The Four Stages of Yoga: How to Lead a Fulfilling Life

In the higher civilizations of ancient, Vedic India, the great spiritual teachers known as “rishis” created the Four Ashrams (or stages of life) as a way for people to instill their lives with deeper meaning. These four stages were designed to bring people more inner peace, happiness, and greater health and longevity. In this book, a Western yogini brings the Four Ashrams to life for the modern day.
The Four Stages of Yoga highlights stories and conversations that encompass the journey yogis take from birth to the last moments of life. Though yoga philosophy has been around far longer than most realize, the deeper nuances of its effects on our own lives is revealed in this modern day expose. Here, we see how Vedic India’s classic Four Ashrams of Life are experienced in the context of a yoga community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Just as Vedic myths have been carried down through eons to entertain and enlighten us, the true stories and visions encompassed herein speak to the very heart of living yoga in an everyday world. The first stage includes stories of childbirth and how yogis can draw a spiritual soul into their family, to rites of passage for children, and how yogic schools for young adults help instill and deepen compassion. During the creation of a unique yoga college come stories of visits with the Dalai Lama at his home in McLeod Ganj, as well as experiences with yogis, rishis, and mystics throughout India.
In the second stage of life we explore how householder relationships evolve; conscious work for those with monastic tendencies; how Vedic astrology can assist our lives as well as how yogis approach love, romance, and celibacy; and the mysticism that surrounds a yogic marriage ritual.
In the third stage we are introduced to how yogic couples, singles, and monastics are living their lives in creative new ways. We read stories of how yogis develop devotion, personal experiences with great souls like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and how married couples and singles can live more fulfilling lives.
The fourth stage offers reports of those embracing the Vedic sannyas vows, and how they live their lives during this remarkable and powerful stage of surrender and transcendence. Conversations with rishis, yogic psychics, and those experiencing this cycle provide a lens that offers hope and satisfaction for the last stages of life, and the final preparation for death and the afterlife.

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Practical Ayurveda: Find Out Who You Are and What You Need to Bring Balance to Your Life

Are you looking for renewed energy, relief from stress, improved sleep, and much more? Start your Ayurveda wellness journey here.

Practiced in India for millennia, Ayurveda means life-knowledge–it reveals the path to ultimate well-being by identifying your individual characteristics and patterns of health, and showing you how to bring balance to your life.

Learn your Ayurvedic body type (dosha) through a simple self-assessment questionnaire, and how to apply Ayurveda to elements of any lifestyle. Adjust your diet to suit your body type using recipes and ingredient lists, stretch and energize your body through yoga, and focus and relax your mind with meditation and positive thinking exercises. You can also look up home therapies and remedies for a variety of common ailments.

Whether you discovered this ancient lifestyle practice yourself, through your yoga practice, or as an alternative therapy, use Practical Ayurveda to learn how to apply its wisdom to the modern world.

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Life, Yoga and Cancer: Lessons from the Battlefield

You can be Victorious in the Battle of Life! Life is the arena. You could call it a battlefield or a stage as well. It is the environment in which we experience our existence as human beings. It comes with an incredibly diverse set of rules, regulations, and scenery. This depends on the location, culture, and many other factors into which we are born, and are seemingly out of our control. Life comes with objectives and obstacles, allies and opponents, challenges, rewards, and punishments. All the qualities of a game or a battle. And all those qualities exist on three primary levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga is the Ally and Weapon Available to You There are means and methods available to help manage and improve our chances in the arena. An arsenal of tools and weapons if you will. Physical assets to help the body, such as health, strength, energy, and endurance. Mental/emotional qualities such as focus, clarity, calmness, persistence and compassion. Spiritual qualities built mostly around relationships and the quality of them on the three levels. To the practicing yogi, those tools and weapons are yoga itself. Not only the physical exercise, which is a relatively small aspect of yoga but the entirety of yoga. It is an ancient science that was created to relieve human suffering. The Opponents in the Three Realms – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Life can inflict many fierce opponents and enemies on us. There are physical scenarios such as injury and illnesses. There are the mental and emotional trials such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and destructive behavior. Through these constant distractions, the spirit suffers. As an example of one of these types of opponents I have chosen cancer, however, this book is not about cancer specifically. That section gives an idea of the depth of research required to effectively deal with life’s significant challenges. This would be the same approach to any of the severe problems we encounter. It is the approach of Sun Tsu in The Art of War. You must know the enemy very well. With that said, the section on cancer could be considered a valuable primer on the fundamentals of the disease. It is presented in an easy to understand way and is useful knowledge to possess. Every person I know has been influenced by cancer either directly or indirectly, and yet many, many people know very little about it. This book is not an instruction manual. It is not a “how to do yoga” book, although it explains things about yoga. It is not a “cure your cancer” book, although it has ideas and suggestions regarding cancer. There are no checklists, recipes, or charts. If you Have the Information, and do the Work, you can Succeed This book consists of information, observation, and occasionally opinion. It is presented either directly or through stories. It is told from the viewpoint of a health-conscious, life-long yoga practitioner, who worked hard, tried to do everything right and still ended up having to fight the battle. It is meant to inform, or possibly inspire the reader. Or maybe remind us of something we once valued but have forgotten. It is thoughts on life’s journeys from the viewpoint of a dedicated western yogi, living in the modern age.

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