ELECTROLYTE TOTAL HYDRATION TABS 3.5 ounces-10 Tablet Tube (for training/racing up to 2 hours) – ORANGE FLAVOR

Maxim Total Hydration Tabs are orange flavored tablets that contain a unique blend of carbohydrates (maltodextrin), riboflavin (vitamin B2), sodium, potassium, and magnesium. OPTIMUM ELECTROLYTES- 320 mg sodium, 301 potassium, 56mg magnesium (designed with IOC guidance) Maxim Total Hydration Tabs are specifically designed to keep you properly hydrated during training or racing for up to two hours.

Product Features

  • Electrolytes for 45 min- 1.5 hours of training/racing
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • magnesium
  • nutrition

Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator, Lemon Lime, Tub, 6.2 oz

Water is only half of the hydration story. Electrolytes are responsible for muscle function, contraction, nerves and heartbeats. Without essential electrolytes, we suffer from muscle cramps, muscle twitches and impaired performance. Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator helps replenish electrolytes and minerals lost in sweat during workouts, activity and hot weather. Containing sodium, potassium, and magnesium, as well as chloride, and phosphate, these key ingredients to help move fluid, nutrients, and oxygen in and out of cells to sustain efficient muscle function. Great-tasting and convenient to take with you – you only need to add one small scoop to your ice-cold water to enjoy the benefits of proper hydration throughout the day.

Product Features

  • Replenish key electrolytes and minerals to stay hydrated during exercise
  • Zero calories – stevia sweetened; vegan and free of dairy, gluten, soy and artificial flavors and colors
  • 100% daily value of vitamin C provides antioxidant protection from damage caused by free radicals
  • Informed Choice certified, trusted by sport

Vitalyte Natural Electrolyte Powder Sports Drink Mix, Gluten Free, 80 Servings Per Jar, Orange

Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement is the perfect balance of vital electrolytes in the proper proportions to deliver on one promise: hydrate thirsty bodies with exactly what they need and nothing they don’t.

From the time that Vitalyte electrolyte drink mix was first introduced over 4 decades ago, athletes have been experiencing enhanced athletic performance during every phase of their performance. Vitalyte has quickly become recognizable as the best hydration drink because it gives athletes the edge that comes from fast absorbency and the perfect balance of electrolytes. Vitalyte drink mix is available in a kilo jar (2.2 pounds), and comes in a choice of flavors which includes citrus, natural lemon, fruit punch, grape and orange.

Vitalyte’s isotonic drink is not only the fastest acting electrolyte drink of its kind, but it also has the best taste of any performance hydration drink on the market. Health and nutrition are important to athletes who want to gain an edge with their performance, but who also want to do so with natural ingredients that they can feel good about eating or drinking. Made with no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, Vitalyte is a natural, healthy sports drink that gives you a healthier choice during your workouts. Vitalyte’s electrolyte replacement drink contains the ideal combination of ingredients for rapid hydration. Whether your priority is to drink the fastest working electrolyte replenishment drink, a preservative free sports drink, or a low calorie sports drink, Vitalyte is the answer!

Product Features

  • Fastest, most efficient, and best tasting electrolyte replacement drink on the market with natural ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Glucose-based electrolyte powder replenishes fluids and electrolytes lost during physical work and exercise, with fast absorption for increased hydration, helping you to avoid dehydration and heat stress
  • Nutritional supplements include a complex mix of Electrolytes, Glucose, Citric Acid, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Beta Carotene, and like all Vitalyte products, Electrolyte Replacement is gluten free
  • Great for men, women, kids, workout recovery, strength training, triathlon or marathon training, hangovers, excessively hot temperatures, and morning sickness relief
  • 80 Servings Per Jar, combine 1 scoop with 16 oz of cold water and mix until completely dissolved. Can be consumed morning, noon or night, pre workout or post workout, or anyime you need a great tasting electrolyte replacement to help you avoid dehydration

Sqwincher ZERO Qwik Stik – Sugar Free Electrolyte Powdered Beverage Mix, Cool Citrus 060109-CC (Pack of 50)

Sqwincher sugar free electrolyte powdered beverage mix qwik stik. This perfect 10 has “life on the go” written all over it. Grab your water bottle, pop the top on your Tube, and add that Qwik Stik for an instant electrolyte replacement and hydration. When your Tube is empty, Don’t trash it, refill it. The Tube comes in handy for more Qwik Stiks or a nifty compartment for various items. 10 Stiks for repeating hydration without interrupting your activity/day. Perfect way to replace electrolytes and stay hydrated anywhere you are. Sugar free – calorie free to support a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for a Saturday morning run or an afternoon game. Plus, it’s sugar free with no calories.

Product Features

  • Half the sodium and more potassium compared to other electrolyte replacement beverages
  • Mix with 20-ounces water
  • Zero sugar and zero calories
  • Simply pour, shake and drink
  • Designed to restore important mineral salts and fluids lost through dehydration, physical exertion and heat stress

Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes Fizz Electrolyte Tablets – 1 Tube (Grape)

An Endurolytes Fizz tablet is equivalent to approximately two Endurolytes capsules, with each tablet scribed across the middle. This allows you to easily break the tablet in half in the event that you want a half-tablet dose, which would be equal to approximately one Endurolytes capsule. For example, if you want the equivalent of approximately three Endurolytes capsules, simply add 1.5 rapidly dissolving Endurolytes Fizz tablets to your water or fuel bottle(s). Endurolytes Fizz is economical as well, with 13 effervescent tablets in each tube, not 10-12 like some of the others. Unlike other effervescent electrolyte products, Endurolytes Fizz doesn’t contain inconsequential amounts of vitamins or other nutrients, which only serve to increase the price. Instead, you get the full-spectrum electrolytic mineral support that you need, along with adequate amounts of auxiliary nutrients, just like you do with Endurolytes capsules or powder. Compare Endurolytes Fizz to the competition and you’ll see that you’re saving a lot of money! Superior, full-spectrum electrolyte support, no inadequate amounts of insignificant nutrients, great taste, no refined sugars or artificial flavors, and the convenience of rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets, all at a price that NOBODY can match! That’s precisely what you get with Endurolytes Fizz. In many instances, you require greater volumes of electrolytes than any sports drink or gel can provide. That is why Endurolytes Fizz fulfills such a crucial component of your fueling by supplying your body with a balanced, full-spectrum, rapidly assimilated electrolyte source, allowing you to meet your widely variable electrolyte needs with tremendous precision, hour after hour, no matter what the weather throws at you.

Product Features

  • Superior, full-spectrum electrolyte support
  • Effective cramp prevention Convenient, rapidly dissolving effervescent tablets
  • Deliciously refreshing flavors
  • No refined sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Free of undesirable manufacturing lubricants, Gluten-free and vegan friendly

Nuun Active Hydration, Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets, Original Mixed Flavor 4-pack: Lemon+Lime, Tri-Berry, Orange, Citrus Fruit (4 Tubes/12 Tabs Per Tube)

You sweat, Nuun Active Hydration replenishes! Nuun’s signature profile of 4 key electrolytes help your body make the most of the water you’re drinking. Nuun drink tabs are portable, taste great, and deliver a fast-absorbing electrolyte blend without the sugar or waste of bottled sports drinks. Each tube of Nuun contains 12 effervescent tablets. Each tablet makes 16 oz of Nuun, and delivers 360 mg Sodium / 100 mg Potassium / 25 mg Magnesium / 13 mg Calcium, electrolytes that help maintain fluid balance, prevent cramping, and aid in efficient muscle performance. Nuun is good for your body (less than 1g of carbs, low calories, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors), and good for the earth – one tube prevents the need for twelve 16oz plastic bottles from sugar-ADE sport drinks. Nuun, pronounced “Noon,” was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates. Before Nuun, if you wanted electrolytes, the result was a bottle full of sugar. With our simple, self-dissolving, electrolyte tab, we revolutionized the sports drink forever. Nuun was originally the brainchild of a student and professor from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. An avid cyclist, he longed for a lightweight, easy to use hydration method that didn’t include a sticky high-calorie mess. His research led to the creation of a low sugar, dissolvable, and portable tablet called Nuun. Ten years later, Nuun Active Hydration is the #1 selling drink tab in the cycling, running and outdoor marketplaces. Nuun has even expanded its product line from sports performance hydration to include two all-natural, vitamin-enhanced products for everyday use, Nuun All Day Hydration and U Natural Hydration. Most recently Nuun launched its energy line, which boosts performance with caffeine and B-vitamins. So be it a bike ride, a long day at the office, or a day at home juggling kids, Nuun has a tablet and flavor customized to help you stay healthy and hydrated. Nuun and Company is based in Seattle, WA. Nuun is sold in over 10,000 outlets in the U.S. and available in over 30 countries.

Product Features

  • Variety 4-pack contains one tube of each flavor: Orange, Tri-Berry, Citrus Fruit, Lemon Lime
  • Packed with an optimal blend of 4 key electrolytes to replenish those lost during activities (running, biking, swimming, skiing, etc.)
  • Helps alleviate cramps and improve muscle function
  • Low sugar, low calorie, less than one carb. The perfect sports drink!
  • Refreshingly light flavor, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors
  • Green hydration. Combine Nuun with your reusable water bottle to reduce plastic waste!