Handstand Blocks Yoga Flow [official] DVD & PDF Pose Chart | Grips Strength & Inversion Training with Lucas Rockwood & Gabi Om | by YOGABODY

Whether you are new to inversion training or if you’ve been practicing for years, Handstand Block training is one of the most-effective ways to improve your inversions. Many students use blocks only for supplemental handstand training; but in this video program, you’ll learn how to use the blocks in a full-length, flowing class.

Product Features

  • BETTER HANDSTANDS – The reason most people struggle to learn handstand is because they just jump up again and again at the wall. Jumping is helpful, but it’s just one part of a good training routine. In this guided class, you’ll develop stronger fingers, wrists, forearms and shoulders in ai dynamic, flowing class. These skills will translate into your handstand practice immediately.
  • REDUCE WRIST PAIN – The leading cause of wrist pain in yoga is weak and underdeveloped hand and forearm muscles. Stronger muscles support your joints and keep them from jamming. Handstand blocks will reduce pain in the short term, and prevent and heal your joints in the long term.
  • HOP-UP / PRESS UP BOOSTER – Handstand Blocks, force you to “over jump” which gives you a bigger range of motion for building strength. This exaggerated hopping range builds the strength and muscle-memory to make your non-block handstands easier.
  • IT’S GOOD FUN! – When you add Handstand Blocks into the mix, your pose potential immediately doubles, so aside from all the practical benefits, it’s also great fun.
  • FREE POSE CHART – Beginner-Friendly – access PDF online for quick visual references to postures. Use online with your phone or computer, or print it out so you can place it next to your mat.

Strength Training: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle and Getting Strong by Home Workout

Strength Training for Beginners

Doesn’t most everyone dream of having a healthy body that is also strong and fit? Well, sure, but how can the average person fit a gym workout into his or her daily schedule? The answer is “Strength Training”–a guide to help you get the strength training you need right in your own home and according to your own schedule.

This informative book will teach you the differences between body types–the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph–and how each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to gain muscle mass according to the body type you actually possess. You will learn tips on how to use the Paleo Diet in concert with a bodybuilding routine.

Also, the book shows you a great strength training program which you can easily use at home. It includes simple warm-ups, gravity workouts, and exercises utilizing dumbbell weights.

Don’t delay. Begin reading “Strength Training” to change your body and life for the better.

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Body by Science: A Research Based Program for Strength Training, Body building, and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week

Building muscle has never been faster or easier than with this revolutionary once-a-week training program

In Body By Science, bodybuilding powerhouse John Little teams up with fitness medicine expert Dr. Doug McGuff to present a scientifically proven formula for maximizing muscle development in just 12 minutes a week. Backed by rigorous research, the authors prescribe a weekly high-intensity program for increasing strength, revving metabolism, and building muscle for a total fitness experience.

Product Features

  • Body by Science A Research Based Program for Strength Training Body Building and Complete Fitness in 12 Minutes a Week

Yaheetech 1.5” 40ft Polyester Battle Rope Workout Cardio & Core Strength Training Fitness Undulation Rope Exercise w/Protector Magic Tape Sleeve,Black

Battle Rope Strength Power Fitness Training Gym Cardio Sport Workout

Battle rope is great for full-body exercise that focuses on muscular building and cardiovascular enhancing. It is constructed with 3-strand nylon and easy to begin working–just wrap it around something (tree, post, pole) and then get it start.

· Color: Black
· Material: POY
· Easy to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape
· Easy Maintenance: recognizable yellow tracking line for strength adjusting
· Optional: available in varied rope length and diameter for fitness levels
· Practical: for abs, arm & core strengthening, coordinating and shape building
· Versatile: used as battle rope, fitness rope, undulation rope and power training rope
· Durable & Wear-resistant: made of premium nylon
· Widely applicable: for crossfit, fitness training, athlete, boxer and sport-lover
· Clean: main black color design helps make dirt less visible

How to Choose the Right Rope?
The diameter of rope affects how difficult it is to grip, so 1.5” rope diameter is good for general fitness, while 2” for those who want very tough grip workout. The length of rope affects how difficult it is to move, as the heavier the rope is, the more difficult it is to get start: 30′ suits for beginners, and 50′ is the most common length in cross-training gym.

Available Dimensions in our store:
• 1.5” x 30′; 17lbs
• 1.5” x 40′; 22lbs
• 1.5” x 50′; 27lbs
• 2.0” x 30′; 28lbs
• 2.0” x 40′; 38lbs
• 2.0” x 50′; 46lbs

Please Note:
For added serving span and less fraying, it is advised:
1. Play this rope on lawn or any smooth ground as playground, driveway, garage, carpet and concrete floor;
2. Get the rope away from hard hooks or metal debris.

Product Features

  • Material: POY
  • Rope Length: 40’;Rope Dia.:1.5”;G.W.: 23.8 Lb
  • Easy to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape
  • Easy Maintenance: recognizable yellow tracking line for strength adjusting
  • Versatile: used as battle rope, fitness rope, undulation rope and power training rope

Pull Up Assist Bands – Resistance and Exercise Band – For Pull-Up Help, Crossfit, Powerlifting, Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training and Workouts – Mobility Bands For Stretching and Fitness

Achieve your fitness goals and start seeing lasting results!

URBNFit’s pull up resistance bands are the perfect tool for your pull up progression and fitness routine. With pull up assist resistance bands you will develop, train and KEEP the muscles needed to complete an unassisted pull up. By utilizing the resistance band’s force, you will hit more muscle groups in your postive and negative muscle movement as you complete the workout.


The pull up help bands are made with durable, tough layers of rubber that won’t break or deform under stress. A versatile workout tool, they assist when learning and creating muscle memory while doing pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. They also allow you to perform a variety of exercises that will strengthen your core and tone your lower body.


As you make gains in your workout routine, you will want to add, subtract and switch resistance band levels. The thicker, more resistant band will aid you in mastering the pull up, but when utilizing the bands for other exercises, such as curls and shoulder presses, a lower resistance may be ideal as you build up your strength.

Blue 60-175lbs of resistance – 41 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width

Green – Green 50-125lbs of resistance – 41 inches in length, 1.75 inches in width

Purple – 35-85lbs of resistance – 41 inches in length, 1.25 inches in width.

Black – 25-65lbs of resistance – 41 inches in length, 3/4 inch in width

Red – 10-35lbs of resistance – 41 inches in length, ½ inch in width

Really want to push yourself? Combine a less resistant band with a heavier band and finish off your set! SAVE WHEN YOU BUY ALL 5 PULL UP BANDS!

AT URBNFit we care about out customers meeting their fitness goals. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any issues, get in touch and we will be happy to make things right.

Product Features

  • SINGLE RED PULL UP BAND (our expert resistance 10-35lbs) – Choose between our 5 different bands for levels of resistance that will fit your workout perfectly! SAVE WHEN YOU BUY THE WHOLE SET! The whole set allows you to increase and decrease the level of resistance easily and conveniently during a workout routine
  • ACCOMPLISH YOUR FITNESS GOALS – Need help doing a pull up? Rehabbing after an injury? These cross-training resistance bands are used in the gym, home or in physical therapy for pull up help, resistance exercises, power lifting, stretching, mobility work, functional fitness and achieving your new PR at crossfit. The versatility and functional simplicity of the pull-up assist bands allow you attack and exceed your goals at your own pace and comfort level
  • NOT JUST FOR PULL-UPS – Along with the benefits mobility bands add to your pull up goals, you can tie these loop resistance bands to a post and twist your body for a great oblique workout. Stand on the band for curls and Shoulder presses. Utilize the bands for calf, hamstring or any other lower body exercise and them to your yoga, pilates routine
  • HIGHEST QUALITY BANDS ON THE MARKET – Made with premium, high grade latex rubber, these durable pull up bar bands have been designed and tested to be the highest quality you can find. The power lifting stretch bands won’t break or become deformed under stress
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – At URBNFit We care about our customers reaching their fitness goals. If you have any issues with your pull up band, get in touch and we’ll be happy to make it right

Premium Quality Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit – 100% Dacron Ideal Exercise Training Rope for Men Women Total Body Workouts to Improve Cardio, Strength & Power – 30ft Heavy Duty Rope

If you want to get whipped into shape look no further than Pure KoreTM Battle Ropes. These bad boys improve your fitness in every way, from strengthening your core to slaying calories, and as for cardio, think about battling ropes as sprinting for the upper body. Pure Kore Ropes are designed by athletes so we know what’s needed: NYLON SLEEVE COVERED = protects the rope from friction so it won’t shed, more durable and will last many years of usage. 100% DACRON = More durable and heavier than the blend of PolyPro and PolyDac materials the majority of Amazon sellers offer. BATTLE ROPE ANCHOR INCLUDED AS FREE BONUS: Comes with two 2″ x 16″ nylon anchor straps with double sewn, strong (1500 lbs) nylon webbing and one carabiner to securely and safely anchor your rope. HEAT SHRINK HANDLES = 10-inch grips for improved hold and protection for your hands; guaranteed to never come off. 3-STRAND TWISTED DESIGN = Available in 30ft, 40ft & 50ft lengths with 1.5″ thickness. The shorter conditioning rope is great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros. Although battle rope workouts can be intense and brutal, you can tone them down to any fitness level. Whether you’re just starting out, recovering from an injury, or you have bone and joint problems, there’s a battle rope routine that can benefit you without pain or discomfort.  So What Are You Waiting For? Buy a Pure Kore Battling Rope now whilst stocks last!

Product Features

  • KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE ROPE! BUILD MUSCLE & BURN FAT AT SAME TIME: mix in short bursts of max heart rate battle rope undulations and not only will you build the muscles in your shoulders, biceps, and core, but you’ll also burn the fat around the muscles as well.
  • NOBODY WANTS TO WORKOUT FOR HOURS: you don’t always have 3 hours to kill at the gym so make the most of your time by getting in a quick, yet efficient Total Body Workout that will impact all major muscles together.
  • EVEN A TODDLER CAN SET THEM UP: while we won’t say these are the BEST BATTLE ROPES WITH ANCHOR KIT on the market, customers rate them a solid 4.96, better than any of the competition.
  • MIX IT UP & WORKOUT ANYWHERE: throw the heavy duty ropes in a backpack and ride your bike around with them. Perfect for indoor or outdoor core training whatever the weather.