Hand Grip Strengthener, Finger exerciser, Grip Strength Trainer (6 PCS)*NEW MATERIAL*Forearm grip workout, Finger Stretcher, Relieve Wrist Pain, Carpal tunnel, Trigger Finger, Mallet Finger and more.

>>From Pnrskter – America’s Leading Health Care Experts Hand Grip & Finger Strengthener! – Easily Carry!! – Great Effective!! Great for Therapy, useful for physical or occupational therapy and rehabilitation. Why do you need Pnrskter finger exerciser? No matter you’re working or exercising, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles. Expanding muscles are the muscles that open your hands. Lacking of training these muscles cause imbalances that hurt performance & can cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. If you are musicians, golfers, computer workers, tennis players, baseball players, rock climbers, weight lifters, or if you drive, text or type, Try our finger exerciser. Build Strength, designed to increase the strength of fingers, wrists and forearms. Improve strength for weak hands – Improves strength, prevents stiffness and relieves joint pain. How to use finger exerciser? Tip 1: Place loops over each finger, starting with fingertips close together. Tip 2: Slowly spread the fingers apart, hold for 3 seconds, then relax them slowly. 1 to 30 repetitions in three sets. Hand Band Resistance Level: – GREEN: Light Resistance – For Beginners and Injured Hands. – BLUE: Medium Resistance – For Everyday Strengthening Exercise. – ORANGE: Hard Resistance – For Advanced Muscle Toning. Brand: Pnrskter ☞100% BETTER THAN MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Worry free purchasing if you are not satisfied we will refund you or send you a New One ! Usage And Caution 1. It can be reused and easy to clean with water or soap. 2. Air dry naturally or by paper, not the sun. 3. Inthe process of use, if you have any questions you can contact us immediately. We will answer your questions in the first time. What are you waiting for? Worth it! No Risk!

Product Features

  • SUPERIOR-QUALITY DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE – SAFE AND DURABLE – Made of top-quality Silicone, not easy to tear. It is WASHABLE and can be use frequently and comfortably.
  • FITNESS & SPORT ENTHUSIASTS – strengthen your wrists, improve the dexterity of your fingers and increase the strength your hands can apply while reducing fatigue. Its rally value is from 30 to 50 lb. Help balance your grip muscles and your expanding muscles.
  • REHABILITATION & PREVENTION – Great for rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow and are on the way to recover from a fractured or broken wrist, or when you type, text or any other activities which use your gripping muscles.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ALL HANDS – Suitable for all age groups and fits well for all hand sizes, different from other “small finger holes bands” on the market. Portable and easy to fit in bag or pocket. You can get repetitions in while driving, at the office or anywhere!
  • WHAT YOU GET – 3 Finger Stretchers & 3 Hand Grips + Our Worry-Free 18-Month Post-Sale Guarantee and Friendly Customer Service !! Try It and You Will Love It!!

LNBEI Fitness Resistance Band set 5 Levels Elastic Latex Strength Training Athletic Rubber Loops Bands Workout Fitness Equipment

Product Description:
These exercise loop bands are used and recommended by physical therapists to help patients recover and rehabilitate as part of their physical therapy. For example, recovering from injuries such as torn and damaged ligaments, such as the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). As well as other procedures such as hip and knee replacement surgery.
Great Value and Less Hassle.
If you are looking for a low cost alternative to the gym that will help you get a good workout from your home or on the go, you have found the answer: resistance loop bands. This is a perfect solution for busy moms, office workers and students who want to get fit and toned without expensive workout equipment or the hassle of going to workout at the gym.
These strips of elastic high quality latex will help you build muscle and increase flexibility and agility at a price that will not cause a dent in your pocket.
Versatile Workout Kit.
A resistance loop band is a versatile workout tool. It can be used to perform many different types of exercise (upper and lower body). It’s perfect for strength training and for doing cardio workouts. This set is very light and easily portable.These bands wrap around the ankles, calves, knees, thighs or wrist and are designed for strengthening and toning the body.
They are portable, simple, safe and effective, the band will make your training more challenging and give you better results.
Package Included:

1 x Green (X-Light) – Thick 0.35mm Tension: 10-15lbs
1 x Blue (Light) – Thick 0.5mm Tension: 15-20lbs
1 x Yellow (Medium) – Thick 0.7mm Tension: 20-30lbs
1 x Red (Heavy) – Thick 0.9mm Tension: 30-35lbs
1 x Black (X-Heavy) – Thick 1.1mm Tension: 35-40lbs
1 x Carrying bag

Product Features

  • Each strap has a different strength so that you can increase the intensity of your workout gradually
  • Improve muscle tone in arms, legs, back & buttocks without need for expensive gym memberships
  • Straps are 12″ long and made from 100% natural latex so they can be stretched further – Great for Pilates, Physical Therapy, Yoga & Crossfit!
  • Flexible power loops are lightweight, durable & compact so you can take them along in a purse or briefcase in the included carry bag
  • Set of 5 straps come with handy travel bag & 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Strength Training: Beginnings, Body Builders and Athletes

Anyone who is interested in increasing their performance, whether in athletics or any other aspect of life, can do so by increasing body strength. Strength Training: Beginners, Bodybuilders, Athletes presents strength development programs for beginning strength trainers, for those who wish to improve their athletic ability, and for those interested in becoming serious bodybuilders. Features Include: * Explains the principles of strength training so readers can develop their own targeted programs. * Includes weight-training exercises for specific sports to help increase athlete’s strength where it is needed most. * Includes the Nebraska Test – to determine if the training program is making positive changes for the athlete. * Over 70 photos illustrating correct body position and technique. * Special section on the pro’s/con’s of dietary supplements. Philip E. Allsen, inductee to the USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame has supervised strength training programs for thousands of people, ranging from individuals who have never participated in any type of strength program to elite athletes who compete on a professional level.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

SWING TEMPO YELLOW/RED 40/45 Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid for Improved Rhythm, Flexibility, Balance, Tempo, and Strength With Training grip plus bonus gift (YELLOW 40 INCH)

Golf Swing Tempo Trainer/ Golf Training Aid for Strength and Tempo Training/ Perfect Grip Golf Swing Trainer PLUS THIS MODEL INCLUDES A TRAINING GRIP ALREADY ON SHAFT
• •A perfect warm-up tool
• Builds strength and increases flexibility to the core golf muscles;
• •Use the flex Swing Trainer repetitively and it will help you find your own tempo as your back muscle get improved;
• •Helps to synchronize your arms with your body;
• • Perfect hand-shaped molded grip will teach you correct hand placement and better hand positioning;
• •Perfect for pre- mid- and post- stage course training;
• •Two sizes available; 40 inch & 45 inch
• • Ideal for pre-, mid-, and post range time or 18 holes when playing (legal to carry).
• • Strength and Tempo Trainer provides a low-impact stretch at anytime during your round of golf.

• •Which one is for you?
• •The 45″ length is ideal for someone 5′ 6″ taller, however, Stronger or More Experienced golfers can use it without difficulty.
• •The 40″ length is appropriate for someone under 5′ 6″.
• •For right-handed golfers only.
• •1 golf tempo per pack Use this Golf Swing Trainer before, during, and after each round or at the practice range.
• • Every day use of it will promote rhythm and balance of your swing.
• • Practice smarter by focusing on your swing dynamics using the visualizer.
• •Train your vision to see the “white flash” of the swing plane visualizer to boost your eyes’ ability to focus on a fast moving object and improve and see your actual contact with a golf ball.
• • Use the best golf warm-up and swing tempo trainer on the market!

• This Golf Swing Training Grip is to be used as a training tool to help players feel with their hands.
• • A Great Grip is the Start of a Great Swing.
• • Right Hands Golfers Only

Product Features

  • DEVELOP BETTER MECHANICS. Find the natural feel of lag, and develop core golf muscles with the S Gold Flex Trainer. Correct the path and develop a flatter swing plane that is initiated from the lower body, allowing you to fight slices.
  • BUILD MORE POWER. Build muscle memory and strengthen your swing with the 2.0 lb. weighted head so you can hit every ball with ease. The extra flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing, giving you more power and better control.
  • THE PERFECT WARM UP TOOL. When you swing the trainer it creates a low-impact stretch to increase flexibility and range of motion. The momentum of the weighted head encourages proper weight transfer, improved form, centered balance and greater power.
  • DEVELOP YOUR TEMPO. Swing the Gold Flex repetitively to gain feedback and correct bad habits. The exaggerated flex allows for a lag during your back swing to help find your tempo. Use this easy training aid 10-20 times a day to improve your game.
  • MADE TO LAST. provides you with high quality sports equipment that is durable, strong, and made to last. Whether you’re a competitive golfer, or play leisurely with friends, this golf trainer will help you reach your goals. Durable polyurethane head for frequent use. Fits easily in golf bag legal to carry on course. PLUS TRAINING GRIP WITH THIS MODEL