Boxing Reflex Ball – Adjustable Head Band, Gloves, Repair, Extra String, Instruction and Repair Guide Included – Perfect For Reflex/Speed Training Improve Reactions In Boxing and MMA – By Punch King

We want to provide you with the best boxing reflex ball and give you the best experience. Please read below for more information

1. Our product has been manufactured and tested multiple times so we can ensure a high quality product and regulated tests. Just for your satisfaction.

  1. The instruction and repair guide will help you incase the string breaks or if you don’t understand how to use the reflex ball. This has been a problem for other companies and we have decided to fix it for you. Be sure to check out instructions/repair guide when your order has arrived.

  2. Don’t fall for cheaper quality products. A lot of brands will boast cheaper prices but with Punch King you pay for what you get. Which is the best quality product for your training or general co-ordination.Its easy to use and good for children and adults of any age.

  3. All you will need is included with our product as you can see in the pictures listed. Gloves, reflex ball, instructions, repair guide, extra string, adjustable headband.

Remember that if you don’t love our reflex ball we will happily refund you with no questions asked. This is our promise to you!

Product Features

  • ✔️ THE REFLEX BALL FOR YOU – Using our reflex ball you will start seeing increased reflex and speed the more you practice. It is a good form of exercise to warm up your muscle groups while also working on accuracy and hand eye coordination. Remember we also include instructions and a repair guide to help you!
  • ✔️ QUALITY – We are a US based brand and make sure all products are tested and built to the highest standard. Do not fall for cheap quality products. We are a brand you can trust!
  • ✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – This is great for people of all ages including young children developing skills. . Our adjustable head band makes this perfect for that. It is also great fun even if you are not a fighter.
  • ✔️ USED BY TRAINING PROFESIONALS – The reflex ball is used and recommended by professionals of both MMA and the Boxing world. Be the best you can using our reflex ball.
  • ✔️ LIFETIME WARRENTY – If you don’t love it we will buy it back from you. No questions asked

Exercise Ball Stability Fitness Balls | Best Professional Balance Anti-Burst Set – Yoga Large Thick Gym Ball With Pump & Accessories, Extra Pin For Valve, Elastic Loop & Hard Cover Workout Guide…

Exercise Ball – The Best way to a perfectly toned body!

It’s easy with this Balance Exercise Ball!

One Exercise Ball Set to satisfy your workout needs!

No need to look further! With the incredible Stability Ball, you get a quick foot pump, with all its accessories and extra pins for your Exercise Ball valve! Once the warm up is correctly done with the Elastic Loop found in the Balance Ball PREMIUM box, all yoga, Pilates, fitness workouts will be a real treat! See the Guide for a real core strength workout!

Discover your Exercise Ball!

Made of eco-friendly, anti-burst, super durable PVC, this thick, abdominal exercise ball will completely transform your body. This professional gym grade exercise equipment ball is the ideal choice for women & men, coming in various colors and sizes. Choose between the red, blue or black exercise balls. Use the size chart for the right fit:

  • 4′ 2″ – 5′ 6″ 55cm (21.6 inches)
  • 5′ 7″ – 5′ 11″ 65cm (25.5 inches)
  • 6′ 0″ – 6′ 4″ 75cm (29.5 inches)

Take a look inside the Exercise Ball Workout Guide! Discover intense workouts, designed for the FITNESS Ball! Looking healthy and having that model-like appearance doesn’t seem that difficult now! With the large stability ball, all fitness goals are as good as done!

Versatility promised and delivered!

Use the Exercise Ball as:

  • Your very own Office Desk Chair
  • Yoga Ball to stretch your back
  • Pilates Ball for core strength workouts
  • Fitness Ball to perfect your body
  • Maternity Ball for pregnant women
  • Therapy Ball for Child – Parent Interactions

After clicking the Add To Cart Button, you are ready for a real Exercise Ball fitness workout challenge!

Product Features

  • COMPLETE Exercise Ball Set: The PROFESSIONAL Grade Anti-Burst Super thick Exercise Ball for women and men, One Stability Ball Foot Pump, with ALL needed accessories, plus one EXTRA pin for the Yoga Ball valve, The SUPER Strong Warm-up Elastic Loop & The HARD COVER Go-To Workout Guide for achieving the PERFECT body. Finally ONE pack to put your fitness at ease!
  • THE BALANCE BALL YOU NEED! Forget all the Exercise Balls you’ve seen! This is the ONE for you! Made of SUPER DURABLE, Anti-burst, matte-textured finish PVC, with a no slipping fabric design, this Stability Ball will HELP you stay fit! Start working out, do a bit of yoga or simply RELAX on the Yoga Balance Ball at work or at home! Finally, you can enjoy those fitness hours and see the RESULTS!
  • VARIETY AT ITS BEST: This fitness exercise ball is for EVERYONE! Pick a color & size, and start putting the Stability Ball to good use! EASY TO USE, this Exercise Ball for women & men is just the tool to TONE your body. Push-ups, squats, abdomens, crunches, all can be done with the Exercise Stability Ball! Feel and SEE THE DIFFERENCE! Staying fit is simpler with the Exercise Equipment Ball!
  • FITNESS IS FUN! Finally, you can ENJOY your Fitness Workout Program! This is why we’ve made the Fitness Ball INCREDIBLY easy to use! With the exercise ball pump coming in the pack, anyone can easily inflate the ball SUPER FAST and after a quick and EFFECTIVE warm-up SUCCESSFULLY done with the Elastic Loop, your workout can now begin!
  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 year WARRANTY for your Exercise Ball. Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your Exercise Ball, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 – Full Portable Gym Home Workout Package + Extra Set Of Resistance Bands, Full Body Workouts For Home, Travel or Outside

BodyBoss is the World’s 1st Portable Home Gym. Simulate $1,000s of dollars of gym equipment in one simple, light-weight gym.

Making time for the gym is hard. Between work, family, extra-curriculars and obligations, it’s easy to letting working out slide down on our list of priorities. BodyBoss changes this by bringing the gym to you!

BodyBoss includes everything you need for a complete total body workout. With your order, you’ll receive our patent designed Vector Fit base, (4) resistance bands to customize your level of workouts, (2) handles to simulate dumbbells, (2) limb straps for resistance boxing and cardio workouts, (1) collapsable workout bar to simulate a squat rack + bar at the gym, (1) door anchor, (1) getting started guide, and access to 100+ recorded workouts and exclusive new live videos every week!

YES! We’ve shipped over 10,000 units world wide to over 60+ countries! The BodyBoss community is growing everyday, and constantly looking for new innovative ways to get in shape, and keep each other motivated and accountable.

Getting in the shape you want in the environment of your choosing! It’s not easy to always make time to go to the gym, and that is why we bring it to you. Between the equipment and the training, you have the powerful combination of the right tools and motivation to get the results you’ve always wanted!

If you dont absolutely love your BodyBoss for whatever reason, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. Our commitment is to bring you the best and most affordable workout products on the market- at a fraction of the cost! Try it 100% risk free.


Product Features

  • BRING THE GYM TO YOU + SIMULATE 1,000s OF DOLLARS WORTH OF GYM EQUIPMENT: The BodyBoss 2.0 was designed to simulate all the bulky equipment and machines you see at the gym and combine them into one revolutionary workout concept – the BodyBoss 2.0, a portable gym. BodyBoss Portable Gym is the World’s 1st home gym you can take anywhere.
  • AMAZON BONUS: Free Start Up Workout Program (optional). We will help you learn your BodyBoss 2.0, teach you exercises and activate your body. You will receive the URL to this link off the start up 1 page guide in your package. You will receive the workout guides attached to the start up guide in the box
  • OVER $1,000,000 RAISED ON KICKSTARTER & INDIEGOGO: When designing the BodyBoss workout product we wanted to make sure that it was lightweight & compact, but still versatile enough to simulate the gym anywhere. By allowing this any exerciser who gets the BodyBoss Gym will be able to reach their goals, workout more consistently each week & perform any gym exercise they want anywhere they take the Fold Up VectorFit Platform and cloth covered resistance bands.
  • DO GYM EXERCISES ATTACHED TO RESISTANCE & BURN MORE CALORIES: Easily attach the cloth covered resistance bands to the fold up platform and then either the handles, the collapsable workout bar or the wrist/ankle straps and perform 300+ exercises that you can make easier or harder. The Fold Up Platform allows you to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty based on shortening or lengthening the bands. You can make your exercises even harder by adding more than 1 band on either side of you.
  • EASILY WORKOUT UPPER BODY OR LOWER BODY: What if you didn’t have to drive to the gym to get an upper body workout in or you could carry an entire rack of dumbells or a huge squat rack with you anywhere you wanted? The gym can be a fun place to go but getting there as much as you want each week is tough with the Portable Gym you can literally do an upper body workout, lower body workout, cardio resistance boxing workout & body part focus workout all in the same week with the just one product!

Swimming Pool Skimmer Net by SwimPur Fine Mesh Deep Bag Leaf Catcher Cleaner Extra Large for Faster Cleaning 20 Inch Wide


Why buy cheap nets that tear over and over again?

Why SWIMPUR fine mesh pool nets are superior to similar products:

  • It starts with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, you will never have to buy another leaf rake again.
    – These are built to last, with a triple reinforced frame.
    – Oversized scooping area to clean your swimming pool faster.
    – BPA free, so your family can be assured no additional unwanted chemicals are being added to your pool.

We have a no hassle 100% guarantee refund policy. If you use this and do not love it, simply return it for a full refund.You have nothing to lose. Add one to your cart now.

Product Features

  • OVERSIZED OPENING – Imagine yourself spending more time relaxing in your pool and less time cleaning your pool! Large 20″ JUMBO Opening handles swimming pool cleaning and skimming with ease and makes maintenance a breeze for any size pool. The front easy glide scoop quickly cleans the bottom of the pool. Straight sides with slight angle for easy cleaning of pool sides for any shaped pool, round or rectangular.
  • FINE MESH POOL NET – Traps Smaller Particles, Your Pool is Cleaner and Safer.
  • BPA FREE – Triple Reinforced Frame Leaf Rake, Unlike Some Skimmers, is BPA Free. Research Others Carefully.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY – The Purple Posh, an American Owned company, stands strong behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty. Simply Return Your SWIMPUR Swimming Pool Net for an Immediate No Hassle Replacement. With That Guarantee Add One To Your Cart Now.

Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel – The Best Premium Yoga Mat Towel. Non Slip, Soft Absorbent Microfiber. Lightweight and Extra Long 72”x24”. FREE Bonus eBook. (Gray)

ॐ The secret to a solid and stable yoga practice ॐ

Are you tired of slipping on your yoga mat, especially when you are trying to hold a pose during sweaty practices?

Shantihi, or Shanti, means peace in Sanskrit. As a yoga practitioner and teacher, Shantihi Yoga’s founder would close her practice everyday with an invocation of peace. It is her hope that Shantihi Yoga would bring a sense of stability and peace to people’s lives.

How will Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel help your practice?

  • Builds confidence to hold or advance your pose due to a solid, slip-free foundation.
    – Keeps you feeling cleaner and drier.
    Peace of mind knowing that you are protected from other people’s sweat and germs when using studio mats.
    Lightens your bag. Leave your heavy yoga mat at home. Simply bring your towel and place it on top of studio mats.

    Why Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel works

  • There are no silicon dots beneath our towel as it is unnecessary. The microfiber materials are designed to stay in place on the mat, giving you a more comfortable and grounded practice.
    Great traction while you sweat. We recommend that you lightly spray your towel with water before use as the microfiber material works best when slightly damp.
    High quality edge stitching gives it a premium look and feel, ensuring your towel doesn’t fray.
    Light, durable and dries quickly.

    Save more when you buy multiple yoga towels. Click “Add to Cart” now to invest in a steadier practice and why not choose another color so you have a fresh towel for each class? Would make a great gift for your yogi buddy too!

    Check out our other products for more discounts with purchase. Search for Shantihi Yoga Mat or Shantihi Yoga Strap.

    Here’s to finding peace within.

    Shantihi Yoga

Product Features

  • &#x1f64f NON SLIP AND SKIDLESS : Gain more confidence and peace of mind with a solid, stable foundation especially in hot sweaty practices like Bikram, Hot Yoga and Ashtanga. Increased traction allows you to concentrate on holding your pose instead of worrying about injuries from slipping.
  • &#x1f64f SOFT AND ULTRA ABSORBENT : Feel great on your mat. Our sweat activated, premium microfiber materials (80% polyester, 20% nylon) are designed to soak up excess sweat as you practice. Throw it in the washing machine with your other clothes and you are good to go. Dries super fast too.
  • &#x1f64f EXTRA LONG SIZE, PERFECT FOR ANY YOGA MAT : Add life to your yoga mat with an extra layer of protection. This 72″ x 24″ hot yoga towel is perfect for covering standard studio mats and other popular yoga mats such as our Shantihi TPE Eco Yoga Mat.
  • &#x1f64f HYGIENIC, LIGHTWEIGHT AND TRAVEL FRIENDLY : Protect yourself from other people’s sweat and germs! This lightweight hot yoga towel is easy to fold and carry to your yoga studio, providing a protective layer between you and the studio mat. It fits perfectly into your travel bag so you are ready for yoga wherever you land.
  • &#x1f64f 100% YOGI SATISFACTION GUARANTEE : Designed in New Zealand with love. If you are for any reason unhappy with your Shantihi Hot Yoga Towel, we will provide a 100% money back guarantee. Please enjoy our FREE bonus “10 Best Restorative Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress” ebook with your purchase.

Exercise Stability Ball Chair with Hand Pump Use For CrossFit, Yoga, Balance & Core Strength Training, Non-Slip & Anti-Burst Extra Thick Fitness Ball(Silver&65CM)

Do you want to relax yourself by exercising while you are working hard? Yes, you need an exercise ball.
That is trusted by hundreds of gym owners for their members nationwide and recommended by even more of the nation’s top personal trainers. You know that this will be the last exercise ball you ever need!

Why do you need a yoga ball?
sculpt your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs
Yoga ball to lengthen the spine
Improve core strength, agility and balance
Play therapy ball to teach children coordination skills
Birthing ball for pregnant women
Desk chair for posture support
Fitness ball for static strength training

Yoga balls are made of high-quality PVC.They provide long-lasting dependability.It used recyclable and degradable skin care environment-friendly PVC material, giving you intimate care.

The Exercise Ball comes with a high anti-burst rating of 2000 lbs. If the ball rolls over sharp objects such as staples and pins, or is compressed under a heavy load, it’s designed to protect you from injury by slowly and safely deflating instead of popping like a balloon.

The wall thickness of our yoga ball is 2mm more than ordinary yoga ball. PVC casing with a thickness that stretches uniformly across the ball surface even when inflated or under excessive stress. This creates a greater resistance to punctures on all sides and prevents air from leaking from the ball.

It features a matte-textured finish with horizontal lines for a more secure grip and to help avoid slipping. This type of slip-resistant surface makes it easier to focus on correct alignment and holding your pose for the duration.

Note: The new yoga ball surface will be a little crease, usually inflated after standing for 2-3 days can disappear.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and get a sexy body!

Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now While Supplies Last!

Product Features

  • 100% non-phthalate PVC – Made of eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic PVC material that allows for shape resilience, 31P testing standards, free of phthalates and heavy metals, and 6 hours inflatable stereotypes detection, 30 days without secondary inflatable.
  • Ultra High Anti-Burst Rating – extensive testing, and a unique anti-burst design, its durable 2mm and weight 1200g + PVC casing with a thickness that stretches uniformly across the ball surface even when inflated or under excessive stress.
  • Slip Resistant and Sturdy Yoga Ball – It features a matte-textured finish with horizontal lines for a more secure grip and to help avoid slipping. This type of slip-resistant surface makes it easier to focus on correct alignment and holding your pose for the duration.
  • Versatility of Exercise Stability Balls – Use this premium exercise Stability ball for Weight training, Core training, Flexibility and stretching, desk chair childbirth and more!
  • Package includes: Exercise Ball/User Manual/Foot-Pump/Plug/Plug Remover Tool/Measuring Tape.Balance ball can be blown up to desired size and firmness, but has a maximum diameter of approximately 65cm (just under 26 inches)

Zacro Gel Bike Seat, Extra Soft Bicycle Seat, Saddle Cushion with Black Water and Dust Resistant Cover, Blue

Everybody loves having fun on an road bike and completing a full workout with a new personal bike. That feeling is unique, but the truth is, you just can’t do it if you hurt. Seat pain is really serious and one of the biggest determination killers. Usually because of the pain the willpower goes down and people give up on their exercise bike way too soon. Given that, Zacro is committed to helping people stay on track and achieve their goals, that’s why we have developed the perfect exercise bike gel seat cover that sticks to your saddle and protects your back. It acts like a cushion letting you focus on what’s important achieving your goal. What’s more, Zacro also give a free gift: Water dust resistance seat cover for protecting our seat. Any questions, please take your advise. Zacro always provide better products and more intimate services. Features: Quick and easy to use, easy to apply and adjust comfortable and a pleasure to ride on durable and strong, manufactured at the highest standard water dust resistance seat cover free gift dimension: 28cm19cm package included: 1gel seat saddle 1water&dust resistant cover.

Product Features

  • Best gel material you cant enjoy your bicycle leisure time when you are suffering pain from your
  • Enjoy longer riding explore new grounds and enjoy longer rides on your bike
  • Easy installation easy to mount, low cost solution will make your saddle feel much better
  • Common dimension this gel seat saddle dimension is 28cm19cm, which fits most bike seats
  • Bonus: An extra water and dust resistant seat cover it will protect your seat from water and dust