Women’s Health Lift to Get Lean: A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness & Strength Training in 3 Simple Steps

Research shows that building muscle helps the body burn more calories 24/7 and that resistance training is the most effective way to torch body fat. Yet that message is still lost on many women who fear that weight lifting will make them bulky, turn their skin green, and give them Incredible Hulk muscles like their boyfriends’. Women have more options than step aerobics or running on a treadmill to shed pounds: They can weight-train in a very specific manner designed to make the most of a woman’s unique physiology.

Lift to Get Lean is the first beginner’s guide to strength training from Women’s Health that is written specifically for women by a woman. Holly Perkins is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) who has been teaching the fat-burning secrets of weight training exclusively to women for more than 20 years. Perkins doesn’t follow men’s rules when it comes to building muscle. Her Lift to Get Lean delivers a three-step system: Technique, Movement Speed, and the Last 2 Reps Rule, which make all the difference in developing the kind of strong, lean, and sexy body women want. Perkins offers four different 90-day training programs that efficiently build functional strength along with leaner legs, stronger arms, and a sexier butt.

Grip Strengthener Forearm Exerciser Hand Strength Grips with Adjustable Resistance 22-88 Lbs for Finger, Wrist and Arm Training (Green)

DURABLE NEW MATERIALS. LifeStyle Lite hand strengtheners will give you longer lasting improvement through silent exercises. A great product with a Super Human Customer Service Team to assist you. Great for rehabilitation and physical therapy:  Beneficial for people who have tennis elbow, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. COMFORTABLE & QUIET: The rubber grips on the handles help prevent it from accidentally slipping out of your hand when it gets sweaty. The curved handles make it comfortable to grip and allows for several different grip positions to vary your workouts. This handgrip fits big or small hands. EASY TO USE & ADJUSTABLE. With our BONUS PDF guide, it will be easy to measure and adjust from 22-88 pounds of resistance with a twist of a dial. This will let you adjust the resistance to match your ability and you can increase the resistance as you gain strength.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM DESIGN AND SOLID BUILD QUALITY – LifeStyle Lite hand grippers are built based on hundreds of customers’ reviews. Featuring all metal rings and heavy duty spring, it is designed to endure long-term and frequent use. With added soft rubber pads on the handles, your hands do not slip at all nor do you feel your skin under the handles dying.
  • HAVE THE MOST CRUSHING GRIP EVER – Grip trainers quickly strengthen fingers, wrists, elbows and forearms. Ideal for bodybuilders, rock climbers, tennis players, golfers, surfers, drummers, pianists, massage therapists, guitarists, baseball players and violin players. Define your forearms and build on layers of muscles.
  • COMPLETELY SILENT. ADJUSTABLE – Now you can secretly improve your grip strength without other people noticing. You can use it at home or in meetings, office or classrooms. By turning the knob, you can increase or decrease the difficulty. The hand grip will grow with you as you progress. Perfect for men, women, seniors and teens.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO PAIN AND SCRAWNINESS – If you’ve got limited strength because you are recovering from surgery or have arthritis etc., this hand exerciser will help you improve dexterity, soothe stiffness and melt arthritis pain. It is known to be a great stress reliever as well.
  • 365-Day PRODUCT WARRANTY: Your purchase comes with our iron-clad 365-day product warranty. If you experience any issues with your product, just contact us and we will promptly arrange a replacement for you

Sportmad Soft Medicine Ball Wall Ball for CrossFit Exercises Strength Training Cardio Workouts Muscle Building Balance, 6/10/12/14/18/20/28/30LBS, Red&Black /Blue&Black

This Sportmad 14-Inch diameter soft Medicine Balls from 6 lbs to 30 lbs are perfect for everything from wall ball throws to traditional trunk twists, squats, sit-ups and presses to improve endurance, explosiveness and core strength.


Product Features

  • Durability: Soft grippy synthetic-leather and double thick tight stitching holds it closed, withstand years of wall throws and exercises
  • Diameter: 14-Inch diameter for every weight
  • Multi-function: 6, 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 30 pounds weights available for beginner to advanced training
  • Benefits: Perfect for muscle strength, increase cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, increase your speed, strength, coordination & conditioning
  • Sportmad Fitness Products: Check out our full line of exercise equipment, like gymnastics mats, barbell racks, roman chairs and so on

Ipow 18.5″Professional Quality Wrist Straps Support Braces Wraps Belt Protector With 2.5″Thumb Loops for Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, Strength Training, One Size fits all Men& Women

Maintain maximum strength for longer whilst minimizing risk of wrist, hand and arm Injury.

  • Wrist wraps stabilize your wrists and reduce muscle fatigue in your arms maintaining perfect form.
    – Eagle Profitless Wrist wraps reduce your risk of injury and avoid setbacks for weeks and Months.
    (1) Pair,(2) 18.5inch by 3inch Wrist Wraps for Men and Women.

-Made With Premium, Heavy Duty Materials for Chafe-Free Comfort and Maximum Strength So You Lift Heavier and Safer.
-Most Durable, Extra Wide Velcro That Will Last Longer.
-Straps with Neoprene padding for added comfort.
-Wide Thumb Loop For Easy Wrapping and Comfort.
-Built to Last With Reinforced Stitching to Prevent Fraying.
– Support and Stabilize your Wrists to Reduce Injury While Pushing Your Best.

Product Features

  • High elasticity Polyester material to allow for either a loose or snugger fit without cutting off circulation and permeability is strong;
  • Adjustable size fit Gym, Crossfit Training, Weight Lifting, Powerlifting, Pushups (all types) Planks, and burpees all of which were starting to take a toll your wrist;
  • Long and wide size(18.5 by 3 inch);
  • Sold as a pair;Each wrap has a thumb loop for security and support, you can be underneath the warps if you do not need it;
  • Ipow supply 1 year warranty;

Gym Fitness Training Journal: Daily Fitness Training/Weight Lifting Workout Log Book Journal. Convenient 6″x9″ Size, 100 pages. Chart Strength & Cardio Training Sessions.

Keep track of your workouts and get better long-term results. This 6″x9″ training journal/logbook has sections for both cardio and weight training sessions. You can log workout type, duration and distance, calories burned, weightlifting sets, weight and reps, and more. Grab a copy today, and get started on your fitness and strength training goals!

Dog leash. Comfy Neoprene Padded Twin Handled Training Lead Double Sided for strength with reflective stitching.

Twin Handled Comfy Neoprene Padded Double Sided Dog Training Lead with reflective stitching. 2.5cm thick with heavy duty metal D-ring.

Product Features

  • Twin Handled for training and close control
  • Neoprene Padded for comfort and non slip when wet
  • Double Sided for strength and durability
  • Reflective Stitching for safety on those early morning or winter walks
  • Metal D-ring – Heavy Duty

Exercise Stability Ball Chair with Hand Pump Use For CrossFit, Yoga, Balance & Core Strength Training, Non-Slip & Anti-Burst Extra Thick Fitness Ball(Blue&65CM)

Do you want to relax yourself by exercising while you are working hard? Yes, you need an exercise ball.
That is trusted by hundreds of gym owners for their members nationwide and recommended by even more of the nation’s top personal trainers. You know that this will be the last exercise ball you ever need!

Why do you need a yoga ball?
sculpt your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs
Yoga ball to lengthen the spine
Improve core strength, agility and balance
Play therapy ball to teach children coordination skills
Birthing ball for pregnant women
Desk chair for posture support
Fitness ball for static strength training

Yoga balls are made of high-quality PVC.They provide long-lasting dependability.It used recyclable and degradable skin care environment-friendly PVC material, giving you intimate care.

The Exercise Ball comes with a high anti-burst rating of 2000 lbs. If the ball rolls over sharp objects such as staples and pins, or is compressed under a heavy load, it’s designed to protect you from injury by slowly and safely deflating instead of popping like a balloon.

The wall thickness of our yoga ball is 2mm more than ordinary yoga ball. PVC casing with a thickness that stretches uniformly across the ball surface even when inflated or under excessive stress. This creates a greater resistance to punctures on all sides and prevents air from leaking from the ball.

It features a matte-textured finish with horizontal lines for a more secure grip and to help avoid slipping. This type of slip-resistant surface makes it easier to focus on correct alignment and holding your pose for the duration.

Note: The new yoga ball surface will be a little crease, usually inflated after standing for 2-3 days can disappear.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and get a sexy body!

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Product Features

  • 100% non-phthalate PVC – Made of eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic PVC material that allows for shape resilience, 31P testing standards, free of phthalates and heavy metals, and 6 hours inflatable stereotypes detection, 30 days without secondary inflatable.
  • Ultra High Anti-Burst Rating – extensive testing, and a unique anti-burst design, its durable 2mm and weight 1200g + PVC casing with a thickness that stretches uniformly across the ball surface even when inflated or under excessive stress.
  • Slip Resistant and Sturdy Yoga Ball – It features a matte-textured finish with horizontal lines for a more secure grip and to help avoid slipping. This type of slip-resistant surface makes it easier to focus on correct alignment and holding your pose for the duration.
  • Versatility of Exercise Stability Balls – Use this premium exercise Stability Yoga ball for Weight training, Core training, Flexibility and stretching, desk chair childbirth and more!
  • Package includes: Yoga Exercise Ball/User Manual/Foot-Pump/Plug/Plug Remover Tool/Measuring Tape.Balance ball can be blown up to desired size and firmness, but has a maximum diameter of approximately 65cm (just under 26 inches)