Gym Beast Lifting Weights Weightlifting Strength Training Heart Love Cupcake Picks Toppers Decoration Set of 6

About The Product:
Show off! Bring the finishing touch to your culinary creations with these cupcake picks from Graphics and More. The featured design is 1.6″ (4.1cm) in width and is printed on food-safe acrylic. Including the zany, squiggle-shaped pick, each topper is 3.2″ (7.9cm) in total height – the perfect size to make your cupcakes stand out, without stealing the spotlight from your handiwork. Sold as a set of six (6).

About The Design:
You know that feeling, when you feel like you can lift the world above your head, or that you have the muscles of a super hero. Everyone can see the beast you are after destroying that workout. This gym-going gorilla design perfectly embodies that feeling.

Product Features

  • Show off! Bring the finishing touch to your culinary creations with these cupcake picks from Graphics and More.
  • These toppers are the perfect size to make your cupcakes stand out, without stealing the spotlight from your handiwork. Sold as a set of six (6).
  • The featured design is 1.6″ (4.1cm) in width and is printed on food-safe acrylic. Including the zany, squiggle-shaped pick, each topper is 3.2″ (7.9cm) in total height.
  • You know that feeling, when you feel like you can lift the world above your head, or that you have the muscles of a super hero. Everyone can see the beast you are after destroying that workout. This gym-going gorilla design perfectly embodies that feeling
  • A Graphics and More product.

Kettlebell Workout Fitness Poster Laminated – Strength & Cardio Exercise Training Chart – Core – Chest – Legs – Shoulders & Back – Kettlebell Poster – Size 18”x24″

LAMINATED KETTLEBELL POSTER This poster contains 13 Different Kettlebell Exercises for Developing Quick Explosive Movement Skills, Useful in any Sport and in Life.

EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS:Get a Full Body Workout with Both Upper and Lower Extremities Exercises.

BURN CALORIES Doing HIT or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the Best Methods for Burning Calories Quickly.

LEARN TECHNIQUES TO MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & SAFETY: Torso Stabilization is Key to Proper Body Positioning.


The reason you will find our fitness posters in Community Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, High Schools and Military installations is we work to a higher standard. Quality is important.

– Our posters are designed and created by fitness experts with University degrees in Exercise Physiology and Human Kinetics.
– We put a lot of thought into providing safe, efficient exercises while also educating users on proper exercise technique and terminology.
– In order for the images to be precise, we only use personal trainers or aspiring exercise physiologists who have an understanding of proper body positioning (proprioception) to be fitness models. Experience has told us you cannot replicate proper form using non-fitness models.
– Posters are printed on 100lb. gloss paper and then laminated for durability.

BTW: At one point we considered using DRAWINGS instead of real life models as a cost saving measure, but found it was difficult to convey the nuances of safe, effective body movement and positioning.

Product Features

  • KETTLEBELL EXERCISES POSTER features the Most Effective Kettlebell Exercises
  • CREATED by RKC Certified Kettlebell Expert
  • LAMINATED FITNESS POSTER contains 13 Different Kettlebell Training Exercises
  • CLEAR AND PRECISE Start/Finish Photos
  • 100% MONEY-BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If You Don’t Love our Kettlebell Poster, we’ll refund your purchase.

BATTLE ROPES with ANCHOR KIT by FireBreather Training. Best Workout Equipment for Total Body Exercise to improve Cardio, Strength & Power. Premium 1.5 Inch Poly Dacron Battling Rope in 30, 40 & 50 Ft

Be BATTLE ROPE by FireBreather Training is the ultimately tool for elevating your fitness to the next level.

This product is ideal for individual or group activities for cardio conditioning and resistance training.

Works your shoulder, arm, triceps, back, leg and abdominals while increasing your endurance and promoting your lean muscle mass.

Wipe the Rope vigorously in various waving motions for an intense total body workout.

Great to use in combination with other fitness equipment such as weight bench, training sled and ab benches.

Available in Black, Red and Blue, in 30′ 40′ and 50′ by 1.5″.

Constructed with ulta-stong, shed-free Poly Dacron material, and smooth secure shrink heat handles.

This Fitness Rope is build for lasting power and speed.

Product Features

  • GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE. Heavy Rope Training is all about fast & efficient results. Combining both strength training and cardio into a single routine, you’ll gain muscle and lose fat like never before!
  • SAVE TIME WITH SHORTER WORKOUTS: This is a Total Body Workout that will impact all major muscle at the same time. In just 20 minutes all the tensions and forces generated by the undulation will train your core, biceps, shoulders and legs simultaneously.
  • YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED: Say goodbye to those repetitive sessions forever. With this dynamic training you can slam, whip, drag or move in waves instead of simple static weight lifting and treadmills sessions. Great to use at home, at your crossfit gym or outdoor
  • ADJUST TO YOUR LEVEL: Training with Heavy Rope is intense, but it can be used safely by Men and Woman of all fitness levels. Just choose between our 30 40 or 50 feet by 1.5 inch options. The longer the rope the more advanced training
  • BONUSES! ANCHOR SET KIT, E-BOOK, EXTRA LONG HANDLES & PROTECTIVE SLEEVE. You get all the accessories you need to improve your workout at the best value

TheraBand Soft Weight, 4.5″ Diameter Hand Held Ball Shaped Isotonic Weighted Ball for Isometric Workouts, Strength Training and Rehab Exercises, Shoulder Strengthening and Surgery Rehabilitation, Tan, 1.1 Pound

TheraBand Soft Weights are hand-held, ball-shaped isotonic weights – a soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells providing users more versatility for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. They are unique because the size of the ball, with a diameter of 4.5 inches, does not increase as weight increases, allowing for a consistent and functional grip. This allows for either unilateral or bilateral exercise progressions, either independently, or with a partner.

Product Features

  • A soft alternative to traditional isotonic dumbbells which provides users more versatility for strength training and rehab exercises
  • Hand-held, ball shaped weights allow for unilateral or bilateral exercise progression, easy use with balance training and stabilization exercises or with a rebounder or mini trampoline for plyometrics
  • A compelling alternative to neoprene, vinyl or coated dumbbells, ball diameter does not increase with weight and offers standard 4.5″ for consistent and functional grip
  • Ideal for older adults, people with arthritis or limited grasping ability, and people in toning, shaping and sport-specific programs
  • Includes a guide that demonstrates proper exercises for a variety of applications

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy, 6 Ounce, Firm, Blue

For over 50 years, Sammons Preston has been the premier brand in aids to daily living and homecare devices. Sammons Preston products are adaptive living aids that help people cope with their environment. Whether you are a therapist or patient, someone with special needs, or just have a need to make life easier and more accessible, Sammons Preston products can help you. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on Sammons Preston adaptive utensils, adaptive plates and silverware, nosey cups, reaches and grabbers, grab bars, sock pullers, shoe horns, dressing sticks, hip kits, leg lifters, back scrubbers, gait belts, wheelchair belts, trays, and wheelchair accessories. These are the same high quality professional products used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Product Features

  • Pliable therapy putty comes in easily-identifiable color coded progression system, firm blue putty is the fifth of six resistance levels and provides a greater challenge than tan, yellow, red, or green therapy putty
  • Hassle-free, robust putty doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness on the skin, maintains consistency, and conforms to your hand when squeezed, stretched, twisted, or pinched
  • Six ounce containers provide enough putty for theraputic hand exercises for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and hand strength and flexibility
  • Soft clay-like putty can be used for hand, finger, feet, and toe muscle strengthening exercises during physical therapy for arthritis, pre-surgery, and post-surgery recovery
  • Bleed proof, non-toxic, clean, and non-oily, safe for use in clinics and rehabilitation centers

Empower Medicine Ball for Women, Exercise Weight Ball for Strength Training, Cardio, Soft Fingertip-Grip Surface, 10lb

Empower Medicine Ball

Have fun while building strength, endurance and stability with our Empower Medicine Ball for Women.  Increase your cardio cross-fit training and improve stamina with our soft comfort-grip weighted exercise ball. Switch out your weights and dumbbells for a medicine ball instead to add challenge and versatility to your workout. Unlike dumbbells, you can toss, swing and lift a medicine ball for additional strength training. Designed for women, our Empower medicine ball has a soft textured surface making it comfortable and easy to grip. Unlike the hard medicine balls, Empower medicine balls for women are made from a high-quality vinyl that is durable enough to use as a slam ball yet soft to the touch.

Empower Medicine Ball Benefits

Our Empower medicine ball for women is a great tool to incorporate into your cross-fit training, boot camp program, plyometric or floor exercises. Adding a medicine ball to a variety of fitness routines will build strength in a short period of time, and improve flexibility and agility. Use a medicine ball to challenge your core, add resistance, work on balance, and improve eye-hand coordination.

  • Tone your entire body and improve core strength.
  • Burn calories, reduce fat and gain lean muscle.
  • Better alternative to dumbbells or kettlebells.
  • Medicine ball measures 6.75” in diameter


At Empower, we exist to empower women to be happy, healthy and strong. Empower is a community of real women who simply want to feel better, look better and feel just a little brighter in our brains. We’re about healthy not hip, fitness not perfection, and strength not guilt. We started Empower Fitness to design fitness products for the busy woman who can’t spent her valuable time in the gym. Our products are innovative and accessible. We are here to educate, motivate and inspire.

Product Features

  • DESIGNED FOR WOMEN: Our medicine balls for women are designed with a woman’s body and needs in mind. Sculpt, tone and increase cardio and improve core strength
  • BURN MORE CALORIES: Toss, swing and lift weighted medicine ball to blast calories. Combining cardio and weight training results in burning more calories
  • CORE STRENGTH: Greatly improve your balance, core and posture with regular use of our weighted medicine ball
  • SOFT MEDICINE BALL: Made from high quality vinyl that is friendly to the environment with a soft, fingertip-grip surface
  • WHAT YOU GET: One 10-pound medicine ball with a workout DVD and boot camp guide

TheraBand Resistance Bands Set, Professional Non-Latex Elastic Band For Upper & Lower Body Exercise, Strength Training without Weights, Physical Therapy, Lower Pilates, & Rehab, Blue & Black, Advanced

TheraBand Non-Latex Resistance Bands are a great tool for strengthening muscles, increasing range of motion in joints and helping to elongate muscles and tendons. This product is multifaceted and can be used for a variety of body maintenance activities including glute strengthening, hip flexibility, foot mobility and more. And because it is not made with natural rubber latex it’s an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities.

Product Features

  • Stretches, tones & conditions all major muscle groups, perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitivities
  • Simple & easy to use product for upper & lower body exercises that can be performed anywhere, is ideal for conditioning & rehabbing muscles
  • The Non-Latex Resistance Band increases both strength & flexibility in a subtle & natural manner
  • Rehabilitate muscles through simple yet effective workouts to increase strength & improve motion
  • Each band measures 5 feet long x 4 inches wide and comes in two color-coded resistance levels: Blue-5.8 – 8.5lbs.; Black-7.3-10.2lbs.