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If you want to live a long and healthy life, one of the things you should pay more attention to is physical fitness. When you do your best to be physically fit, part of a long and healthy life is being able to enjoy it through participation in your favorite activities and sports such as basketball, running or football among other activities. And when it comes to physical fitness, strength training is important. But, in many cases, regular strength training requires a lot of equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and other resistance training machines or contraptions. A home gym requires significant investment and space while enrolling in a gym may also prove to be costly, especially if your budget’s tight. If such is the case, is there a way for you to get enough significant strength or resistance training for optimal physical fitness? My answer is a resounding “YES!” Calisthenics is a strength training method or technique that doesn’t require barbells, dumbbells or other weight lifting equipment. All you need is your body and a couple of fixed items such as a pole, overhead bar in the park or playground, or a bench and you’re good to go! And in this book, you will discover why you should get into calisthenics and, more importantly, how to perform callisthenic exercises in order to build up your strength and become and stay physically fit. And as you master the art of calisthenics, you’ll also enjoy the freedom of being able to train your body for strength anytime and anywhere. You won’t be a slave to the gym and its fancy but pricey equipment or membership fees. Are you ready to learn how to get a fit and strong body using nothing else but the body you have now? If so, what are you waiting for? Get this book to learn it NOW!

Body Fat Scale, FociPow Digital Body Weight Scale with Fitness APP & Step On Technology, 400 Pounds

Modern Style with Touch of Fun

12 Ways to Look at Healthy Body Measurements
Step on the scale, and within seconds it takes 12 different essential health measurements, giving you comprehensive data about your health. Body measurements are sent instantly to your smartphone each time you step on, making it easy to track weight loss and health progress.
Non-slip, scratch-resistant feet. Large, tempered glass weighing surface holds up to 400 lbs.

No Setup Needed
No need to bother with Wi-Fi or setup instructions to get started. Simply download our app to your smartphone, connect to Bluetooth, and have your stats within seconds of stepping on the scale.
The App connects your real-time body metrics to a world of data charts, social sharing, and fitness tracking. Simply step on the scale to instantly connect your profile and begin pushing data to your app. No additional setup is required, so you can begin tracking instantly.

How to Get All Data?
Make sure your feet are touching the electrode areas on the surface of the scale, with each foot touching both the top and bottom electrode.

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimensions: 302 x 302 x 22 mm
Platform: 6mm Tempered Glass
Weight Capacity: 180 kg / 400 lbs / 28 st
Graduation: 0.1 kg (0.2 lbs)
Weight Units: kg / lbs / st
Powered: 4*AAA Batteries
Operating system: Android 4.3 or iOS7.0 above
Interface Type: Bluetooth
Working distance: 10 M
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 150 KG

Package Includes:
* 1 x Body Fat Scale
* 4 x AAA batteries
* 1 x User’s manual

Please do not use if you have a pacemaker or another medical electronic implant.

Product Features

  • Measuring Function: 12 precise body measurement technology to track your health information about Body weight, Calories, Body fat, Hydration, Muscle mass, BMI, BMR, Bone mass, Visceral Fat and more.
  • Step-on Technology: No more tapping or turning on a switch to use the scale. Just step on the scale and then you get an instant readout.
  • Precise Measurement: Displays accurate results with graduation of 0.2lb/0.1kg, supports weight ranges from 11lb/5kg to 400lb/180kg; measurement units in kg / lb.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity: With smart step technology and real-time updates through Bluetooth 4.0, you can use the included free app to automatically track results with your mobile works flawlessly with the app.
  • Compact Design: Highlight LED Display, Use high quality impact-resistant tempered glass which is 4 times stronger than common glass.

Pull Up Assist Bands,Great for Pullup Assistance Body Stretching, Resistance Exercise,Powerlifting, Resistance Training,Mobility Work & Functional Fitness. (No. 5 Blue – 65 to 175 Pounds)


Whether you are just starting out with pull ups or you are an athlete working on regaining or enhancing your strength, the POWER GUIDANCE resistance band will help you take your pull up and chin up training to the next level.

Lightweight, Perfect For Traveling & Easy To Transport.

With your Power Guidance pull up assist bands, you can always find time in a busy day for workout, and you can exercise anywhere you want… in the park, your hotel room, at work, at home, and of course at the gym. Tuck it into your luggage, brief case, lunch bag, or purse and say hello to more efficient training.

5 Different Levels to Choose:
41 inches Long X 0.5 inches Wide – Red Band (10-35 lbs)
41 Inches Long X 0.9 Inches Wide – Black Band(30- 60 lbs)
41 inches Long X 1.3 Inches Wide – Purple Band (40 – 80lbs)
41 inches Long X 1.8 Inches Wide – Green Band (50 – 125lbs)
41 inches Long X 2.5 Inches Wide – Blue Band (65 – 175lbs)

The Wider The Band, The More Assistance It Gives for Pull-ups. We Highly Recomend Buy Several Different Sizes so You Have Them Handy as Your Skills Improve.

Product Features

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL – each exercise band offers a different level of resistance, both for pull up training, and for adding resistances to bench press, squats and Olympic lifts.
  • BUILD STRENGTH & IMPROVE MOBILITY – With resistance band training, every part of the exercise has resistance, resulting in better range of motion strength and more complete stimulation hence promoting muscle growth.
  • WHICH BAND(S)? – Please choose a band based on your bodyweight and the current number of unassisted pull-ups you can complete. Use our chart in the last picture of this listing. You can combine multiple bands to achieve different results.
  • PERFORM EXERCISES PROPERLY – Without proper joint mobility it impossible to perform some exercises correctly. Use our resistance bands to do banded distractions, shoulder capsule and hip capsule mobilizations, plus many others. Our resistance bands allow you to improve your mobility more efficiently and effectively.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, we will REFUND your payment or send you a pair of new replacements… Please don’t hesitate to contact us,we will always be here if you need us.

Pilates for Beginners : Workout routines to change your body

Welcome to Pilates for Beginners : Workout routines to change your body! This book contains proven steps and strategies how to start having a fit and healthy through easy-to-follow Pilates workout routines. Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise, which was developed by Joseph Pilates. It focuses on the development of the body based on core strength, awareness, and flexibility so as to support graceful movements. Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Discover … Principles of Pilates Benefits of Pilates Basic Exercises of Pilates for Beginners Other Popular Pilates Exercises Much, much more!