Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

The Hayward Super Pump large-capacity, technologically advanced pump blends cost-efficient design with durable construction, setting the standard for excellence and value. Designed for in ground pools and spas of all types and sizes, the Super Pump features a totally balanced, efficient Noryl impeller to produce higher flow rates at less horsepower than other pumps, so you can run your pump less and save on electricity. Super-sized 110 cubic-inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleanings. Rigid construction with load extender ribbing assures free flowing operation for heavy debris loads. Exclusive swing-aside hand knobs make strainer cover removal simple and easy. Lexan see-thru strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs cleaning. All components molded of corrosion-proof PermaGlass XL for extra durability and long life.

This large capacity pool pump combines durable corrosion-proof construction with state-of-the-art performance for years of trouble-free service. It easily installs on existing in-ground pool systems with a unique, stable mounting base for additional versatility. Rugged, one-piece housing, with full-flow ports, assures rapid priming and continuous operation. Service-ease design gives simple access to all internal parts. Motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed, without disturbing pipe or mounting connections, by disengaging just four bolts. Super Pump combines proven performance with quiet, efficient and dependable operation.

Hayward Super Pump

Efficient, dependable circulation pump for in-ground pools of all types and sizes. view larger

Hayward Super Pump

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Hayward Super Pump

Super-size 110-cubic-inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleanings.

Hayward Super Pump

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Hayward Super Pump

Efficient. Dependable. Proven. The Super Pump has all the quality features you expect from Hayward. Designed for in-ground pools and spas of all types and sizes, Super Pump features a large see-through strainer cover, a super-size debris basket, and an exclusive service-ease design for extra convenience. Super Pump combines proven performance with quiet, efficient and dependable operation.


  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs for easier strainer cover removal: no tools required, no loose parts, no clamps
  • See-through strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs to be cleaned and eliminated guesswork; special self-adjusting seal ensures dependable sealing
  • 110-cubic-inch basket has extra leaf-holding capacity; load-extender ribbing ensures free-flowing operation
  • Service-ease design gives simple access to all internal parts
  • Self-priming (suction lift up to 10-feet above water level)
  • Heat-resistant, industrial-size ceramic seal is long-wearing and drip proof
  • Mounting base provides stable, stress-free support, plus versatility for any installation requirement; adapts 48- and 56-frame motors

Performance Data

Max Rated Model No. Pump Output (GPM) vs. Total Resistance to Flow (Feet of Head)
20 ft 30 ft 40 ft 50 ft 60 ft 70 ft
SP2600X5 48 38 23
SP2605X7 61 52 41 25
SP2607X10 74 65 54 40 9
SP2610X15 83 75 65 53 36
SP2615X20 122 111 98 84 66 38
SP2621X25 117 107 97 86 74 58

Performance Data – Low Speed

Max Rated Model No. Pump Output (GPM) vs. Total Resistance to Flow (Feet of Head)
5 ft 10 ft 15 ft 20 ft 25 ft 30 ft
SP2607X102S 39 29 13
SP2610X152S 41 32 18
SP2615X202S 63 51 35

General FAQ’s for All Hayward Pumps

How does my in-ground Pump operate?
  • Hayward in-ground pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps. These pumps have a vacuum chamber, commonly known as a pump housing. The pump housing must be filled with water in order to create a vacuum, resulting in the pump drawing the water out of your pool or spa. The pump housing will remain full of water while the pump is on, and will remain full or partially full when the pump is shut off.
  • When powered on, the motor will begin to rotate. Two-speed pumps will power on a pre-selected speed or with some controllers, it will cycle at high before changing to the lower speed. The motor spins the pump impeller, located inside the pump volute. While the motor is rotating, the tips of the impeller are hydraulically sealed inside the pump diffuser, which is responsible for self-priming.
  • Self-priming can only occur if the pump has a diffuser–all in ground Hayward pumps have an internal diffuser. It helps to eliminate any air approaching into the pump housing from the suction piping. As all the air is removed from the system, you will notice bubbles returning to the pool through the return fittings. A full prime occurs when the bubbles stop returning to the pool and the pump basket is full of water. The filter pressure will rise as the pump reaches full prime. The actual gallons per minute (GPM) vary with the type of pump, horsepower, pipe size, distance from pool and other restrictions within the plumbing system.
  • Hayward self-priming pumps are very dependable and simple in design. They require a sufficient supply of water from the pool or spa, and no air in the suction lines. Air could come from a loose strainer cover, a leak in any valve, a pinhole in any suction line or a crack or loose connections in the underground piping.
Do I need to have a strainer basket in my pump pot?
  • Yes. Without the strainer basket, debris will clog the impeller in the pump volute causing the pump to cease moving water. Be sure to clean your strainer basket, as well as the skimmer baskets, so water flow is not obstructed and the pump is not overworked.
How do I winterize my pump?
  • To winterize a Hayward Pool pump, turn off the electrical circuit breaker that supplies power to the pump. Also, make sure that there is NO water left inside the pump. All Hayward pumps are equipped with drain plugs that will allow excess water to drain once the plugs are removed. Contact your local Hayward dealer for proper winterization procedures.
How many hours per day should I run my pump?
  • There are many factors to consider; bather load, gallons of water, pump horsepower, type and size of filter just to name a few. A good guideline is 8-10 hours a day. On the cooler days and early and late season, you can cut the run time down to 4-6 hours because there is usually less swimmers and cooler water requires less chemicals. In peak season, when it is the hottest, raising the run time to 10-12 hours per day will help to keep the pool clean and circulating during it’s time of heaviest use.
Replacement Parts Diagram

(View larger)

Reference Number Description Number Required Part Number
Model SP2610X15
1 Hand Knob 2 SPX1600P
2 Swivel Nut 2 SPX1600N
3 Strainer Cover 1 SPX1600D
4 Strainer Cover Gasket 1 SPX1600S
5 Basket 1 SPX1600M
6 Drain Plug w/ Gasket 2 SPX1700FG
7 Pump/Strainer Housing 1 SPX1600AA
8 Diffuser Gasket 1 SPX1600R
9 Diffuser 1 SPX2600B
10 Impeller 1 SPX2610C
11 Seal Assembly 1 SPX1600Z2
12 Housing Gasket 1 SPX1600T
13 Seal Plate 1 SPX2600E5
14 Motor Mounting Plate 1 SPX1600F5
15 Housing Cap Screw 4 SPX1600Z4
16 Motor Cap Screw 4 SPX125Z4
17 Mounting Foot [includes adapter (19) and screws (18)] 1 SPX2600G1
18 Mounting Foot Cap Screw 2 SPX1600Z52
19 Mounting Foot Adapter 1 SPX2600Q
20 Slinger 1 SPX0125F
21 Motor – 60 Cycle Single Phase [includes slinger (20)] 1 SPX1610Z1M

Product Features

  • The industry’s workhorse – recognized for reliability and performance
  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs makes for easier strainer cover removal: no tools required, no loose parts and no clamps
  • See through strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning and eliminates guess work
  • Features an oversized debris basket has extra leaf holding capacity for less frequent maintenance
  • Easy installation and servicing with quick 4-bolt access to internal components

SUMMER WAVES 12′ x 33″ Above Ground Pool Set w/Pump, Dark Wicker

Spend the hot summer cooling off by your Summer Waves Elite 12 Foot Above Ground Frame Pool. This complete pool kit has everything you need to set up and maintain your pool so you spend more time chilling in the water and less time buying accessories and supplies. It comes with an SFX600 filter pump. The whole thing can set up in minutes, and with its durable steel and PVC design, it handles gallons of water and as much fun as you can throw at it. Live poolside all summer long when you choose the Summer Waves Elite 12 Foot Above Ground Frame Pool Set.

Product Features

  • 12 foot by 33 inch above ground frame pool set
  • Durable metal frame stands up to heavy use and the elements
  • Easy set up and ready for water in minutes, just inflate top ring and fill
  • Includes SFX600 filter pump, 110 120V with GFCI
  • Rust resistant, galvanized steel frame

Aklamater Swimming Float Baby Swimming Ring Inflatable Pool Float Ring for New Born Color Random

Size: 38cm()
Suitable people: new born kids

The inflatable product is small and light after being deflated.It can be folded and put into a backpack to carry around,and it can also be used repeatedly.
Perfect for your kid enjoy a relaxing day off at the pool.
Well made against deflating or popping while in use.

Product Features

  • Material:Made of high quality and environment-friendly padded PVC material.stable,safe and non-toxic
  • Design:The bright colors and fun shapes that appeals to people,making pool time more exciting
  • Durable:This pool and water float is made from high quality,thick and durable multi-color vinyl,so it’s sure to last the test of time
  • Safety:The product is made with the highest level of integrity as we take safety and compliance very seriously.All of our inflatables are safety tested,certified by a global laboratory
  • Suitable places:It can be used in swimming pools,outdoor activities,party activities,personal interaction,kindergarten play

Youphoria Sport Towel and Travel Towel – Super Absorbent and Quick Drying! Camping, Beach, Pool, Gym or Bath. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! (Gray/Black, 20″ x 40″)

What Everyone Should Know Before Purchasing a Travel Towel!

There is a reason our customers love us – after you read about our customer satisfaction promise, you’ll see why.

We Offer An Unparalleled Customer Satisfaction Promise:

✔ If you’re not absolutely happy with your Youphoria Travel Towel we will replace it, or refund your money.
✔ If the product tears or is damaged, we will replace it.
✔ Convenient Mesh Carry Case Included!
✔ The original Youphoria Travel Towel is the ONLY travel towel with a superior design that absorbs more and dries quickly.
✔ Perfect gift for the holidays!
✔ A must-have tool for every outdoor lover!

Bottom line: If you want to have peace of mind and certainty that you are purchasing the very best travel towel then there is absolutely no risk for you to purchase today!

Order now with confidence knowing that tens of thousands have been completely satisfied with their results because of our Customer Satisfaction Promise. Enjoy your travel lifestyle today!

Product Features

  • PACK FOR ANY SITUATION: There are 3 convenient sizes for these packable towels: 20 x 40, 28 x 56 and 32 x 72. Whether you need a small workout towel, large beach towel, or pack light camping towel, we’ve got your covered. Also, great for replacing bath towels as well. Microfiber towels are a more convenient and packable option for your on-the-go needs then a typical cooling nylon or cotton towels.
  • PERFECT QUICK DRY TOWEL: These microfiber towels dry up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth or cotton towels. Just hang it outside for a few minutes and you can quickly use it again. You can also use it as a handy travel blanket, travel pillow or sleeping bag liner. The microfiber fabric is produced to not mildew or have odors after use.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT: This is a compact travel towel that can hold up to 5X it’s weight in water and is also making it the most functional microfiber towel for travel packing. Whether you’re using for camping, workouts, yoga, swimming, or a better bath towel for the home, the quick drying microfiber wicks away sweat and water from your skin in one pass.
  • ULTRA-SOFT: These multi-use towels use the finest blend of microfiber: Thin, soft, compact and super absorbent. It’s the perfect post workout or shower towel because of it’s unique non-abrasive feel.
  • THE BEST EXPERIENCE: Just so you know, we want to make sure you have a perfect experience with us. If you experience any dissatisfaction or inconvenience with your purchase, deliver or product, please reach out to us and we will do whatever necessary to make it right.

Waitiee Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Swimming Float Ring Children Waist Inflatable Floats Swimming Pool Toys for Bathtub and Pools Swim Trainer of 6-30month (Blue, L)


Size: We offer three kinds of sizes for you to choose, the Baby Float is suitable for the age 3 months-6 years old baby, please adjust the belt comfort according to the age.
Material: 0.25mmPVC
Recommended age: Less than six years old (determined by the actual weight of the child)

The baby swim ring is not life-saving supplies, it is required accompanied by a guardian.
Due to the production process, maybe there is some smells, it will be disappear in a few days.
Please check if there is leakage after 15 minutes of inflation.
To prevent excessive expansion, please control the inflation saturation of about 90%.

Product contains:
1x Baby Float
1x Manual inflator

Product Features

  • ★Suitable Crowd: Waitiee Inflatable Baby Swimming Ring is suitable for the age 3 months-6 years old baby, please refer to the picture to choose your favorite size.
  • ★Superior Quality: It is made of environmental PVC material and non-toxic ink printing, with waterproof, non-toxic, durable characteristics.The process and design conform to the requirements of international toy safety standards.
  • ★Great Design: Our baby swimming float equipped with comfortable backrest,which provide ideal swimming posture. Safety and independence in the water will bring your baby a pleasant swimming time.
  • ★Simple & Convenient: Double-decked air chamber design makes it easy to inflate and deflate, first inflated the small air chamber , and then inflated the big airbag. Easy to fold for easy storage and transportation.
  • ★Quality Guarantee: Each product has been detected by gas, please feel free to use.If there is a quality problem, please contact us! Choose Waitiee, your child will safely discover the fun of swimming in the water, what are you waiting for?

PUPTECK Foldable Dog Swimming Pool – Outdoor Portable Pet Bathing Tub Extra Large

PUPTECK pet swimming pool, perfect for keep cool in the summer, is ideal to enjoy beautiful sunny days!

Available in 3 sizes
Size S – 32″ Diameter and 8″ Deep.
Size L – 48″ Diameter and 12″ Deep.
Size XL- 63″ Diameter and 12″ Deep.
Please choose a suitable size according to the actual situation.

Wide range of applications
The pool can be used as a dog bath, outdoor pool, fish pond, baby bath, whelping box……

High quality material
Made of extra-tough PVC,high grade material design makes this pool durable through all of your dogs wild water playing. The bottom is thicker slip resistant to provide safe for your pet.

Easy to use
Simply unfold, fill up with water and set up in the backyard, on the deck or on the patio. With side drain, easy to drain and refresh water.
It is to carry with the handle. The handle also can help easily clean up the last remaining water.

Safety info.
1: Do not leave your pet unattended in the pool.
2: Towel prepared to dry pets after they get out of the pool.
3: The pool should be cleaned regularly.
4: If the gasket on the lid doesn’t fit into the innermost part, you can take it down and soak it in hot water, ensure that the outlet is screwed up.

Product Features

  • Size XL- 63″ Diameter and 12″ Deep. This size is great for large dogs or some puppies together.
  • Fantastic pool: For cooling down on hot days, use it to bath your pets nice and clean. It also can create enjoyment for you and your pet. A perfect Whelping box as well!
  • Portable: Can be folded up in a small size, easy to store and bring with you and your dog everywhere.
  • Durable: Made of extra-tough PVC material. Thicker slip resistant material on the bottom, will not leak.
  • Simple: No need of instruction, set up in no time. With side drain, easy to drain and refresh water.