Gliding Discs Core Sliders – Dual Sided Exercise Disc For Smooth Sliding On Carpet And Hardwood Floors – Gliders Workout Legs, Arms Back, Abs At Home or Gym or Travel – Fitness Equipment (black)

Achieve your fitness, strength and mobility goals!

The URBNFit Core Sliders are an essential tool for your home gym. Add challenging, low impact exercises to your routine that focus on strengthening your core, chest, arms, legs or any muscle you want to focus on.

Gliding Discs also improve your mobility, flexibility and balance. Through a variety of bodyweight exercises, the unique movements allow you to get the most out of the positive and negative movements of each exercise you do.

LIghtweight, versatile and most importantly EFFECTIVE!

After you’re done using your exercise sliders, the discs are easily stored out of the way, which makes them perfect for traveling, keeping in your gym bag or at the office.

Core Sliders Key Features:
Effective total body workout
Comfortable Dual Sided design
Portable and Lightweight
Increases strength and mobility
FREE workout guide included

The easy to follow and educational exercise guide will help you get started on your fitness journey.


We have one goal — Help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our home exercise equipment. If you have any issues we’ll fix it, that’s our promise.

You don’t need expensive exercise machines to get into your best physical shape of your life!

Makes a great gift!

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Product Features

  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT AND FITNESS ROUTINE WITH CORE SLIDERS – Tone, sculpt and challenge your abs, chest, arms and legs with slide pads. Lunges, planks, pushups and any exercise you can think of are transformed with ab sliders as you use your bodyweight to target select muscle groups.
  • DUAL SIDED DISK GLIDERS WORK ON ANY SURFACE- There’s no need for expensive fitness equipment for your at home gym. The slide disc’s dual sided design lets you perform sliders exercises on carpets, hardwood and tile floors.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Small and easy to pack, take your exercise discs with you on trips so you can get a great abdominal workout anywhere.
  • FREE WORKOUT GUIDE INCLUDED – Created by certified personal trainers to help you get fit fast.
  • THE URBNFit PROMISE – We have one goal: help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our home exercise equipment. If you have any issues, we’ll fix it; that’s our promise.

Synergee Yellow Gliding Discs – Core Sliders – Dual Sided Use | Carpet | Hardwood

In terms of simplicity, the Synergee Core Sliders are one of the smallest, inexpensive pieces of exercise equipment available. These small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon. Incorporate Synergee Core Slider exercises into your workout for a safe and effective change of pace. If you have had any sort of injuries or soreness, which most people have, the slider is an effective tool to help you reduce your aches and pains.

Product Features

  • ★ FLASH SALE! – BUY ONE GET ONE 25% OFF. USE CLAIM CODE SFBOGO25. These small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon. The smooth side works on carpet and the fabric side works on hardwood or tile floors.
  • ★ ENGAGES CORE – Synergee Core Sliders engage your core muscles throughout the full range of motion of an exercise while introducing a balance challenge. The long, graceful movements are also a good way to increase flexibility.
  • ★ COMPACT – The beauty of Synergee Core Sliders is you can use them in a variety of different workouts – an aerobic or dance workout, Pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves and even yoga. Just as importantly, they’re fun!
  • ★ STRENGTHEN AND CONDITION – Since your hands or feet remain in constant contact with the surface, Synergee Core Sliders provide low-impact weight-bearing exercise. Synergee Core Sliders measure 7″x7″x.05″ and include a colored exercise manual with five different exercises.
  • ★ ALL AROUND PROTECTION – Buy with confidence knowing that no matter what, we’ve got your back! We offer a better than money back guarantee, if there is an issue with your product for any reason we will refund you and send you a new one absolutely FREE! We stand by our products and only manufacture the absolute BEST!

Twist, Balance, Spin and Rotate Yoga and Pilates Fit Board for Abs, Core, Stomach and Leg Workout – Home Gym Fitness Equipment (Gray)

  • Made from Extremely Sturdy and Durable ABS Plastic , the CoreBoard can accommodate up to 400 pounds of pressure
  • Have Fun Exercising! The CoreBoard is so much fun to use you’ll forget you’re actually burning calories and developing core muscles!
  • A Great Alternative to bulky and expensive gym equipment
  • Easy to Store at just 3 lbs., the CoreBoard can easily fit under a bed or couch, in closet, etc.
  • Great for Everyone! From beginners to the advanced, from couch potatoes to bodybuilders, from children to adults, athletes of all ages and fitness levels will feel the burn after using the CoreBoard just a few minutes a day!
  • A Must-Have for Home Gym Equipment – no home gym is complete without the CoreBoard!
  • Circular Traction Spots prevent your feet from slipping off the board during use
  • Finally Exercise Tough-To-Reach Muscles in your legs, back, core, stomach and buttocks you didn’t even know you had!
  • Order With Confidence knowing your purchase of the CoreBoard comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Product Features

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – At only 3 lbs., the CoreBoard is portable and easy to store, a great alternative to bulky gym equipment
  • ENGAGE YOUR CORE – Workout muscles you never knew you had by a simple twist of your legs and hips
  • FUN TO USE – You’ll enjoy yourself so much you won’t even realize you’re exercising!
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE – Made from reinforced ABS plastic, the CoreBoard can support up to 400 lbs. of pressure
  • ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE – Know your purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

HomeGym 4U Set of 2 Gliding Discs, Dual Sided Sliders for Carpet or Hardwood Floor – Great Addition to Your Home Fitness Equipment – Core Workout Abdominal Exercise, Crossfit Routine, Cardio Training

▶️Are the gliding discs right for you?
Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad looking for a new workout equipment to help you stay fit even if you have very little time? Or maybe you are in your mid-forties (or older) and looking to stay active even if you currently have poor health and you are prone to joint pain. Or you might be in your early twenties looking to get back into shape or pack on some muscle using exercises you most likely haven’t tried before. Whatever your current situation is, we’re sure that our gliding discs can help you become fitter and healthier without worrying too much of your time or physical limitations.

Here are some benefits:
✔️ LOSE WEIGHT: gliding discs are the perfect addition to your home workout regimen if you would like to lose a few pounds.

✔️ BUILD MUSCLE: for the guys that would like to pack on some muscle or the women that would like to tone their core, this set of sliders is a must-have. There is a wide variety of muscle building exercises you can do, whether you want to target your lower body, upper body or core muscles.

✔️ IMPROVE BALANCE: the sliders will not only improve your cardio or build muscle, but will also help improve your balance as the continuous movement requires you to maintain your balance while doing the exercises.

✔️ SPICE UP YOGA AND PILATES SESSIONS: if you are into yoga and pilates you’ll love these gliding discs. They allow you to gracefully do various exercises that will get you into the flow or even stretching exercises to improve your flexibility.

✔️ REDUCE INJURY AND JOINT PAIN: gliding discs are very well received by the older generation looking for an equipment to keep them healthy and active while significantly reducing joint soreness or the risk of injury.

Glide and slide your way to fitness!

Buy now with our risk-free 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Product Features

  • ✔️ PERFECT EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR HOME! Add these fitness sliders to your workout routine to add virtually endless range of exercise gliding motions.
  • ✔️ INCREDIBLE CORE & TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: the core exercises you can do with these abdominal trainers can help you achieve the abs you’ve always wanted. Aside from tightening your core, doing exercises with these sliders can help improve your overall body composition and cardio. You can do a full body workout by targeting individual muscle groups, yoga and pilates movements.
  • ✔️ MULTI-SURFACE USE & PORTABLE: glide and slide with ease! These core sliders are dual sided so that you can use the hard surface on carpets and soft surface on your hardwood floor. They are also lightweight and small (7″ diameter and 0.5″ wide) so that you can take them with you anywhere whether it is to the gym, work or when you travel.
  • ✔️ REDUCES INJURIES & JOINT PAIN: the sliding discs allows low-impact, smooth exercises where your feet and hands never leave the floor. As a result, you significantly reduce the risk of injury or soreness during or after a workout. Great for any level of training as it provides numerous variations to any routine while ensuring minimum impact on your joints and tendons.
  • ✔️ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can get your money back within 30 days – it’s risk-free! Your satisfaction is always our #1 priority

Ab Roller Wheel, LIKEE Core Training Wheel Abdominal Workout Equipment Exercise and Fitness Roller At Home with Knee Pad and Anti-Slip Handles for Man Woman Gymnastics Home Gym

Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty
If there are any issues with your product, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a full refund or send you a new replacement at no charge, you don’t have to return the product.

Main Features:
1. Ultra-Wide Wheel Tread – offers stability when pushing left, right or center for targeted work on oblique;
2. Superior Quality – the ab roller’s maximum user weight is 600lbs, It is really built rock solid;
3. Ergonomic Handles – Ergonomic hand grips are angled to activate arm and core muscles;

Package Includes
1 x ab roller
1 x knee pad
User Manual

Give these a try and start your exercise in a whole new way.
Click add to cart and we promise that you won’t look back!

Product Features

  • Ultra-wide ab roller – Extra-wide wheel design, which increases balance and stability compared to those narrow wheeled abs rollers.
  • Superior Quality – High quality stainless steel framework and strong synthetic rubber base, which allows the ab roller to handle 600lbs at maximum load-bearing.
  • Free Bonus Gift: Includes soft foam knee pad to prevent discomfort in knees.
  • Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty: If there are any issues with your product, please feel free to contact us and we will give you a full refund or send you a new replacement at no charge, you don’t have to return the product.
  • We can’t promise to give you a sixpack abs, but we will give you the key tool to gain your very own sixpack abs.

Exercise Ball Chair – 65cm & 75cm Yoga Fitness Pilates Ball & Stability Base for Home Gym & Office – Resistance Bands, Workout Poster & Pump. Improves Balance, Core Strength & Posture – Men & Women

Your complete home gym system! Includes 1 anti-burst fitness ball, 1 stability ring, 1 foot pump, 2 resistance bands, a handy tape measure & an exercise wall chart…all at 1 sensible price!

Why pay for costly gym memberships or bulky, heavy equipment? With our all in one gym ball for men & women, you can tone your abs & glutes, do strength training & more… all in the comfort & privacy of your home, office, classroom or hotel room.

The Heart of the System: Our Heavy-Duty Exercise Ball

Made of tough multi-layer PVC, our eco friendly, phthalate free nonslip toning ball:

Inflates quickly & easily
• Resists puncturing & bursting
• Bears loads up to 750 lbs.
• Won’t attract dust or pet hair
• Comes in 65cm (26in) or 75cm (30in) and
• Offers a choice of colors: black, grey, pink, purple, blue or acqua

Best of all, this versatile balancing ball trainer recruits more muscles for more effective workouts. Set in its stability holder to keep it safely anchored OR use it without the stabilizer stand. Either way, it’s perfect for push-ups, crunches, planks, bridges & more. Use as an ergonomic office chair,a birthing ball during pregnancy or to support physiotherapy helping increase flexibility and recovery from knee or hip joint replacement surgery.

Resistance Bands – Even More Options

Use the sturdy metal clips to safely secure the strong latex rehab bands to your ball’s stability ring. Then grip the cushioned handles & stretch to allow the tension bands to thoroughly work your muscles.

All This Plus a Free Bonus Wall Chart

Your set also includes a colorful A1-size poster with 30 tried-&-true exercises to get you started.

Guaranteed!! So Order Risk-Free for Yourself & Your Gift List!

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Product Features

  • ✅ WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW: ‘How To Set Up & Use The Mantra Sports Bodyball’ – see why our swiss ball is recommended by physios, personal trainers & physical therapists to support flexibility, recovery & rehabilitation from knee or hip joint replacement surgery through low impact exercises.
  • ✅ SAVE MONEY ON GYM FEES! Why spend money on the gym? This multi-purpose home gym system has everything you need to support your fitness goals. Whether it’s Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit or a full body workout, you can burn fat & tone all muscle groups with the professional grade ball, attachable resistance straps & the glossy A1 size exercise wall poster.
  • ✅ GET FIT WHILST YOU SIT! The perfect replacement for that office chair you spend hours on at your work desk. Take the opportunity to make a simple life change & improve your spinal health, build core strength to support your lower back, reduce pain & improve your posture.
  • ✅ INDEPENDENTLY TESTED FOR TOTAL CONFIDENCE! Made of multi-layer heavy duty PVC, our core ball has been independently quality tested to bear loads up to 750lbs & is anti-burst & anti-slip. The stability base ensures reduced movement of the ball, crucial for perfect form when working out.
  • ✅ 100% ULTIMATE SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Buy from Mantra Sports and you’re also backed by our legendary customer service – just see our reviews! If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your Mantra Sports Body Ball Gym Series, simply contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right!