Home Workout For Beginners: The Home Workout Plan On How To Get Fit For Life (Home Workout For Beginners, Home Workout Plan, Exercise And Fitness for beginners) (Volume 1)

You’re about to discover how to get fit and healthier than ever by just exercising at home. The best thing about this home workout plan is that the exercises in it require no equipment, no expensive membership at the gym, but just an open place in your home. Starting from making a plan, to simple and easy workouts, to beginner body weight circuits, this book has something for everyone, and the method is easy to implement. This is also a good option for those of you who want to lose weight by doing exercises at home and eating healthy. You will be amazed of how easy it can be to work out at home. Have you noticed how gyms today are sometimes so loaded with people, that it is actually hard to work out once you get there? You don’t need to spend your money and extra time on going to a gym if you don’t want to. Exercising at home with a good plan works just as well. The exercises presented in this book can also be adjusted and implemented according to your individual preconditions. Nevertheless, this book will help you stay fit and at good health while staying at home.

Fascial Fitness: How to Be Vital, Elastic and Dynamic in Everyday Life and Sport

Anyone who wants an active, mobile and painless everyday life should be aware of the importance of their connective tissue! Understanding of connective tissue has greatly increased in recent years in physiotherapy, sports science and medicine. Muscular connective tissue – known as fascia – plays an important role in health, well-being and mobility, as it transmits the power of the muscles, communicates with the nervous system and serves as a sense organ. Fascia ensures the protection of the internal organs and forms the basis for a beautiful body shape. Connective tissue can work in the same way as your other muscles, responding to stress and nerve signals and, if it gets tangled or glued together, causing pain and problems with movement. Fascia should therefore be specifically exercised – but 10 minutes twice a week is all you need. In this book, leading German fascia researcher and Rolfing practitioner Robert Schleip describes how recent research findings can be translated into a practical exercise program for everyday use.

Two Turns from Zero: Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals–Converting Them to Life Strength

“The journey Stacey Griffith charts in Two Turns From Zero is both inspiring and instructional. Her book is action-oriented and wise beyond measure. It is full of engaging spirit and the true power of love and movement.”—Deepak Chopra

Expert motivator, a fitness virtuoso and a self-empowerment guru Stacey Griffith, SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor, shows you how to take your health and fitness to new levels while using that same energy to boost your emotional and spiritual wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

In Two Turns From Zero, Stacey Griffith, one of the iconic faces of the wildly popular SoulCycle, has helped thousands reshape their bodies, while also becoming their best selves—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stacey firmly believes that every one of us can be an athlete. Focusing on four key concepts—Eat, Love, Train, and Repeat—this is her life handbook that provides a blueprint for feeling healthy, happy, and empowered. Stacey offers conditioning advice, nutrition counseling, visualizations for achieving your goals, and moving meditations for staying centered. Most important, she shows you how to locate your greatest sense of purpose that will take you to the highest levels of performance—and sustain you to weather life’s inevitable challenges.

Two Turns from Zero is also Stacey’s personal story—a chronicle of endurance that is as motivating as her workout routine. At one time, Stacey was directionless and, by her own account, an overall unsuccessful human being. But she finally realized she wanted more from life—she needed to find meaning. Giving up alcohol, drugs, and partying, she dedicated her life to fitness—a journey of discovery she uses in her book to motivate others to make the most of their own lives.

This gifted instructor is beloved for her ability to inspire and push her students to achieve their ultimate center. In Two Turns from Zero, she shows how we can all achieve our personal peak.

My Life As Accessories 2 pc Set: Fitness Set and Day at the Beach

Your 18 dolls can enjoy their workouts and look great on their beach weekends. This accessory set is perfectly for hours of play.

Product Features

  • Let’s get our beach body in shape, summer will be here before you know it!
  • Your 18 inch doll can do her yoga and then look fabulous laying out with her beach accessories
  • FITNESS INCLUDES: 2 hand weights, 1 water bottlel, 1 yoga mat, 1 gym bag and 1 towel
  • BEACH INCLUDES: 1 beach mat, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 pair of flip flop, 1 beach ball, 1 sunscreen and 1 drink

Ginastica Natural: The Ultimate Body Weight Training for Performance and Qualiy of Life

Alvaro Romano has a bachelor’s degree in Physical education. He is a scholar of human Motion. Alvaro was one of the pioneers in the Development of workouts using only body Weight. For over 40 years, Alvaro has been working with top athletes and programs to Improve the quality of life.

POWER of the FITNESS MIND: TRANSFORM YOUR MIND BODY & LIFE. The ultimate mindset that helps you achieve your fitness goals

 The Ultimate Guide for Improving Every Part of Your Life by Creating a Fitness Mindset.
     What is Holding You Back in Your Life? 
     Have you tried diet and exercise programs before, only to find you can never stick with anything, or that the weight just won’t come off? Or maybe you’re physically fit but nothing else in life is quite adding up. You are not alone. Every year people all over the world commit themselves to living a healthier life and shedding their extra weight, and every  year most people fail.
     If this describes you, you need this book. The reason you have failed in your other efforts is because none of those other programs showed you the secret to fitness success. They only gave you part of the puzzle. This book shows you that the real power to get healthy, physically fit, and lose weight is your mindset. Author, and personal trainer, Charlie S. Dannelly II teaches you the secrets to developing a fitness mindset inside his powerful book, Power of the Fitness Mind.
Inside you will discover: 
* What fitness really means
* How to lose weight
* How to become healthier, stronger, happier, and wealthier
* How to improve your spiritual fitness
* The relationship between fitness and the power of attraction
* How to improve and sustain your fitness focus
* How to gain financial fitness
* Why fitness makes you smarter
* The secrets of nutritional fitness
* How to get fitness minded results
* And Much More
     If you are tired of failing and want to unlock your full potential in every area of your life, you cannot afford to miss this book. Everything you need to develop the body of your dreams, and the life you have always known you were meant to live, is in this book.
     There are many fitness and financial gurus out there who will try and sell you some magic formula for getting what you want. But, most of these so-called experts only focus on a small piece of what you need to succeed. The body, mind, and soul must all work together to fully achieve what you are capable of physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. 
     It’s time for you to get in the fitness mindset.

My Life Fitness Accessories Set for Dolls

This My Life As Fitness Set includes 6 pieces: 2 hand weights for dolls, 1 water bottle, 1 yoga mat, 1 gym bag, and 1 towel. This accessory set for dolls is the perfect way to accessorize your 18 inch doll in style as she heads to the gym.

Product Features

  • My Life As Fitness Accessory Set for 18 inch dolls
  • Includes 6 pieces: 2 hand weights for dolls, 1 water bottle, 1 yoga mat, 1 gym bag, and 1 towel
  • The perfect play set for dolls that are headed to the gym or dolls who are ready for a workout
  • The items in this doll toy set are teal and hot pink
  • This gym accessories set for dolls is a fun way for your doll to exercise in style