the 16 breathing levels training mask!
  • WITH SPECIAL ACCESSORIES: In order to make it extremely comfortable for you to use and carry around, we have added a premium drawstring backpack and an extra holding bag that covers the training mask perfectly.
  • CUT YOUR WORKOUT TIME IN HALF: Workout Mask by KOMANIKO makes workouts more effective by simulating high altitude. It will force you to take full and deeper breaths, toughening your diaphragm and respiratory system.
  • FOR ANY SPORT: Seeing that there are no less than 16 breathing levels, the mask is adaptable to any environment and any sport. No matter if you are into running, biking, HIIT or cardio, your workouts will benefit from the different levels of oxygen that you can choose from due to the elevation mask.
  • SAFE TO USE: Exercise masks are complex sports equipment, but the 16 levels of oxygen make this mask safe to use no matter your level of performance or environment! All you have to do is carefully choose the level you need and you are free to do your regular workout, but now with a twist.

Strength Training: Beginnings, Body Builders and Athletes

Anyone who is interested in increasing their performance, whether in athletics or any other aspect of life, can do so by increasing body strength. Strength Training: Beginners, Bodybuilders, Athletes presents strength development programs for beginning strength trainers, for those who wish to improve their athletic ability, and for those interested in becoming serious bodybuilders. Features Include: * Explains the principles of strength training so readers can develop their own targeted programs. * Includes weight-training exercises for specific sports to help increase athlete’s strength where it is needed most. * Includes the Nebraska Test – to determine if the training program is making positive changes for the athlete. * Over 70 photos illustrating correct body position and technique. * Special section on the pro’s/con’s of dietary supplements. Philip E. Allsen, inductee to the USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame has supervised strength training programs for thousands of people, ranging from individuals who have never participated in any type of strength program to elite athletes who compete on a professional level.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

Hanes Men’s Sport X-Temp Performance Training Pant with Pockets, Stealth/Black, 2XL

Hanes Sport. Performance. Style. Comfort. Hanes Sport builds on our comfort heritage with innovative technologies to give you the looks that fit your life, your sport, and your style.

Product Features

  • X-Temp technology is designed to adapt to your body temperature and activity to keep you cool and dry for all day comfort
  • Cool DRI technology dries fabric faster for maximum comfort
  • Cool Comfort fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cooler

TFM USA Jump Rope Adjustable Speed Rope Black 10ft for Cardio Training Boxing MMA Fitness Sport Gym Men Women Girls Boys Kids continental U.S.


Jumping rope: playground game, competitive sport and serious cardiovascular training.

Jump ropes are a great source of exercise for all ages and all levels of activity and skill. For grade-schoolers and boxers both! Whether you’re raising a kid or a boxer, this heavy-duty nylon rope is perfect for sports training, school activities or recreational use at home.

Package Contents:
1 Pcs Super Speedy Jump Rope
The maximum length is 10ft. including the handle, the jump rope is fully adjustable.

Product Features

  • IT’S A TOP RATED SPEED ROPE – Effective in building endurance, stamina and reflexes. Jump rope outlines a number of highly effective workout techniques that will supercharge your training.
  • The maximum length is 10ft. including the handle, the jump rope is fully adjustable. Made with Premium Quality, the rope is built to withstand HEAVY DUTY use. Long enough for you customize the rope according to your height. Practically indestructible and the quality of construction is undeniable.
  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH – One size fits all, adjust the length to the correct setting in less than 5 minutes.
  • CUSTOM FOAM GRIPS – Molded for comfortable, the handles are designed to minimize hand fatigue. The skip rope come with SUPER-SPEED ball-bearings that ensure smooth, effortless and even rotation.
  • A favorite amongst Boxing, MMA and Cross Fit enthusiasts. Best for cross overs, jog in place, side jumps and double-unders.