Healing Our Backs with Yoga: : An Essential Guide to Back Pain Relief

Therapeutic yoga expert Lillah Schwartz clearly explains movement principles, basic anatomy, breath awareness, and the central elements of alignment-based yoga to help you uncover your own healing potential and move toward back pain relief.

Step-by-step instructions with 27 pose sequences, 285 color photos, explanations, hints, and cautions take the guesswork out of yoga so you can practice simple and powerful poses aimed at healing your back.

Whether you are a seasoned yoga teacher or a first-time yoga practitioner, Healing Our Backs With Yoga offers the keys to unlock the natural healing capabilities of the body.

The book includes clear instructions along with hints and cautions to guide the reader on his or her healing journey, and is written with all levels of yoga practitioners in mind. The average person and beginning yoga student will find the background information on physiology helpful in starting a practice to help heal back pain. Other levels of experience will learn to think of their practices in a new light. And, yoga teachers will find new ways to help students along with a new way to think of their own practices.

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Strength Training: A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle and Getting Strong by Home Workout

Strength Training for Beginners

Doesn’t most everyone dream of having a healthy body that is also strong and fit? Well, sure, but how can the average person fit a gym workout into his or her daily schedule? The answer is “Strength Training”–a guide to help you get the strength training you need right in your own home and according to your own schedule.

This informative book will teach you the differences between body types–the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph–and how each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to gain muscle mass according to the body type you actually possess. You will learn tips on how to use the Paleo Diet in concert with a bodybuilding routine.

Also, the book shows you a great strength training program which you can easily use at home. It includes simple warm-ups, gravity workouts, and exercises utilizing dumbbell weights.

Don’t delay. Begin reading “Strength Training” to change your body and life for the better.

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Climb to Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Customizing A Powerful Workout on the Wall

Climb to Fitnessshows anyone who visits the climbing gym, from beginners to veteran climbers, how best to use the various parts of the gym for their own customized workout. It explores all the features modern climbing gyms offer—bouldering walls, toprope areas, lead climbing, hangboards, weight rooms, and more—and how to use these not only to enhance your climbing ability, but also to build overall fitness and strength. Whether you want a step-by-step workout or a buffet of workouts to create your own unique training regime, Climb to Fitness will get you there.

Fitness Nutrition: The Ultimate Fitness Guide: Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Muscle Building – Lose Weight and Build Lean Muscle


Everyone knows how important it is to maintain a healthy physique. Often, achieving the ideal body requires you to lose weight and build lean muscle. But how do you do that? To become physically fit, you need to have the knowledge necessary to get you on your way and the motivation required to keep you going.

Don’t you wish that you can get your hands on an ultimate fitness guide so that you could start understanding your body’s needs, lose weight, and stay motivated?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. This book will teach you how your body works and what it needs to lose those extra pounds so that you could achieve and maintain a fit and toned physique.

Here’s what this book has in store for you:

  • Learn how your body uses calories and what role carbohydrates play in your weight
  • Discover which foods contain good fats and lean protein that could benefit your body
  • Determine what your meal frequency and caloric intake should be
  • Know which exercises you should do to get that toned and sculpted look


  • Alternative exercise options
  • Delicious muscle-building recipes
  • Effective natural supplements

You will never be able to get a fitness guide as comprehensive as this book anywhere else. With the knowledge you will gain from this book, you will be on your way to getting the amazing body that you want!

Exercises for Healthy Joints: The Complete Guide to Increasing Strength and Flexibility of Knees, Shoulders, Hips, and Ankles

Don’t Let Joint Pain Dominate Your Life

As an increasing number of people are living longer, joint pain is becoming more common. However, exercise can play an integral role in promoting joint health by strengthening cartilage and ligaments. Even low-impact exercise can help to prevent joint pain. Exercise is a natural way to keep joint pain and arthritis in check at any age, and studies suggest that implementing exercise later in life can drastically reduce one’s chance of developing joint-related pain.

Exercises for Healthy Joints shows you how to avoid joint pain through physical activity. You’ll also learn about the causes of different types of joint pain and, if exercise is not enough, which surgeries may be necessary for different joint-related issues. Loss of muscle mass, bone, and flexibility does not have to be part of your aging process, and Exercises for Healthy Joints will show you how to remain active and healthy longer.

Exercises for Healthy Joints also includes:
* Clear pictures of safe and effective exercises
* Detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise
* New research concerning long-term joint health and the benefits of exercise
* Overview of joint anatomy and types of joint pain
* A training log to track progress

Exercises for Healthy Joints features easy-to-follow sequences designed for the home or the gym with minimal equipment. It is an essential health reference guide.

The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book: A Visual Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

This fun mix of coloring book and instructional guide demystifies anatomy for the yoga enthusiast and teacher.
Yoga instructor, licensed massage therapist, and anatomy teacher Kelly Solloway provides an entertaining and informative journey through the human body, focusing on the bones, joints, and muscles used in yoga. After an overview of helpful terms, Kelly covers the skeletal system, joints, and connective tissue, followed by the muscular system. Each anatomical feature is illustrated with a beautiful black-and-white drawing of a yoga posture, or asana, to color. Coloring the bones and muscles, and their names, will help you to remember their location and function, and 32 perforated flash cards enable readers to quiz themselves and study yoga anatomy on the go.

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Exercise Ball Stability Fitness Balls | Best Professional Balance Anti-Burst Set – Yoga Large Thick Gym Ball With Pump & Accessories, Extra Pin For Valve, Elastic Loop & Hard Cover Workout Guide…

Exercise Ball – The Best way to a perfectly toned body!

It’s easy with this Balance Exercise Ball!

One Exercise Ball Set to satisfy your workout needs!

No need to look further! With the incredible Stability ball, you get a simple to use foot pump, with all its accessories and extra pins for your Exercise Ball valve! Once the warm up is correctly done with the Elastic Loop found in the Balance Ball premium box, all yoga, Pilates, fitness workouts will be a real treat! See the Guide for a real core strength workout!

Discover your Exercise Ball!

Made of eco-friendly, anti-burst, super durable PVC, this thick, abdominal exercise ball will completely transform your body. This professional gym grade exercise ball is the ideal choice for women & men, coming in multiple colors and sizes. Choose between the red, blue or black exercise balls. Use the size chart for the right fit:

  • 4′ 2″ – 5′ 6″ 55cm (21.6 inches)
  • 5′ 7″ – 5′ 11″ 65cm (25.5 inches)
  • 6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″ 75cm (29.5 inches)

Take a look in the Exercise Ball Workout Guide! Discover intense workouts, designed especially for the Stability Ball! Looking healthy and having that model like appearance doesn’t seem that difficult now! With the exercise ball, all fitness goals are as good as done!

Versatility promised and delivered!

Finally, you can enjoy an exercise ball that is not just super thick and resistant, but it is also incredibly versatile! You can now use the stability ball at home, on the beach for yoga and even at the office, making it your original desk chair!

After clicking the Add To Cart Button, you are ready for a real Exercise Ball fitness workout challenge!

Product Features

  • COMPLETE Exercise Ball Set: The PROFESSIONAL Grade Anti-Burst Super thick Balance Ball for women and men, one Stability Ball Foot Pump, with ALL needed accessories, plus EXTRA pins for the Fitness Ball valve, The SUPER Strong Warm-up Elastic Loop & The HARD COVER Workout Guide for achieving the PERFECT body. Answer all your fitness desires with ONE pack!
  • STAGGERING QUALITY: Out of all the exercise balls out there, this is the ONE for you! Made of SUPER DURABLE, Anti-burst, matte-textured finish PVC, with a no-slipping fabric design, this Stability Ball will help your body stay fit! Work out, do some push-ups, Pilates or yoga or just relax on the Exercising Ball at work or at home! Finally, you can enjoy those fitness hours and see the RESULTS!
  • VARIETY AT ITS BEST: This Fitness Ball is for EVERYONE! Pick a color and check the size chart to choose your own, and start putting the stability ball to good use! This Balance Ball for women & men is just the tool to RELAX and TONE your body. Push-ups, squats, abdomens, crunches, all can be done with the Stability Ball! Feel and SEE the difference! Staying FIT is simpler with the Fitness Ball!
  • EASE OF USE: This Eco Friendly Stability Ball is incredibly easy to use! With the Balance Ball pump coming in the pack, anyone can easily inflate the ball SUPER FAST and after a quick and EFFECTIVE warm-up SUCCESSFULLY done with the Elastic Loop, your workout can now begin!
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 year WARRANTY for your Exercise Ball. Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your Exercise Ball, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.