Pink Willow NEW Women’s Silicone ring, Custom ultralite gym Fitness ring, Functional wedding ring, perfect for sports, outdoors and everyday lifestyle’s, KAYZLI (4.5, mint)

Pink Willows Silicone Rings are designed for not only functionality, and job safety but also for a fun style! No more worrying about your expensive wedding ring on the job. No more worrying about not being able to wear a ring at all due to some job risks. These fun rings are so comfortable and have a burst of personality, we know you are just a ring away from falling in LOVE with these incredible, comfortable, durable, functional, lightweight, irresistible rings! Try one today and feel the freedom they give! Your loved one will thank you! NOTE: These are made to fit tight at first but will stretch to fit to your finger perfectly within a few days

Product Features

  • Pink Willow’s silicone rings provide a safe, comfortable, and durable alternative to the traditional wedding ring
  • Get Noticed, Express Yourself. Ultralite, comforable, Made from a premium, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone
  • Pink Willow’s Exclusive Ring Design, The Kayzli ring, was designed for not only it’s gorgeous look but all around functionality and style
  • Our Silicone will stand up to even the most demanding jobs out there, and keep you looking stylish and fun at the same time
  • Rings can stretch within about .5 to 1 size, example: size 4.5 will fit up to a 5.5. Silicone is made to stretch a bit with wear, they may be a little snug at first but will loosen a little with wear.

ErgoGenix Perfect Shaker – 28 oz. BPA Free Shaker Bottle – Leak Free Bottle With Actionrod Mixing Technology For Your Sports & Fitness Needs! Dishwasher Safe and Shatter Proof

We offer durable, secure and leakproof protein bottles, with our twist lock cap and firm, snap-on covers, never worry about your pre-workout or protein leaking. Our shakers are the top-ranked amongst their competitors for strength and durability. We are a company with core values of offering high-quality products and bringing out the best athlete that you can be. We offer a product that is perfectly capable of handling your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

LEAK-FREE GUARANTEED – No other shaker cup on the market is designed to endure the wear and tear that a Peforma PerfectShaker does. Our proprietary design has been optimized to ensure that no matter how the cup is used, it will not leak.

ACTIONROD TECHNOLOGY – This patented shaker agitation element is scientifically developed using the laws of motion. During the blending process the agitator and rod combine to form a high performance piston, colliding with high momentum in the opposite direction of the mixture. This rapid collision builds momentum within the cup as the fluid mixture accelerates and impact becomes intensified. The explosive impact results in instant emulsification and perfectly blended drinks every time.

DURAPLEX SHATTER RESISTANT PLASTIC – Not all shaker bottles are made the same. The quality of the plastic used and its overall density play a key role in how shatter resistant it is. Performa PerfectShaker bottles use a specialized blend of polymers that ensure maximum shock absorption and elasticity.

BPA FREE, DISHWASHER SAFE WITH EXTRALAST INK – Our shaker cups are 100% BPA free for the safest supplement consumption. Our Extralast Ink ensures that the design on your shaker cup stays pristine wash after wash.

Product Features


The Mass Sweatband Headband Perfect for Basketball, Running, Football, Tennis-Fits for Men and Women (Supreme – Red)

Ultra Comfy and Durable
The high performance material of sport headbands sweatbands is super soft and elastic. The soft and elastic featuring fully strength with support and best in outdoor/indoor sport. It fits any head to improve circulation, avoid to bruise and protect you in training.

Ideal for all Sports
Popular headband, which you can get these headbands to your family, team and yourself by available wholesale pricing together. You will enjoy travel, exercise and sports teams, including softball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey, gymnastics, cheer, dance, even Band. In addition, if you need to match these up with your clothes, don’t sweat it. The headband are available in different fashionable colors!

Great Service and Guarantee
We offer great service and answer any questions about our product, fit and want to ensure you have the right product for your health and wellness needs. Designed for men and women, safe in the knowledge we stand behind all of our products and will ensure you are a satisfied customer every time.

In order to meet your different athletic demands, we offer four different colors of headband. So you can according to your need to select different colors!
-Option Color 1st: Red
-Option Color 2nd: Black
-Option Color 3rd: Blue

How do you know which pattern you are ordering?
If you order the pattern which is not your expectation. Do not worry about it. We support the replacement! So you have no risk!

Product Features

  • Practical Use: Sports headband and wristband is lightweight & vertical to be used in basketball, soccer, tennis, workout, running, walking, yoga, cycling, and any other physical exercise activity, to keep health and fitness for each user.
  • These headbands are made of a Thick High Quality Cotton Elastic Blend. High Quality Cotton is Soft but Strong. This breathable, natural fiber is moisture wicking and sweat absorbing, keeping your head cool.
  • Elastic Comfortable Sweatbands: Made from high level sweat-wicking organic cotton, wicks moisture away from the skin and dries quickly. To keep you cooler and comfortable in activities. Head wrap breathes well to keep sweat out of your eyes.
  • High Tech Performance fabric allows the headband a soft stretch for the perfect fit and provides a comfortable feeling.
  • Great for Fashion or Sports, all hair styles and types, thick or thin. Available in many vibrant colors!

Purge Bag – Activated Carbon Air Purifier and Deodorizer. All Natural and Chemical Free Bags Automatically Absorb, Deodorize and Neutralize Odors and Moisture. Perfect For Shoes, Bags, Boxing Gloves

Purge Bags help tackle odors by absorbing pollutants and moisture. They make a difference without the use of harmful chemicals or fragrances. Use Purge Bags to absorb and put an end to odors instead of just masking them! Purge Bags are useful in preventing mold, mildew, and bacteria from forming.

Contents: 2 Purge Bags for Shoes

Product Features

  • Contents: Two Purge Bags Designed for Shoes, Boxing Gloves, and Bags
  • Purge Bags help maintain a clean and odor-less environment. The compact form allows you to place your odor eliminator almost anywhere!
  • Natural bamboo charcoal helps absorb odors and moisture without the need of harmful chemicals or annoying fragrances.
  • These compact and skinny Purge Bags are perfect for your shoes or gloves!
  • 100% Activated Bamboo Charcoal. Eco Friendly, Non Toxic, and Fragrance Free.

Kakoa Sports Boxing Hand Wraps – Mexican Style (stretchy, elastic), Pair | 180″ or 120″ | Perfect for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA | Classes, Gym, or Home | Men, Women, Kids (Black, 120″)

Hand wraps for your workouts and classes – training, bag work, hitting mitts, or sparring. These all-purpose wraps are designed to make you look good and feel good. Buy a pair of Kakoa hand wraps for unmatched style and protection. Kakoa represents a lifestyle of health, freedom, and pursuing your dreams. We make boxing gloves for people who do not settle for the status quo. Kakoa Meaning – Hawaiian tradition holds animals as sacred. The ancient islanders believed individual animals embodied spirits. Today, Hawaiians commonly depict whales, sharks, and sea turtles in works of art. Wood carvings, paintings, and tattoos are modern connections to the ancient beliefs.The sea turtle (“honu” in Hawaiian) holds particular significance for us at Kakoa. The ancient Hawaiians believed the honu to represent sovereignty (supreme power, self-governance). We think you have inherent sovereignty over your health, freedom, and dreams. Too often we fall prey to other’s priorities for our lives, and that’s a problem.You have the power to create a healthy lifestyle, the capacity to design a flexible way of life, and the ability to make your dreams come true. It is all available to you, but you need a warrior mentality to make it a reality. A warrior has a certain attitude. He believes he can succeed, is fiercely focused on his goals, and won’t let others stand in his way. A warrior does not always mean violent or combative. You can have a warrior mentality for your family, at work, and in your training. Kakoa represents where self-governance meets the warrior mentality. The term “ka koa” translates to “the warrior” in Hawaiian. It is the driving force behind the fitness products we make, and our inspiration for you. You can create a healthy and flexible lifestyle. Don’t let others set your priorities. Be a warrior.

Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise Adults Kids , Fitness Dancing Sport Hoop , with Free Accessory Skipping Rope , Perfect Weight Loss Equipment ,2.16LB(Dia.37″) Large , Easy,Funny Way to Spin

Hi Guys

Are you preparing for birthday gift?Promotion on sale for sport activities right here!

It is well-known that frequently do sport activity will be greatly benificial to our body!

But the truth is that there are too many ways to choose.Which one fits me most?

Hula Hoop is a traditional activity which could remind us of childhood memory.


1:Calorie burning as much as possible.

2:Makes balance and coordination on your body.

3:Flexibility increased.

4:Inner heart toned while shapes sexy waist line!

5:Cardio vascular health strengthened.

6:Ideal cardio taken place anywhere anytime.

7:Lays the foundation for dancing,gym,workout etc.

8:Funny and is full of a strong sense of rhythm!

Rest Assured Guarantee:Hereby promise with 3 months 100% money refund and 1 year replacement.

Package Included:

1 X 8 Pieces of Hula Hoop

1 X Bonus Accessory:Rope Skipping

Shiny Points:

1:8 sections easily for assembly and carrying.

2:The foam padding,premium quality technique and duarable plastic framework enable that feel comfortable as well as lasting for longer time.

If you wanna trim more quickly and loose weight,just take a try with worry-free!

Product Features

  • ✔CONSIDERABLE SAFETY DESIGN:Our this hula hoop is adopted into extra thick EPDM material.On one hand,think highly of eco-friendly and environmental protection.On the other hand,to protect you guys’waist when in workout.Reduce the pressure on the waist and abdomen,easily lose weight and build slim body curves
  • ✔UNIQUE HUMAN ENGINEERING DESIGN:Toneseas weighted hula hoop due to wavy shape,whick enlarges massaging area on the waist.Brings you the feeling that burning the ‘love handles’contiously,so that is more effective to keep having fun with workout,fitness,exercise,dancing,gym etc
  • ✔FASHION ELEMENT ADDED:Concise while fashionable apperance,this workout equipment for home which will enable you look more personalized compared with traditional hula hoops in commonly single color. However,more joyful and appreciate colorful external shape
  • ✔DETACHABLE & FLAWLESS CONNECTION:Our this weight loss equipment is divided into 8 parts,which ensures portable for you to carry everywhere.Furthermore,convenient in storage to save space.It is still firm and solid when you complete assembling,safety first
  • ✔APPLIED TO MULTI-PURPOSE:Take our perfect hula hoop for adults to Tailgating Party,Costal Beach,Street Park,Swimming Pool,Softball Game,On Camping,Go Hiking,or any other sport activity.Help to achieve the goal that:Increased Weight Loss,Intense Cardio& Beta Endorphins.Simple life is wonderful