Workout Mask Training Breathing Running Sports – High Altitude Elevation Simulation – Endurance Exercise (Black, Large)

Yes, now you don’t have to elevate like our Olympians to train in thin air climates. You can increase your lung capacity by training and forcing your body to take deeper breathes. And dimok Hypoxic Mask is here to help you. The New dimok Altitude Workout Mask helps you to train muscles, which sets your focus on your breathing by limiting your air supply during training. It increases your performance when training or competing without the mask.

The dimok Altitude Workout Mask allows you to easily switch resistance levels during training without taking your mask off.

Sizing Note:

•Adult Small: 100-155 lbs.

•Adult Medium: 155-220 lbs.

•Adult Large: 220-300 lbs

Product Material

*Nylon + medical silicone

*Our SLEEVE is made from an ultra lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking high-tech fabric that is comfortable to wear and has a perfect anatomical fit that will not slip during your training

Customer satisfaction is our key. Satisfaction guaranteed – if you are not happy with the purchase, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.

Who needs it


*Hikers, especially high altitude climbers


*Soccer Players

*Basketball Players

*Football/Hockey Players


*Mixed Martial Arts

*Anyone looking to increase lung capacity resulting in better cardio and conditioning

Product Features

  • TRAIN YOUR LUNGS – Dimok Hypoxic Mask is especially manufactured to make it easy to train your breathing paterns and your lung capacity. 16 Resistance levels are at your disposal!
  • EXTREMELY USEFUL – you can apply Dimok workout mask to any sports, running, hiking, soccer, basketball, boxing and more
  • EFFICIENT – Increase Intensity. Reduce workout time. Notice the difference within a week. Breathe in Live out and become more productive in your training routine.
  • CHANGE RESISTANCE ON THE GO – Easily switch the resistance while you working out. No need to take your mask off! Easy to disassemble, clean and wash.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – if you are not happy with Dimok Running mask, you are welcome to return it for a full refund.

XL Parallette Bars, Versatile Push Up & Dip Bars for Strength Workouts, Upper Body Exercise Equipment | Powder Coated Parallettes & Large Non Slip Rubber Feet

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As soon as you start using the paralletes, you’ll notice it can be both easy and difficult depending on the exercise. Practice a few days a week and start to see results. Body weight exercises are a great way to keep tone and in shape! 

Crossfit, HITT, Gymnastics, and many gyms have had press bars for awhile and for good reason! These two bars give a great workout for anyone! 


No need for big machines, cables, and extra equipment. These bars are a great upperbody and ab workout.


Easily store these bars inside a closet, under a table, or keep in your home gym!

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Product Features

  • ✔️THE ULTIMATE HOME EXERCISE EQUIPMENT – Paralletes are versatile and great for anyone looking for a workout. Men, women, and children can all benefit from these press bars. Most beneficial for upper body and ab workouts.
  • ✔️MULTI USE & VERSATILE – These bars can be used for number of strength exercises that are great for gymnastics training or for dips, push ups, V-sits, tuck planche, handstands and ab work outs. Use these bars for your crossfit training, hiit, or practice cross through to get the ultimate abs. Work out your arms, abs, chest, shoulders, back all in one easy to use home gym equipment.
  • ✔️HEAVY DUTY & STURDY DESIGN – Made from 2MM thick guage steel and powder coating for nonslip design. Strong rounded 1.25″ tubing helps for easy grips and rubber end caps on the feet allow for stability. These bars at 19″ long and does not round out towards the end. No need for extra long bars due to being able to use 100% of length. Clearance is 14.5″ high to allow easier pass through for everyone.
  • ✔️CONVENIENT WORK OUT FOR ANYONE – Body weight exercises are great way to work out and these bars allow for anyone to easily work out at home. These bars have been used in cross fit and hitt gyms for awhile. No need to go out and spend money on expensive memberships or equipment. Practice stability and strength moves that will give you great muscle tone and a great work out.
  • ✔️UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Being so sure about the high quality and top performance of this amazing product, we believe it will exceed your expectations. If you are unsatisfied, simply contact us to return the product for a FULL REFUND!

Exercise Handles (Gray)

Are you tired of using low quality resistance band handles that never seem to last?

Product Features

  • SUPER STRONG HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The Ignite Fitness exercise handles were specifically designed with strength in mind. Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a casual fitness enthusiast, these exercise handles are made to survive a wide range of workouts.
  • HIGH GRADE MATERIALS: Only the most premium materials are used when making each pair of resistance bands. These handles feature super strong ABS plastic, thick foam padded grips, industrial grade stitching, extra large seamless steel O-rings, and thick woven nylon webbing.
  • VERSATILE USE: You can use these on just about any piece of equipment. Thanks to the jumbo sized O-rings, they can attach to resitance bands, home gym equipment, gym style cable machines, and even functional training equipment.
  • SUPER WIDE ONE SIZE FITS ALL: With its super wide handle width, big or small, anyone can use these handles comfortable during an intense workout. Another benefit is that you won’t feel friction from the nylon webbing against your hands.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY and 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: To receive our Lifetime warranty, 100% Money Back guarantee and Quality guarantee you must purchase from Bearcreek Mall. It will say “Sold by BearcreekMall and Fulfilled by Amazon”. Purchases from any other unauthorized seller under this listing will not qualify. Thank you for your understanding.

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat with Shoulder Sling by Crown Sporting Goods (Blue)

If downward facing dog is causing aches in your wrist and elbows, or camel pose is creating tension in your knees and hips, then this yoga cloud by Crown Sporting Goods is the solution. Made with high-density foam, this mat is 1-thick. That’s 4 times thicker than a traditional yoga mat, allowing you to comfortably exercise on surfaces with minimal shock absorption. Its ridged texture creates a no-slip, moisture-resistant surface, so you can safely practice yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises without slipping or sliding. It’s even great for physical therapy and strengthening injured joints. This pad measures 72″ x 24″ and includes a shoulder sling carrying strap, making it easy to take with you wherever you exercise. It’s available in a variety of colors: black, pink, blue, and red.

Why You’ll Love It:

Exercising on surfaces with a high level of shock absorption is vitally important for the health of your joints. Unfortunately, these types of flooring can be difficult to come by at home, the gym and outside. Using a high-density mat during your workout, provides that extra cushion to your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, hips and back, that most floors aren’t equipped for. The extra cushion is not only great for safely strengthening weak joints, but also preventing future injuries and mitigating common pains suffered by yogis of any level.

Product Features

  • Ultra-thick 1-inch yoga mat by Crown Sporting Goods
  • High density foam is 4 times thicker than a traditional yoga mat to protect joints
  • Includes no-slip ridges and a moisture-resistant surface for a safe and comfortable workout
  • Measures 72″ long and 24″ wide. Perfect for physical therapy and cushioning weak joints
  • Great for yoga, Pilates and other floor exercises that can be tough on joints

Super H.I.I.T. Fitness Remix Workout Hits (Hiit – High Intensity Interval Training) (The Best Music for Aerobics, Pumpin’ Cardio Power, Plyo, Exercise, Steps, Barré, Routine, Curves, Sculpting, Abs, Butt, Lean, Twerk, Slim Down Fitness Workout)

RubberBanditz Pull Up Assistance Resistance Band, 7 Different Exercise Bands | 5-200 lbs. Tension Bands: Mobility, Stretching, Pilates, Chin Ups Assist, Powerlifting, Functional Fitness & CrossFit

First popularized by CrossFit, assisted pull-ups are a great way to strengthen your entire upper body by doing pull-ups with the assistance of our exercise resistance bands. Pull-ups provide a powerful multi-muscle exercise involving a complex array of movements. The advantages are numerous; because more muscles are engaged, you burn more energy. This means of functional training tones your whole body, and because your muscle groups are working in harmony, your risk of injury is greatly reduced.

As your muscles contract, they become shorter and more powerful. Our heavy resistance bands perform in much the same way, in that the tension increases the more you stretch them, so they provide you with a continuum of resistance. When a resistance training band is stretched, the opposing resistance is at its greatest. This makes workout resistance bands the perfect complement to your muscles natural movements. What is more, you can increase the level of resistance from medium to maximum simply by stretching the pull-up assistance band up to 2.5 times its original length, or combine it with lighter bands for extra tension to customize the amount of resistance needed.

There are 7 different resistance bands to choose from:

  • #1 Orange (Light Band) 1/4″ 5-15 lbs. (2-7 kg)
  • #2 Red (Medium Band) 1/2″ 20-35 lbs. (9-16 kg)
  • #3 Black (Heavy Band) 3/4″ 30-50 lbs. (14-23 kg)
  • #4 Purple (Robust Band) 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs. (18-36 kg)
  • #5 Green (Power Band) 1 3/4″ 50-120 lbs. (23-54 kg)
  • #6 Blue (Strong Band) 2 1/2″ 60-150 lbs. (27-68 kg)
  • #8 Black (Monster Band) 4″ 80-200 lbs. (36-91 kg)

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our fitness resistance bands. Contact us for any reason. We aim to respond within 24 business hours.

Product Features

  • MULTIPLE RESISTANCE LEVELS: This is for a single #4 PURPLE (Robust Band) workout resistance band. This exercise resistance band offers a tension range of 40-80 lbs. (18-36kg). We’ve included a “Which Band is Right for Me” guide in the product images to select the ideal band for you.
  • ULTIMATE VERSISTILITY: There are over 200 full-body exercises you can do with these workout bands; our unique 41″ exercise resistance bands are ideal for assisted pull-ups, powerlifting bands training, physical therapy, Pilates, targeted stretching, pole fitness, calisthenics, toning exercises and full-body workouts
  • OPTIMAL WORKOUT: You can use these heavy-duty resistance bands to substitute or supplement any gym workout. Each purchase includes a complimentary pull-up workout e-Guide.
  • UNPARALLED DURABILITY: Our 100% latex RubberBanditz exercise bands are made through a proprietary laying process that enable superior range of resistance and reliability. Lab tested and proven to last longer than solid latex bands
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty on everything we sell

Functional Fitness Exercise Resistance Training Band, 10 Different Tension Band Sets, 5-200 lbs. of Resistance for Mobility, Stretching, Pilates, Assisted Pull-Ups, Chin Ups, Powerlifting and CrossFit

Pull-ups offer an ergonomic means of strengthening your whole upper body. Each pull-up is a multi-purpose exercise that is composed of complex micro-movements that engage varying muscle groups. Advantages: you get a more efficient workout, and you have less risk of injury.

Our heavy-duty resistance bands allow you to retain full range of motion, ensuring total muscle development. To choose a band that is right for you, we suggest a set of mobility bands that corresponds to providing about half of your body weight in assistance. At first, you can use all the exercise resistance bands together to provide the most seamless assistance. Because they are all the same length, you can combine multiple bands to equal the same assistance as others. Alternatively, you can remove one of the bands to lower the assistance as you get stronger.

Choose from 10 tension levels sets:

  • #1, #2: Orange 1/4″ 5-15 lbs. and Red 1/2” 20-35 lbs
  • #2, #3: Red 1/2″ 20-35 lbs & #3 Black 3/4″ 30-50 lbs.
  • #2, #3, #4, #5, #6: #2 Red 1/2″ 20-35 lbs, #3 Black 3/4″ 30-50 lbs, #4 Purple 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs, #5 Green 1 3/4″ 50-120 lbs, #6 Blue 2 1/2″ 60-150 lbs
  • #2,#4: – Red 1/2″ 20-35 lbs & #4 Purple 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs
  • #3, #4: #3 Black 3/4″ 30-50 lbs and #4 Purple 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs
  • #3, #5: #3 Black 3/4″ 30-50 lbs and #5 Green 1 3/4″ 50-120 lbs
  • #3, #6: #3 Black 3/4″ 30-50 lbs
  • #4, #5: #4 Purple 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs and #5 Green 1 3/4″ 50-120 lbs
  • #4, #5, #6: #4 Purple 1 1/8″ 40-80 lbs, #5 Green 1 3/4″ 50-120 lbs, #6 Blue 2 1/2″ 60-150 lbs
  • #7, #8: #7 Orange 3 1/4″ 70-170 lbs and #8 Black 4″ 80-200 lbs

Product Features

  • LOOP BAND DUO SET: Set includes one of each exercise band: Band #4 PURPLE and Band #5 GREEN. This resistance workout band set offers a combined tension range of 40-200 lbs. (18-91kg).
  • OPTIONAL TENSION LEVELS: Choose resistance training bands from one of 10 multi-band combinations. We’ve included a handy “Which Band is Right for Me” guide in the product images for assistance selecting the tension level that is right for your workout. We guarantee there’s a band combination that’s perfect for you!
  • ULTRA VERSATILITY: Our unique 41″ closed loop bands are ideal for assisted pull-ups, power lifting, physical therapy, Pilates, targeted stretching, toning exercises and full-body workouts; you can perform more than 200 different exercises with these mobility bands. Each purchase includes a complimentary pull-up workout e-Guide
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Our latex fitness bands are made with quality and comfort in mind; our natural rubber latex is over 99.998% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens) and the bands can stretch up to two and a half times their original length
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: These workout resistance bands come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Warranty