SYOURSELF Set of 2 Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders or+5 Loop Resistance Bands-Fitness Trainer Equipment for Abdominal,Strengthen, Gym,Home,Travel,Carpet,Hard Floors+ Fitness Chart+Gift Bag(Blue)

SYOURSELF 2 Pack Core Exercise Sliders +5 pack Loop Resistance Bands+ Carry Bag+Instrction


Material: one side foam + one side hard plastic
Double-sided Core sliders: 7 inch(Diameter) x 0.5 inch(Thickness)
Loop Resistance Bands: 12inch x 2inch
Color: Black, Blue, Red
Dual side sliders made for all floors: Any surface floor (carpet, hardwood floor, rug, laminate).
Resistance bands are ideal for: Fitness, sports, weight loss, Injury rehabilitation, physical therapy, body, shaping, work out with versatility.
Easy to use, easy to carry: Lightweight and compact. No matter where are easy to carry.
Professional assistance: Your hands and feet do not need to leave the floor. This minimizes the risk of injury. This is a very interesting exercise equipment.
Suitable for all ages: stay-at-home mom or dad, office worker, exercise any time and any place.

Full body workout:

BUILD STRENGTH: tighten your waistline and can be used to complement strength training, CrossFit and cross training workout routines.
LOSE WEIGHT: gliding discs are the perfect addition to your home workout regimen if you would like to lose a few pounds.
SIX-PACK ABS: for the guys that would like to pack on some muscle or the women that would like to tone their core, this set of sliders is a must-have. There is a wide variety of muscle building exercises you can do, whether you want to target your lower body, upper body or core muscles.
REDUCE INJURY AND JOINT PAIN: gliding discs are very well received by the older generation looking for an equipment to keep them healthy and active while significantly reducing joint soreness or the risk of injury.

2 x Dual Sided Gliding Discs
5 x Resistance Bands: Extra Light (Green)+Light (Blue)+ Medium (Yellow)+ Heavy (Red)+ Extra Heavy (Black)
1 x Fitness Chart
1 x Gift Bag

Product Features

  • 2 Pack Dual-sided core sliders: Fabric Surface + Plastic Surface. Made for most surfaces. Fabric foam side for hard floor, wood or tile. Plastic side for soft floor carpet, rug or cloth face, work on all surfaces for maximum convenience. For body building, those abdominal trainers can easily help you achieve the abdominal muscles target any muscle group to tone your body, increase strength, tightening your core, improve your overall body composition and cardio.
  • 5 Pack Loop Resistance Bands: Contains 5 Loop Resistance Bands of 12″ by 2″ in different color and different level of resistance: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy and Extra Heavy. Useful 5 colors resistance loop bands are great for women and men of all fitness levels. Use the exercise bands for legs, arms, back or shoulders with any one band individually or multiple bands together to provide the right level of resistance for you.
  • Lightweight and Great for Gym, Home, Travel: Come with 2 discs, 7″ diameter and 0.5″ wide, best size, more convenient, easy to store and incredibly portable. 190g, so light and compact that you can pack them in any bag and take them wherever you travel. Take them to the gym or if its more time efficient and convenient, stay at home and still get an awesome home workout.
  • Train Smarter Not Harder: Sliding exercises can be done anywhere and have been proven to reduce risk of injury since they consist of low impact movements. This will ensure that you get more out of each training with less stress on your joints.
  • Best Gift Idea: 2 x Gliding Discs, 5 x Resistance Bands, 1 x Carry bag, 1 x Instruction, 1 x Gift bag. Gift package, come with a gift box and bag, make it easy warp as gift for your family members, friends, especially for sports enthusiasts, slimmers.

Syourself Yoga Towel-72″x24″ – Non Slip,Ultra Absorbent,Soft-Perfect Microfiber Hot/Skidless/Bikram Yoga Mat Towel for Fitness, Exercise,Sports& Outdoors +Travel Bag(Blue flower, L:72″x24″)

Syourself Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel


◆ 100% Microfiber Material: Eco-friendly, lint-free, reusable, digital Printing.
◆ Size:
  72 x 24 inches: completely covers your yoga mat, creating a hygienic layer between you and dirty public mat.
◆ Design: Bright, vibrant, water based, non-fade prints design, make you excited to roll out your towel.
 – GEO: colorful design, inspire your enthusiasm, improve your confidence.
 – GEO BLUE: close your eyes, breathe and feel a sense of inner peace, best for corepower yoga.
 – MANDALA BLUE: help you to breathe, focus and clean your mind.
 – STARRY SKY: enjoy and explore the mystery of yoga.


◆ Multi-purpose:
 – Yoga mat towel, towel, mat, beach towel. Most durable, after long time use, you can used it to clean the table, window or as washing cloth.
 – Microfiber travel bag come with the towel for easy storage, also the ideal size as bottle sleeve, phone carrier, travel bag for personal effects.
◆ Must have for:
 – Great for all types of yoga (especially hot yoga)-Bikram, vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Pilates, Asana, meditation.
 – Perfect for sports& outdoors-workout out, beach, lawn, hiking, fitness, camping, picnic, swimming, travel, backpacking.
◆ Best present: For special occasion, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas.

◆ Tips:
  • Wash before the first use;
  • Machine wash with like colors, cold;
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low;
  • No bleach or fabric softener.

◆ Package include: Microfiber Towel+ Travel Bag

Product Features

  • SKIDLESS and STRONG GRIP: 100% Microfiber, lint-free, ultra soft and comfortable, fast-dry, absorbent, antibacterial material. Sweating during yoga is inevitable, keep your sweaty hands and feet dry is essential for your safety. Syourself microfiber yoga mat towel can do this for you. Stay firmly in place, which allows you to fully focus your mind and body on the yoga practice. Spray your towel lightly with water at the beginning of your practice for best grip.
  • EYE-CATCHING: Beautiful vibrant colors, stand out from the crowd. Water based print inks, non-fade. Artsy design to add a happy element, motivation and enthusiasm, you could hardly wait to do yoga. Available in 4 trendy style. Really vibrant and eye-catching when you open it in yoga studio. Each style has its particular connotation, check and experience it now.
  • ANYWHERE With YOU: Lightweight, compact and foldable, come with unique microfiber travel bag make it easier to carry. Using this pouch as a phone bag, bottle sleeve or anything you want. Mat-length size, 72″ x 24″ is the perfect towel for most yoga mat, outdoors/ hot yoga/ meditation/ beach/ cape/ rest towel, blanket.
  • VERSATILITY: Add a protective layer between you and your mat, our hot yoga towel can protect your skin from the harm of bacteria in the sweaty yoga mat, protect the yoga mat, extend its lifespan. Don’t worry sweat your towel, our hot yoga towel is easy to wash, washing machine and tumble dry on low or simply hang dry. Fresh towel everyday.
  • BONUS: Your hot yoga towel come with a unique same style microfiber portable pouch, easy to carry and store. Luxury packaging, the latest popular gifts on anniversary, birthday, festival.