Defense Technologies First Defense OC Stream MK-4 1.3% Solution Red Band Pepper Spray (3.0-Ounce)

Defense Technology is the world’s most widely used pepper spray in law enforcement and corrections, First Defense has just gotten better.  In providing a complete line of aerosols, First Defense is able to offer an OC level of intensity ranging from .2% Major Capsaicinoids to 1.3% MC.  The variations in the MC% means that officers can now select the correct level of intensity of OC they need for their environment.  First Defense uses independent laboratory testing to ensure consistent quality of each product.   Formulation Weight: 3 oz.  Delivery System: Stream.

Product Features

  • Formula: 1.3% has replaced the 5.5% Pepper Mace formulation. 1.3% Major Capsaicinoid represents a nonflammable EDW safe formulation with is significantly more intense than previous formulations.
  • Propellant: Nitrogen
  • Range: 10-12 feet
  • Bursts: 20-25 Short
  • This item is not for sale in certain states

All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray (8 Ounce)

Enjoying an outdoor lifestyle comes with many benefits, but insects are not one of them! From hiking in the deep woods to lounging in the backyard, Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent is a must-have that offers an extremely effective solution to protect you from mosquitoes and other pesky insects, naturally. Keep your family safe and protected with All Terrain’s effective DEET-free insect repellent formula, while feeling good about how it is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment. Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is perfect for active/adventurist people and families on the go.

Product Features

  • Enjoying an outdoor lifestyle comes with many benefits, but insects and bug bites are not one of them! From camping or hiking in the woods to lounging in the backyard, Herbal Armor DEET-free Natural Insect Repellent is an effective and safe bug spray.
  • Don’t let bugs keep you indoors! Herbal Armor is DEET-free so you can keep your family bug bite free while enjoying the outdoors, naturally. Essential oil based, Herbal Armor is good for sensitive skin, and won’t damage clothing or camping equipment.
  • Protect your family & skin from bug bites with All Terrain’s effective DEET-free insect repellent formula, while feeling good knowing it’s non-toxic & environmentally friendly. Herbal Armor Insect Repellent is perfect for active families & travelers.
  • Started by an outdoor enthusiast with Deet-Free Herbal Armor Insect Repellent & has a line of natural, safe & effective insect repellents, sunscreen, first aid, medicated skin care, soaps & hand sanitizers to help you live an active & healthy lifestyle
  • All Terrain is committed to providing safe, effective, environmentally friendly skin care protection products to help you live an active, healthy life. All Terrain products prove that natural-based ingredients can work as well as chemical-based ones do

Yaping Plastic Outdoor Sports Spray BPA-Free Water Bottle with Straw For Travel Fitness Hiking Cycling(600ML-Blue)

Summer Creative Outdoors sports Spray Bottle

1.The silicone water outlet,food-grade silicone material, safety and health.

2.leakage-proof silicone pad, Food-grade silicone caulk mat design, prevent the water out

3.Magic spray port, just push the button,so you can can squirt water, and make you feel refreshing and moisturizing.

4.Portable handle, humanized design, easy to carry for going out or sporting.

5.Food grade PC material, cup body resistance to fall off.

6.Precise scale design, easy to know how much water.

Bottle’s caliber: 5cm/1.97″

Capacity: 600ML
1.Do not recommend to add boiling water or touch fire, it would soften the cup body and resulted the spray function out of validity.

  1. Allow some errors of manual measurement, thanks for your understanding.

3.If you have any questions,please feel free to contactus, we will give you a satisfaction reply.

Product Features

  • Material: Food grade Polypropylene (PP)+pc,(health without peculiar smell,safety to use)
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Design style: with lid, with rope
  • Pressing the atomizing nozzle lightly, and can squirt water, make you feel refreshing moisturizing
  • Suitable for: sporting,cycling, driving, and so on

8oz Extra Strength Pet Chew Repellant – Chewfix Bitter Spray – Best Deterrent for Cat & Dog Indoor Furniture Training – Professional, No-Stain No-Sting Formula – 100% 365 Day Guarantee

You’ve just stumbled on the easiest and most effective natural way to deter chewing using one of the most bitter substances ever discovered…


Two dog-loving friends, Rob & Brad, wanted to create amazing products that would leave their four-legged friends tails wagging. They dedicated months to research, prototyping, and testing in order to create amazing products…and that’s how Barker and Pooch was born.


Fret no more. You are a couple of clicks away from an extra strength solution! Dogs, cats and other animals chew all of your favorite objects for all kinds of reasons from boredom to teething or even separation anxiety. Chewfix provides you with a way to redirect that attention towards what YOU want them to chew (such as a chew toy). You would not believe how bitter Chewfix is..and your pet won’t be able to either!


We are fellow dog and cat owners and as dog and cat lovers we wouldn’t make anything we wouldn’t use ourselves. We are a family run company who took the time to create the best product that works. It’s important to protect both our pets, and our stuff. Time to take back your territory!

We are confident that you will love our product. If you are not happy with it for any reason, we have a no questions asked, 100% money back, empty bottle guarantee (including shipping) but that’s just so you’ll give it a try. We know you’re going to love it.

Product Features

  • OUR UNIQUE, PROFESSIONAL GRADE NO-STING BITTERS FORMULA will help deter and redirect your favorite furry friends from chewing just about anything: Around the home – Furniture, blinds, fabric, shoes, wood, walls, curtains and more. On your pet – Sores, hot spots, bandages, wounds, summer itch, tail, mane and more.
  • MADE IN A PROFESSIONAL FACILITY IN THE USA Barker & Pooch’s Chewfix is proudly made in the USA.
  • CHEWFIX CONTAINS ONE OF THE MOST BITTER SUBSTANCES EVER DISCOVERED The extremely bitter taste acts as a repellent for most pets to discourage chewing around the home. Chewing is natural for puppies and kittens and this helps with re-training your pets chewing behavior towards what you would rather they chew.
  • 100% EMPTY BOTTLE 365 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE We want you running to tell your friends how great Chewfix is, so if you aren’t completely happy with the results, get in touch with us for a full refund (shipping included), no questions asked.
  • NO-STING FORMULA CAN BE SPRAYED DIRECTLY ON YOUR PETS No alcohol formula can be sprayed directly on hot spots, summer itch or other problem areas of your pet to discourage chewing. Can be sprayed directly over topical medication.

Pet Stain Remover Odor Eliminator Puppy Training First Response Carpet Cleaning Professional Strength Spray For Eliminating Dog Cat Animal Urine Faces Drool Vomit Stains and Smells 32oz

What is the First thing you do when you discover one of your pets indiscretions?

What you shouldn’t do is put off cleaning it until tomorrow!

As a professional carpet cleaner, Peter MacDonald, the Founder of VeryDirtyCarpets has cleaned thousands of carpets and upholstery with urine, feces, vomit and drool. The one thing he has found is that if you leave these stains until tomorrow, you risk ending up with a stain that is not going to come out easily if at all.

The Best way to deal with pet stains is to remove them as soon as you can with a trusted product that won’t make the stain worse.

The VeryDirtyCarpets Pet Stain Remover is the GoTo Stain remover to have in the cupboard for that time when you need First Aid For Your Carpet

The VeryDirtyCarpets Pet Stain Remover:

Will Quickly Remove Fresh Urine,Feces,Vomit and Drool

Won’t leave a sticky Residue so no stain will come back

Will Remove Odor Forming soiling at the source so it won’t come back.

VeryDirtyCarpets knows that trying new products is often scary so we are prepared to stand by our product with a 100%% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you don’t find the VeryDirtyCarpet Pet and Stain Remover to your satisfaction. MADE IN THE USA

Product Features

  • TRY US OUT – YOU WILL BE AMAZED….. REMOVE FRESH PET STAINS when they are easy to remove with the VeryDirtyCarpets Pet Stain Remover – Don’t Make the mistake of waiting to remove the pet stains that will end up leaving a permanent stain. DO IT NOW and Succeed. A MUST FOR PUPPY TRAINING. One of those Pet Stain Supplies that you should have on hand.
  • REMOVE THE ODOR before it overpowers the room. By using the VerydirtyCarpets Pet Stain Remover you will lock up the odor forming stains before they take hold with this amazing encapsulating formula.
  • REMOVE URINE FECES AND VOMIT as soon as they happen. It’s like first aid for your carpet with this nicely scented Citrus Lavender Fragrance cleaner Spray.
  • KEEP YOU CARPETS LOOKING BEAUTIFUL by having the VeryDirtyCarpets Pet Stain Remover on hand for every emergency. You never know when you will need it. It can also be used on Upholstery
  • SAFE FOR PETS – All VeryDirtyCarpets products are proudly made in the USA and are formulated to the highest government standards so you and your pets safety is our mandate. MADE IN THE USA

Heathyoga Non Slip Yoga Towel, Exclusive Corner Pockets Design, Microfiber and Silicone Coating Layer, Free Carry Bag and Spray Bottle

A little more expensive, much better:
Not every yoga towel has Dual-Grip two-sided feature. Our microfiber and Silicone coating combined towel is the latest technological improvement to the traditional microfiber yoga towel and properly the best choice on market. You’ll notice immediately that the non-slip design prevents you from slipping, allowing you to focus on your breath and poses rather than the floor.

The Size of the Towel Spread:
The Size of the Towel Spread is 73″(185cm) long x 26″ (65cm) wide. We have considered the shrinkage in advance (1″ buffer reserved), so you don’t have to. It’s suitable for the size of 72″(183cm) long x 24″ (61cm) standard size yoga mats.

Pocket Corners Design:
Exclusive corner pockets hook onto the corners of your mat, so the towel doesn’t move or punching throughout the practice. If the towel is longer than your mat, use the corners on one end and tuck it under on the other.

Free spray bottle — Provide extra grip before your body begins to heat up.
Lightly spray the towel with water before your practice to enhance slip-resistance. It works best when dampened with a spray bottle. Our mircofiber towel does a great job of absorbing without feeling wet or slippery.

You’ll love this premium quality, non-slip, light-weight (1.3lb), super absorbent, quick-dry and Hygienic microfiber yoga towel.

Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button to try this awesome towel!

Warranty: All genuine Heathyoga products come with a 1-year warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free.

Product Features

  • Innovative Microfiber Material: A little more expensive, much better. Not every yoga towel has Dual-Grip two-sided feature. Microfiber and Silicone coating combination is the latest technological improvement to the traditional single microfiber yoga towel. The specially designed “grip-grid” texture ensures stability and helps you hold poses longer and sturdier.
  • Exclusive Corner Pockets Design: No more repositioning or distractions. The special designed corner pockets hook onto the corners of your mat, so when fully engaged, the towel is taut and will stay firmly in place, which allows you to fully focus your mind and body on the yoga practice.
  • Premium Microfiber: The Yoga towel is made with super absorbent, soft and moisture wicking microfiber that soaks up moisture and sweat like a giant sponge. Perfect for those who sweat and especially for Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and Power Yoga practitioners. In fact, the more you sweat, the more grippy the towel gets!
  • Towel Size: Suitable for standard yoga mat size (72″ long X 24″ wide). Free 15″ X 11″ matching color carry bag with a cotton rope closure, easy to carry. The bag is large enough to place a hand towel, keys and cell phone etc.
  • Specialized Yoga Brand: Being a professional yoga product manufacturer for over 10 years, we have been and still continuing to source our planet for the best materials to guarantee our customer total satisfaction. Please visit Heathyoga Amazon store for more product offerings.

Mind Over Lather Lavender Mint Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray, 8 oz

You will actually look forward to chattering after you spray your yoga mat with a natural cleaner that smells fantastic and is a cinch to carry in your bag. Eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils are in every mat spray and are naturally and antiviral. Spray on and wipe clean. As a practicing yogi and instructor I have tried many different mat sprays and ultimately had to make my own that worked well and smelled great. Spray on and wipe clean.

Product Features

  • This yoga mat spray is a relaxing and calming scent
  • A cinch to carry in your yoga bag
  • Easy to use spray nozzle with lid to prevent leaks
  • Made with eucalyptus & tea tree essential oils (product clarity varies due to natural content)
  • No alcohol to dry out your mat