Sync Hair Guard & Ear Guard Headband – Wear Under Swim Caps as Water Repellent Black

This patented new product available exclusively at will keep your hair completely dry underneath your swim cap. Slip this specially engineered headband in place and pull down over the hairline to completely seal out water while you swim. This silicone swim band will also provide additional water protection over the ears.Made of 100% silicone, this durable headband comes in a multitude of colors to match or blend with your swim cap.

Product Features

  • Wear under swim caps to create an additional layer of protection.
  • Protects Hair and Ears
  • Secure fit
  • 100% silicone for comfort and durability.
  • Designed in America and made by Sync Swimwear.

Set of 3 Yoga Headband Workout Headband Fitness Headband No Slip Headband Boho Hair Accessories Women Headband Running Headband

WHAT MAKES OUR HEADBANDS DIFFERENT THAN THE REST?! ✔ They are SERIOUSLY non-slip. ✔ We are a one-woman operation, so if you like shopping small, that’s us! ✔ Moisture wicking agents. ✔ Extremely light weight for a barely-there fit. ✔ No more rolled edges!* ✔ Headache-free. Always. ✔ We offer different kinds for the perfect headband for YOU!

Product Features

  • SIZE – These non-slip headbands fit all teens and adults. Bands On The Run headbands are 5″ wide and tapered in the back to give them the grip you deserve.
  • STYLE – It is essential that you wear the headbands wide, towards the top of your forehead and partially covering your ears. When the headbands are worn as such, they are 100% non-slip.
  • FABRIC – These headbands are a single layer of fabric giving you the flexibility and comfort you desperately need. Bands On The Run won’t leave your hair with dents, are headache free and even help hold in your ear phones!
  • CARE – For best results, just do a quick hand wash and lay flat to dry. I want your headband to last for as long as you feel adventurous.
  • They are non-slip, functional, fashionable, absorbent and they are guaranteed to stay on your head during your yoga, pilates, gym, dancing, running, riding a bike and any other workout or just for party or festival.

Moisture Wicking Turban Headband for Sports, Running, Workout and Yoga, Insulates and Absorbs Sweat, Women Hair Band by French Fitness Revolution

Looking for the perfect non slip, moisture wicking, premium headband? Good news: the search is over. Maybe you got tired of looking for a headwear product that stays in place, absorbs sweat and has a soft feel. We perfectly understand you. That’s why we put all our efforts in developing a product that will meet your high expectations and make sure you’ll act with confidence during your physical activity. Unlike other products that may have let you down, we are truly committed to deliver what we promise. Your comfort and performance is our top priority! Why choose the French Fitness Revolution headbands? – They’re made from premium certified fabric. We make sure you get the best your money can buy! – Pay less, get more: free hair elastic included. Because we care about your comfort – They’re highly versatile: wear them for Yoga, Running, Cross-fit, Cycling, Working-out or any other sports you can think of – They feel like second-skin, they’re very light, breathable and stretchy – Sweaty forehead? Worry no more! We deliver the best headband which absorbs sweat and dries way faster than cotton – Chemical-free and anti uv – They’re helmet-friendly, making you forget there’s something else on your head, besides your helmet Who can happily wear our headband? – If you’re an athlete, tennis lover, football fan, basketball player, passionate runner or just play any other outdoor sports you can now enjoy our product’s features. They will guarantee your comfortable performance – Say bye-bye to sweaty foreheads when cycling or hiking by wearing our headband underneath your helmet – Love to exercise, crossfit, practice yoga or jog? With our products, there’s no slipping off you could ever worry about – Ladies in their busy days, who prefer styling their hair with a fashion hairband, that saves them time when there isn’t any left for getting a hair-do

Product Features

  • WORRY LESS ABOUT SWEATY FOREHEADS: French Fitness Revolution turban has a special fabric blend that makes it a non slip one and is highly moisture wicking. Starting now, you’ll have no problem with intense sweat or slipping off headwear. Worry no more during intense activity, as our headband keeps you cool and dry. You will perform at your best and we’ll love to see you win!
  • TRENDY, FEMININE DESIGN: Cute feminine design offers you a beautiful look on lazy days or when there’s no time left for you for a hairdresser visit. We know your time is precious, that’s why our headband is the perfect accessory for your sleek up do, cute ponytail or loose hair. Be innovative and try several looks that you can create using our headband.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: exercise and fitness, running, workout, yoga, cycling, jogging, walking, hiking, travel, cross training, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball, football and other sports. Or any indoors or outdoors activity that puts stress on your head.
  • OUT OF GIFT IDEAS? Rest assured, we took care of that, too. Our breathable headband is the best practical gift for women you could ever choose. Goes well under hats, helmets, with sunglasses or goggles. Perfect to use as a pony tail holder, too. Feel free to choose its best use and your favorite vibrant colors!
  • ★ HUGE SALE ★ – Spread the cheer with our LIMITED-TIME HUGE HEADBAND SALE! WE MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER: We bring you a highly versatile, reversible headband that makes you feel comfortable on both warm and cold weather. This turban style fashion accessory works best to keep your hair in place or it can be worn a hairband when you workout. We know you hate too thick or too wide headwear. This turban is an optimum size and has a lightweight feel, so it will make you forget you’re even wearing it.

Silicone Swimming Cap for Long Hair + Nose Clip – Swim Cap for Women, Men and Dreadlocks by Swim Elite

protection dreadlocks waterproof silicone children swimming swimcap adults fabric girl elite adult latex women black keep kids long blue hair swim boys ear cap men dry pool triathlon water wear gear bathing swimmers equipment swimwear elastic pink nylon pack accessories training set kit professional comfortable competition olympic ironman hat dreads sun nose clip afro dyed locs dye head covers

Product Features

  • FORGET ABOUT HAIR SNAGGING – Protect your hair with the silicone swimcap, suited for children and adults, for women and men both. Particularly designed to grant perfect comfort, the waterproof swimming cap is meant to keep you focused on swimming and performance.
  • NO DRAG, NO BREAK – Easy to put on, this swimmers equipment won’t cause breakage and won’t wrinkle. It fits perfectly, so you can improve your competition performance and participate even in olympic games, triathlon, ironman and other water sports requiring the best of you. With specially designed ergonomic pockets, this pool accessory prevents water from getting in your ears.
  • NO WATER IN YOUR NOSE THANKS TO THE INCLUDED NOSE CLIP – Swim Elite training set flatters your training, offering you the perfect circumstances to evolve to expert level. With the included nose clip which prevents water and chlorine from getting into your nose, this bathing gear is complete and prepared for your needs.
  • FITS ALL SIZES – Its elastic properties allow the cap to fit sizes varying from S to XL, whether your hair is long or short or even if you wear dreadlocks! Engineered to increase speed by massively reducing drag, the professional swim gear comes with an included carrying bag for easy transportation, and 3 fun colors to choose from.
  • THE BEST SWIMMING EXPERIENCE – Best New Swim Cap 2016, according to the readers of Wide Magazine Europe, Swim Elite’s long hair cap is waterproof, odorless and allergy-free. Providing comfort and efficiency, our cap protects your hair and scalp. It helps you focus on performance, since you will no longer face the same old struggles.

Aegend Adult Silicone Solid Swim Cap Pink Swimming Cap for Long Hair with 3D Ergonomic Design Ear Pockets Great Elasticity and No Deformation for Adult Woman Men, Keeps Hair Clean Ear Dry

Silicone swim cap from professional swimming equipment manufacturer Aegend who know you more!

It would be best match for your goggles!
Our swmi cap can hold your goggle straps in place and therefore prevent your hair from being pulled by the straps. This allows for a comfortable swim that doesn’t involve constant interruptions for readjustment!

Wonderful swim cap for you!
100% silicone ,non-toxic and longer service life.
Thicker edge design more waterproof and Quick drying.
Elastic, no deformation, easy to put on.
Non-slip, tight fit, protects skin and hair from chlorine.
3D Ergonomic Design with Ear Protection

Applicable instructions
Object: Fit for adult men or women ( short or long hair)
Occasions:Fit for both recreational and top line completive events from regular swim to synchronized swim, water polo, even professional triathlons.

Other attention:
1.Clean swim cap with cold water after each use.
2.After cleaning, wipe completely dry.
3.Do not leave out for prolonged exposure in the sun.
4.If you have long hair, please roll your hair into a bun upward and tie it with a little rubber band before you put on the swimming cap.

About Your Thoughts and Our Services
Aegend promise 12 months guarantee for this cap!
If you have any smarter ideas about our swim cap, please share in Q&A or REVIEW or contact us by email. We will respond positively, because we treature every customers very much!

So if you are looking for a reliable, long lasting, high performance swimming cap then look no further than our Aegend premium silicone swim cap

Product Features

  • 【Best Material for Swim Cap – Fit for adults】Made from the latest advanced silicone, it is super NON-SLIP and WATER-TIGHT. Compared with latex, it is not only non-toxic and tasteless, but also friendly to the skin. And you barely feel you are wearing this lightweight swim cap while swimming.
  • 【3D Ergonomic Design – Fit for adults】 Take 3D stereo design based on the American head type. This design can be TIGHTLY WRAPPED in your head BUT NO PRESSURE, GREAT ROOM FOR EXPANSION and MORE COMFORTABLE TO WEAR, also LESS SWIMMING RESISTANCE than trandition design.
  • 【Large Ear Protection Pocket – Fit for adults】Creat optimum fit. Fully hold your ears, to prevent overpressure and protect them from chlorid, sand and bacteria in the water. Cover ears on-and-off freely.
  • 【GOOD ELASTICITY & NO Deformation】Featuring great elasticity can be stretched easily and not deform after stretching. Fit for adult men or women, and you don’t need to worry about long hair or short hair.
  • 【Thicker Curved Edge】Better fit and more effective keeps your hair dry preventing water to get into. ***Besides, WE HAVE 12 MONTHS GUARANTEE and PERFECT SERVICE FOR EVERY CUSTOMER!

Rocools Waterproof Silicone Swimming Cap For Long Hair Keeps Hair with 3D Ergonomic Design Ear Pockets for Adult Woman and Men with Nose Clip & Ear Plugs (Blue)


Package Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 0.79in
Package Weight: 3.17oz
Color: Black/Blue
High-quality silicone materials, one fits all.

Used 100% top-class silicone, eco-friendly, non-toxic and is odorless.
Extra durable with amazing stretch that fit most swimmers with average head size.
Waterproof with improved designed to prevent water from entering.
Non-slip and perfect fit that fits both long and short hair perfectly.
Package including:

1 * Silicone Swimming Cap
1 * Nose Clip
1 * Ear Plugs

Product Features

  • 3D Ergonomic Design Ear Pockets:High Specially designed ear space for added comfort 3D designed with comfortable ergonomic ear pockets to prevent overpressure and keep water away from your ears.Completely covers the forehead and back neck area
  • KEEP YOUR HAIR DRY: Waterproof design keeps hair & ears dry protecting your hair and ear from bacteria, chloride and other substances in the water Great protection for your hair and ears while swimming. Fits adult male or female and children swimmers.Anti-slip design and easy to take on and off
  • 3.SILICONE PREMIUM MATERIAL:This swim cap is made of 00% elastic silicone which is odorless, non-toxic and allergy-free to guarantee safety performance silicone swim cap provides you more enjoyable swimming experience than traditional swim cap does.this swim cap is great for both recreational and competitive swimming.
  • ADDITIONAL ACCESSORIES:Nose Clip and Ear Plugs are included in the kit so that You won’t have to think about overpressure or water getting into your ears or nose you’ll be able to swim with maximum comfort. three tiered ear plugs, Made from high quality materials.
  • UNLIMITED WARRANTY:AERODYNAMIC SWIM CAP: Want more speed? You’ve got it! With this fashionable swim cap, you can free yourself from drag. Thanks to the aerodynamic design, you can enjoy swimming in your own rhythm. SEAMLESS STITCHING: Seamless stitching guarantees extra durability and more comfortable wearing experience.This waterproof swim cap enjoys 45 days money-back and 12-month worry-free warranty.

Swim Cap, Firesara Original Updated Swimming Cap 3D Ergonomic Design Comfortable Durable Ear Protection for Women Kids Adults Men Boys Girls for Long or short Hair with Nose Clip and Ear Plugs (Pink)

Firesara:More fun for life! More fun with swimming !

Firesara high quality swimming cap is specially designed to solve all the potential problems. The extra nose clip and ear plugs will offer further protection for you. It suits both young people as well as adults with long hair, protecting your hair from the harmful substances in the water. The unique 3D ergonomic design makes it easy and quick to take on and off without snagging hair and keep the water out. It can protect your hair and ears and makes your swimming more enjoyable. Firesara swim cap for both recreational and competitive events from regular swimming to synchronized swimming, water polo etc.

Swim Cap + Nose clip + Ear Plugs -NEW MATCH to redefine your SWIMMING EXPERIENCE.

Swimming Cap:
1.100% top-class silicone, eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless.
2. Specially 3D ergonomic design to protect the ears and to reduce drag
3.With elastic that makes getting on and off easily without snagging our hair.
4. Prevent chlorine from contacting our scalp and hair.

Product Features

  • √ Original 3D ERGONOMIC DESIGN-Our swim cap is shaped once according to the shape of a human skull. The 3D ergonomic design makes a more comfortable fit. It is easy and quick to take on and off while not snagging hair. Firesara swim cap for both recreational and competitive events from regular swimming to synchronized swimming, water polo etc. Come first in your swimming competition, as it increases your speed in water.
  • √ EAR PROTECTION, HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE-Professional ear protection design can give your ear futher protection and keep ear dry. Different to other swim caps, our swimming cap ismade from high-quality silicone. It is wrinkle-free, odorless and elastic. The thick margin of the cap makes it more durable and elastic.
  • √ PERFECT GIFT FOR SWIM ENTHUSIASTS-Our swim caps have professional nose clip and ear plugs sets. The extra nose clip and ear plugs will offer further protection for you. You won’t have to think about overpressure or water getting into your ears or nose. A professional set with elegant package, it is a good choice to be a nice gift.
  • √ ONE SIZE FITS ALL-Our swim cap is suitable for various persons as kids, adults, men, women, boys, girls etc, because of its unique 3D ergonomic silicone design. The cap fits well, and is easy to keep the water out. It can prevent hair damage from the chlorine and has UV protection without odor and toxicity.
  • √ LIFETIME WARRANTY-We guarantee satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked, on top of that, Firesara swim cap, nose clips, and ear plugs all come with lifetime warranty. We know you have a lot of options and we just want to be your right choice. NOTE: To protect the swim cap form scratches or getting ripped, please keep it far away from fingernail, rings or other sharp objects.