Soft Medicine Ball / Wall Ball / Wallball Plyometrics, Core Training, Cardio Workouts – Ideal for Wall Balls Squats, Lunges, Partner Toss, Slam (Blue/Black, 16 Lbs – 7.3 kg)

Exercise in a perfect way without any risk of injury and carry out your routines with the proper size to
weight ratio Garage Fit soft medicine balls.

  • Do you want a soft medicine ball that is made to go hand in hand with your rigorous training activities?

  • Would you like a soft crossfit medicine ball that is well-balanced so that it causes no muscular injuries?

  • Are you worried about losing grip on your wall balls and injure yourself?

  • Have you given up on medicine balls because of their low quality construction?

    Garage Fit soft wall balls have been professionally tested and constructed to address to all your problems.
    We understand your exercise requirements perfectly and that’s why we came up with a perfect soft wall
    ball that you will love to own.

    Here’s more reasons you need to buy Garage Fit wall ball for Cross fit

  • Constructed from premium materials and stress tested to offer you a unique professional grade product.

  • Non-slip grip on the balls ensure you are safe while exercising with it.

  • Improves your core muscle strength with perfectly balanced construction.

  • Easily hang on the wall with the help of the hooks on these.

  • 100% moneyback guarantee if not satisfied with your purchase

    Get your Garage Fit soft medicine ball for a perfect workout session. Click “Add to Cart” now and experience
    the benefits of a professional soft wall ball.

Product Features



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  • ★ GRIP ENHANCING CONSTRUCTION: Unlike rubber exercise balls, the Garage fit wall ball features a uniquely stitched design and leather material that is made to enhance your grip on the wall ball for CrossFit and maximum weight training exercises.
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  • ★ GREAT FOR VARIETY A VARIETY OF EXERCISES: Whether it’s CrossFit wall ball routines, squats, sit-ups, or any other core building exercise, the Garage Fit soft medicine ball is the perfect accessory to optimize your workouts. The design of the ball has been optimized to maximize functionality while minimizing the risk of injury.
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  • ★ IMPACT-ABSORBING BUILD: In order to minimize injuries, these perfectly balanced soft medicine balls are designed to absorb impact, thereby minimizing the risk of injury in case you miss a catch. However, the 6lb wall exercise balls are still firm enough to retain their shape through vigorous activity.
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  • ★ HIGHLY DURABLE BUILD: You can play and workout with peace of mind thanks to the quality construction of the Garage Fit wall exercise ball. Each ball has been individually stitched with the highest attention to detail to ensure that it does not fall apart even under extreme circumstances.
    • ★ PREMIUM DESIGN: The stylish synthetic leather build of the soft shell medicine ball features a sleek Garage Fit logo that has been expertly stitched in to match the high quality construction of the medicine wall ball. They are also available in a variety of vibrant colors that will make you stand out in the gym. Change the way you exercise completely by clicking “Add to Cart” Now!

  • DiBoBo Premium Quality Jump Rope with Metal Handle for Home Exercise or Gym Fitness – High-Speed Cardio for MMA, Boxing and Athletic Training – Adjustable Length, Anti-Tangle, Anti-Kink (Blue)

    There’s no comparison to the feeling of coming home from the gym knowing you’ve worked your whole body as far as it can go. Experience that workout high every single time with the Dibobo Jump Rope, designed to get you working up a sweat as you work on your cardiovascular endurance for general cardio fitness, MMA, boxing, racing, and more. Whether you’re a gym bunny or prefer to get your exercise at home, the DiBoBo Jump Rope will help you up your fitness game. Made by fitness lovers, we designed our jump rope to give you superior workouts year in and year out, regardless of your age or experience.

    Product Features

    • HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER – Have more intense workouts, improve the quality of your exercises, get to your fitness goals more quickly, and gain more strength with the DiBoBo Jump Rope.
    • THE ULTIMATE CARDIO WORKOUT – Our jump rope can handle whatever speed you want to go, providing you with the high-intensity exercise you want. Our multi-ball bearing system and lightweight, kink-free cables ensures smooth 360-degree rotation of your rope around you as you jump so you’ll never worry about getting tripped up! The DiBoBo Jump Rope takes your workouts to the next level.
    • BUILT TO LAST – There’s no risk of kinks or tangles with this jump rope. Built from the The non-slip handles ensure the perfect grip even for intense or long workout sessions. The speed cable will never kink and is 100% tangle free as well.. Our ab roller’s double wheel design promotes maximum control and balance to keep you safe during your workout. Plus, rubber handles help you keep a strong, no-slip grip on your wheel without tiring out your hands.
    • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR YOUR NEED – Whether you’re a beginner, a fitness fanatic or even an Olympic athlete, our jump rope is made for you. Fully adjust the cable length up to 11 feet to suit your height. Plus, rubber handles help you keep a strong, no-slip grip on the rope even at the highest spin velocity or longest workout. Suitable for men and women, our jump rope is an easy-to-use tool that adds a new level of intensity to your fitness regimen.
    • STORAGE SPACE SAVER – Our jump rope is the perfect fitness accessory because it’s so compact and lightweight, with anti-tangle and anti-kink construction for easy folding and storage. Travel a lot? Easily store the rope in luggage or a car compartment to take with you to the gym or fitness center for on-the-go exercise!

    Homello Jump Rope – Foam Handled with Steel Ball Bearing Mechanism – Adjustable Steel Cable – Perfect for Cardio Training, Home Workouts, Cross Fitness & Boxing – Carry Pouch Included for FREE

    Get In Shape the Easy Way with Homello Premium Skipping Rope!

    Getting in shape and staying healthy has never been harder. People’s lives are busier, and there is more information out there than ever about what is and what isn’t good for us. Why make things more complicated than they have to be and pay for expensive equipment that’s difficult to understand, and might not even work at all, when you can take advantage of a simple, time-tested approach to getting in shape that has been proven to improve agility, balance, and cardiovascular health?

    The Homello Featherlight Speed Jump Rope
    A fully-adjustable jump rope made with the highest-quality materials and designed for ease of use:
    – Comfort foam handles reduce hand strain and make jumping rope easy
    – Tangle-resistant cable saves you time and frustration so you can focus on what matters: your health

    The LAST Skipping Rope You Will Ever Need to Buy
    – Durable construction ensures you will never have to worry about your rope snapping, cracking, or breaking
    – Appropriate for almost any jump rope workout, meaning you won’t have to buy additional ropes

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty
    At Homello, we’re so confident you’ll love your jump rope that we offer a no-hassle guarantee and lifetime warranty. If you don’t like your product, you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

    Why wait to get in shape? Get the Homello Premium Speed Skipping Rope delivered straight to your door by clicking the “Add to Cart” button above now.

    Product Features

    • WHY you need the Homello Jump Rope – Skipping is an incredible cardio, conditioning and fat loss exercise. It’s perfect for HIIT, interval and circuits. Ideal for Crossfit, boxing and MMA
    • WHAT the Homello Jump Rope does -our strong, lightweight, durable and flexible design provides an unbeatable workout. The flexible steel wire with protective coating doesn’t bend or tangle and will endure your beasting workouts!
    • WHO the Homello Jump Rope is for – For anyone who wants to improve fitness or conditioning. Great for boxing, martial arts and Crossfit training. Perfect for weight loss programmes. For men, women, boys & girls.
    • HOW the Homello Jump Rope works – Our unique ball bearing system means the Homello Jump Rope spins at an incredible rate. With our adjustment mechanism this 2.8 m anti-tangle rope can be used by anyone – even very tall or short athletes. Comes with a stylish carry bag for neat storage
    • OUR PROMISE to you – We only make kit that we use ourselves. Homello uses the strongest, highest quality materials. Unlike other brands, we’ve sourced premium parts and we do not compromise. As always, our equipment is 100% guaranteed. NOTE – Homello Max is the only licensed and authorised seller of the Homello Jump Rope.

    LIMITED TIME OFFER- DYNAPRO JUMP ROPE (Long Aluminum Handles 10′ Adjustable PVC Cable) for Boxing Cardio HIIT Workouts and Home Gym Fitness Exercise 

    The simplest piece of workout equipment yields big fitness results Jumping rope burns calories, increases endurance and improves coordination. It engages both the upper and lower body. It is also a lower impact activity than running, while delivering a major calorie burn. Jumping rope for 10 minutes is equivalent to running an 8-minute mile! DynaPro Direct 10′ Adjustable PVC Jump Rope, with its’ extra-long 90-degree handle turns, delivers smooth high-speed rotations for a more sustained and intense workout. This results in faster weight loss and the level of physical endurance necessary to master advanced jump-rope moves such as the double under.

    Professional grade craftsmanship We outfitted the DynaPro Direct Jump Rope with extra-long aluminum handles for a wider jump area and optimal control. Metal ball bearings and ring joints result in smooth circular motion and wind-whipping speeds. Tangle-proof PVC cord lets you crank out double unders to your heart’s content. Our jump rope is of the same caliber as those used by MMA fighters and professional boxers.

    Don’t miss a workout because you couldn’t get to the gym DynaPro Direct PVC Jump Rope comes with a handy carry case that fits discreetly in a purse, briefcase or book bag so you can jump rope in your office, between classes or during a lunch break. We are so sure that you will be delighted with our product that we include a 1-year Money-Back Guarantee. The jump rope itself has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against defect. If it breaks or malfunctions, simply return it for replacement.

    Add the DynaPro Direct 10′ Adjustable PVC Jump Rope to your cart today, and say good-bye to pricey equipment will that deliver few results.

    Product Features

    • ADJUSTABLE 10′ PVC ROPE a great weight for beginners to learn rhythm and a favorite for many hardcore jump rope enthusiasts.
    • SMOOTHEST CIRCULAR MOTION- Perfect for Double Unders, MMA Training, Boxing, Cross fitness JUMP ROPE
    • DURABLE PVC is tangle-proof professional weight for sustained speed strength and cardio training
    • EXTRA-LONG HANDLES provide a wider jump rope area and maximize control for even the sweatiest hands.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY against defects; we will replace your rope. 365 Day Guarantee on Rope Wearing Out

    JumpSport Cardio Core Express DVD

    Get a 1-2 jump on your workout using this express, 30-minute interval workout. Cardio Core EXPRESS offers a complete cardio and core workout in just 30-minutes by following the ACSM Guidelines for interval training using a 2:1 ratio. We’ll do cardio segments for 3 minutes, followed by 90 second intervals of muscle endurance work using the stability bar and our own body weight. You will find this a highly-effective and challenging exercise option and we guarantee it to be low-impact, challenging and effective!

    Product Features

    • Enjoy a low-impact workout with a wide variety of exercises that will help trim fat and tone your body
    • Starring: Irene McCormick! An adjunct faculty member at Upper Iowa University and is certified through NSCA, ACE, AFAA, ACSM, Yoga Fit and AEA
    • Irene is a senior educator for Fitness Anywhere and is on the editorial review board for Diabetic Living magazine
    • Co-Starring: Jeff McMullen and Abbie Appel
    • DVD Run-Time: 59 minutes

    Workout Plan Book: Undated Daily Training, Fitness & Workout Journal Notebook 100 Pages 6in by 9 in . Monday To Sunday. Log Cardio & Strength Workouts.

    Beautifully Designed Undated Training Journal

    Get Your Copy Today!

    100 Pages of Daily Fitness Entries

    6Inches By 9 Inches

    Includes Sections For


    • Exercises
    • Time
    • Distance
    • Calories Burned


    • Upper Body
    • Lower Body
    • Abs
    • Muscle Groups
    • Exercises
    • 6 Sets
    • Reps
    • Weight




    Day of Week

    Get Your Copy Today!

    Montage Crossfit Speed Jump Rope (Red) — Master Double Unders — Best for Crossfit, Boxing, MMA, Cardio, and Fitness Training — Durable Aluminum Handles

    IS 2017 THE YEAR YOU MASTER THOSE DOUBLE UNDERS AND TAKE YOUR WORKOUTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL? DISCOVER the Secret to Blasting Fat, Getting that Perfect Lean Body and Mastering those Double Unders in Half the Time and Cost! GET YOUR PERFECT BODY We know attaining that perfect body can be hard when juggling work and homelife, so join the jump rope revolution and say goodbye to long boring cardio workouts forever! BURN CAKLORIES Short intense Jump Rope circuits are an effective way to burn both during and POST WORKOUT EASY WORKOUTS Just 10 mins of working out with a jump rope can provide the same calorie burn as 30 mins of slow cardio ANYONE CAN DO Perfect for beginners, Crossfit WOD’s, Boxing, MMA Training and many More! JOIN THE JUMP ROPE REVOLUTION – GET YOUR MONTAGE SPEED JUMP ROPE TODAY LIGHTWEIGHT WIRE CABLE- For Ultra Fast Spinning to Master those Double Unders NO TANGLING OR KINKING – Perfect workout every time PORTABLE – Get your workouts in Anytime, Anyplace! Montage Crossfit Jump Rope — Aluminum-handled jump rope with precision bearings and a light-weight steel cable to enhance speed and endurance. Comes with a Montage carry bag, an extra cable, two extra adjustment screws, and two extra end-caps. The easily-packable design is perfect for a quick trip to the gym or to keep up with your cardio workouts while travelling.

    Product Features

    • EASILY ADJUSTABLE – 10 ft. steel cable can be adjusted to fit any height.
    • TORCH CALORIES AND IMPROVE ENDURANCE – Burn up to 1000 calories per hour and increase your endurance. Excellent cardio workout.
    • FOAM-PADDED ALUMINUM HANDLES for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
    • PRECISION BEARINGS and 2.5 mm steel speed rope give you the smoothness and speed you need to master double unders.
    • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At Montage, we are serious about the quality of our products, and back our jump ropes with a lifetime guarantee.