AmazonBasics 2in Battle Exercise Training Rope, 30ft

An Amazon Brand.

Product Features

  • 2-inch exercise rope for strength training-works hands, arms, shoulders, back, abs, core, and legs
  • 3-strand-thick design made of durable polyester blend; high tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming lose
  • Can be used for undulation, pulling, or climbing exercises, alone or as part of a team
  • Rolls up for take-anywhere portability and compact storage
  • Measures 30 feet long; backed by an AmazonBasics limited one-year warranty

TOMSHOO Adjustable Speed Jump Rope, Lightweight Skipping Cable Wire, Home, Gym, Fitness, Boxing, Training, Workout, Exercise

Say goodbye to long boring cardio workouts forever check out the benefits of our TOMSHOO revolutionary jump rope below all in one design handle patent no. 6012977): 1. Faster and smoother, 360 degrees fast and fast rotation for all professional or non-professional skipping enthusiasts. 2. Easy to install and maintain, double helix self-locking design allows you to plug and pull the rope without any tools, you do not have to worry a screw and other parts fly, or use a clip to reinforce it. Just enjoy the movement. 3. 7 inch textured aluminum alloy handle, no sliding or broken occurs. 4. All-in-one design avoids screws collisions and rope tangling, so you can enjoy the exercise without any trouble. Gift box-like package: With a carrying bag that allows you to carry the skipping rope with you and jump at anytime, anywhere. Exquisite box makes it a good gift choice. Size and set: 1. Feet on the rope, lift both ends of the rope to your elbow joint. You can adjust the length according to your habits or needs: Longer for fast jumping, shorter for tricks jumping. 2. The rope can be flexibly inserted into the handle, a total of 7.8 inches of manual adjustment range is quickly completed within a few seconds without any tools. Tips 1. We recommend using this rope indoors, as the cable will wear out on rough surfaces. If jumping outdoors, use a jump rope mat or on the smooth ground, which ensures it last longer . 2. When the rope is damaged or the sleeve is broken, please do not continue to use to avoid scratching yourself. Please replace the rope we donated in time.

Product Features

  • Great upgraded self-locking structure – with built-in high-performance double bearing system to ensure smooth and fast 360 degrees rotation
  • All in one design – instead of screw connection, our self-locking jump rope can help to free your worry about breaking joints or flying screws
  • Anti-slip aluminum handle – unlike the ordinary rubber handles on the market, our 7-inch long non-slip aluminum handle ensures a firm grip
  • Easy to install – once inserted into the handle, this rope will not easily break or fling off during exercise
  • Multifunctional – great lightweight fast jump rope for folks serious about cardio training, easy to store and adjustable

Yaheetech 1.5” 40ft Polyester Battle Rope Workout Cardio & Core Strength Training Fitness Undulation Rope Exercise w/Protector Magic Tape Sleeve,Black

Battle Rope Strength Power Fitness Training Gym Cardio Sport Workout

Battle rope is great for full-body exercise that focuses on muscular building and cardiovascular enhancing. It is constructed with 3-strand nylon and easy to begin working–just wrap it around something (tree, post, pole) and then get it start.

· Color: Black
· Material: POY
· Easy to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape
· Easy Maintenance: recognizable yellow tracking line for strength adjusting
· Optional: available in varied rope length and diameter for fitness levels
· Practical: for abs, arm & core strengthening, coordinating and shape building
· Versatile: used as battle rope, fitness rope, undulation rope and power training rope
· Durable & Wear-resistant: made of premium nylon
· Widely applicable: for crossfit, fitness training, athlete, boxer and sport-lover
· Clean: main black color design helps make dirt less visible

How to Choose the Right Rope?
The diameter of rope affects how difficult it is to grip, so 1.5” rope diameter is good for general fitness, while 2” for those who want very tough grip workout. The length of rope affects how difficult it is to move, as the heavier the rope is, the more difficult it is to get start: 30′ suits for beginners, and 50′ is the most common length in cross-training gym.

Available Dimensions in our store:
• 1.5” x 30′; 17lbs
• 1.5” x 40′; 22lbs
• 1.5” x 50′; 27lbs
• 2.0” x 30′; 28lbs
• 2.0” x 40′; 38lbs
• 2.0” x 50′; 46lbs

Please Note:
For added serving span and less fraying, it is advised:
1. Play this rope on lawn or any smooth ground as playground, driveway, garage, carpet and concrete floor;
2. Get the rope away from hard hooks or metal debris.

Product Features

  • Material: POY
  • Rope Length: 40’;Rope Dia.:1.5”;G.W.: 23.8 Lb
  • Easy to Grip: heat shrink cap ends help keep its shape
  • Easy Maintenance: recognizable yellow tracking line for strength adjusting
  • Versatile: used as battle rope, fitness rope, undulation rope and power training rope

Premium Quality Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit – 100% Dacron Ideal Exercise Training Rope for Men Women Total Body Workouts to Improve Cardio, Strength & Power – 30ft Heavy Duty Rope

If you want to get whipped into shape look no further than Pure KoreTM Battle Ropes. These bad boys improve your fitness in every way, from strengthening your core to slaying calories, and as for cardio, think about battling ropes as sprinting for the upper body. Pure Kore Ropes are designed by athletes so we know what’s needed: NYLON SLEEVE COVERED = protects the rope from friction so it won’t shed, more durable and will last many years of usage. 100% DACRON = More durable and heavier than the blend of PolyPro and PolyDac materials the majority of Amazon sellers offer. BATTLE ROPE ANCHOR INCLUDED AS FREE BONUS: Comes with two 2″ x 16″ nylon anchor straps with double sewn, strong (1500 lbs) nylon webbing and one carabiner to securely and safely anchor your rope. HEAT SHRINK HANDLES = 10-inch grips for improved hold and protection for your hands; guaranteed to never come off. 3-STRAND TWISTED DESIGN = Available in 30ft, 40ft & 50ft lengths with 1.5″ thickness. The shorter conditioning rope is great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros. Although battle rope workouts can be intense and brutal, you can tone them down to any fitness level. Whether you’re just starting out, recovering from an injury, or you have bone and joint problems, there’s a battle rope routine that can benefit you without pain or discomfort.  So What Are You Waiting For? Buy a Pure Kore Battling Rope now whilst stocks last!

Product Features

  • KILL TWO BIRDS WITH ONE ROPE! BUILD MUSCLE & BURN FAT AT SAME TIME: mix in short bursts of max heart rate battle rope undulations and not only will you build the muscles in your shoulders, biceps, and core, but you’ll also burn the fat around the muscles as well.
  • NOBODY WANTS TO WORKOUT FOR HOURS: you don’t always have 3 hours to kill at the gym so make the most of your time by getting in a quick, yet efficient Total Body Workout that will impact all major muscles together.
  • EVEN A TODDLER CAN SET THEM UP: while we won’t say these are the BEST BATTLE ROPES WITH ANCHOR KIT on the market, customers rate them a solid 4.96, better than any of the competition.
  • MIX IT UP & WORKOUT ANYWHERE: throw the heavy duty ropes in a backpack and ride your bike around with them. Perfect for indoor or outdoor core training whatever the weather.

Jump Rope 3 Pack Adjustable Durable for Fitness Cardio Training Boxing MMA Double Unders for Men Women Children of All Heights and Skill Levels with Anti-Slip Handles by Outton

What are the benefits of skipping rope?

Jump rope is one of the best aerobic exercises that spend little time burning a lot of Calorie. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope. But it’s a lower-impact activity than jogging.
1. For Children: Promote Development + Improve Memory + Improve Immunity.
2. For Women: Reduce Weight + Shaping Sexy Figure + Keep in Good Mental State
3. For Men: Tone Up the Body + Relieve the Pressure + Building the Body.

Why choose Outton?
100% timely RETURN POLICY insures you purchase without hesitation. If there are any product quality problems, please feel free to contact us for help.
Our team is committed to providing customers with the high quality outdoor products. We strictly check the quality and style over and over. Our slogen is TO DO THE MOST TO SHOW THE BEST.

1. IT’S A TOP RATED SPEED ROPE – Effective in building endurance, stamina and reflexes. Jump rope outlines a number of highly effective workout techniques that will supercharge your training.
2. A favorite amongst Boxing, MMA double unders and Cross Fit enthusiasts. Best for cross overs, jog in place, side jumps.

How to adjust the rope length?
1.Open the cap at the end of the handle,
2.Make a suitable knot,
(You don’t have to cut off the excess length as someday your children might want to use it, then you can just loosen the knot)
3. Put the cap back on the handle.

Rope Length: 9’7.3″(247cm)
Handle Diameter: 1.18″(3cm)
Handle Length: 5.31″(13.5cm)

Package Include:
3 x Top rated speed jump ropes

Product Features

  • ★ IT’S A TOP RATED SPEED ROPE: Effective in building endurance, stamina and reflexes. Jump rope outlines a number of highly effective workout techniques that will supercharge your training
  • ★EASY ADJUSTABLE AND BE ABLE RESUME: One size fits all, adjust the length to the correct setting by just MAKING A KNOT. And if you want it back to its original length, loosen the knot
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP: Length: 9’7.3″. Made from wearable PVC. Comfortable Foam Grips to avoid slip. And it comes with SUPER-SPEED ball-bearings that ensures smooth, effortless and even rotation
  • ★DO DOUBLE UNDERS EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE: No more singles for you! This long, but adjustable length wire speed rope makes doubles super easy
  • ★BUY NOW AND SAVE OVER 50% with our “Limited Time Sales Promotion”. If you aren’t satisfied with our jump ropes, please let us know and we will give you a FULL REFUND

Puffiner Adjustable Speed Jump Rope for Cardio Training, Steel Cord and Bearings, Best for Boxing MMA Fitness Training(Black)

CrossFit Jump Rope Comes with Carrying Bag, Free Extra Cable

If you want to keep fit, a quality jump rope, one of the most important pieces of equipment for fitness training, is the best choice. As we all know, jumping rope is used in such a variety of sports in the training regimens of so many athletes. Maybe that’s why it is a super effective functional exercise. Jump rope training targets speed, balance, agility, dexterity, coordination, endurance and concentration. It’s an excellent cardio workout and also builds shoulder strength and is great for your legs.

Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
Cable Material: PU+ Steel wire
Ball bearing: Stainless Steel
Color: Black, Red

How Size Your Jump Rope?
1.Stand on the middle of the rope with one foot and bring the handles up to your arm pit. This is a good starting length.
2. Cut the cable with a wire cutter. You may need test and recut if you want it to be shorter.
3. Tighten the thumbscrews and test. After you find the perfect length, tighten the screw down with a screwdriver so it doesn’t loosen while jumping.

Package Size:
19x19x5cm/7.48×7.48×1.97 inches

Shipping Weight:

Package Includes:
1x Jump rope
1 x Extra Cable
1x Protective Sheath
1x Carrying Bag

Product Features

  • MADE FOR SPEED- Both used for leisure and slow jumping with proper rope length and practice. Of course, you could just make your own calorie burning workout program. Archieve up to 7 rotation per second for an incredibly intense workout? Just go ahead.
  • “2 wire ropes included, can be cut to size, swivel handles.” -Hooked on Prime. Yes,our jump rope is easy to adjust the length for different users, no matter for men, women or even children. Cut off the excess cable length for convenience, you will have your own sized jump rope.
  • “This is exactly like the jump ropes they have at the gym where I have my classes and seems really durable. Love that it comes with its own storage bag and an extra cable/rope. This actually allows me to trim one so I can use it, and my husband can switch out and use the other since he’s a foot and a half taller than me. ” -Kim
  • Aluminum alloy handles and PU coated steel wire cables(diameter: 2.5mm,length: 11 foot)
  • Warranty: Just feel free to contact us whenever you need help with the item. We guarantee 30 days return and money back, 1 year warranty and lifetime customer service.

Pedal Bodybuilding Expander Elastic Pull Rope Fitness Equipment Multifunctional and Adjustable Sit-ups Body Slimming Fitness Equipment Body Trimmer Exercise Pedal Resistance Loop Bands

♥Product Name:Pedal Bodybuilding Expander
♥Color:blue and purple
♥No matter the quality or exquisite workmanship ,it will give you a pleasant surprise.
♥All the design aims to help you shape good body type
♥Package include:1 piece leg pull exerciser and 1 piece chest expander handle
♥Best sport products for people want to lose weight .create a new lightsome and convenient life style in 2017.
♥If you have any questions ,please feel free to contact with us .

Product Features

  • Lightweight and portable ,perfect suit for exercise in home ,office ,outdoors .It will do great help on exercise arms, legs and back,abdomen
  • Design:The elastic pull rope with 4pcs pull ropes, It has high tensile strength and good elasticity than others.Foam wrapped handle with sponge make it more comfortable for long time training
  • Highlight:the four pull rope is adjustable and detachable.It also can served as chest expander
  • High strength latex tube, which is very durable, not easy break
  • Best sport products for people want to lose weight . Easily and safely tone and tighten your waist, leg and arm, relaxing your burnning fat effectively