Square36 Extra Large Exercise Mat, 8 x 6-Feet

Square36 Cardio Black Label 8 ft x 6ft EXERCISE MAT

• Dimensions: 8 ft wide x 6 ft long x 6mm thick (96″ x 72″ x 1/4″)

FOR USE WITH SHOES. Created For Use With Intense Cardio Workout DVD Programs (Plyometrics, MMA, Aerobics, Cardio, Strength Training etc).

• Material top surface – natural rubber. Bottom surface – premium grade non-toxic foam. These mats are free from phthalates, latex & silicone. Toxin Free.

For Use On Carpet: We Recommend Carpet Anchor Rug-On-Carpet Anti-Slip Pads 12 Pack For Medium Pile Carpet

• Cardio Black Label 8 x 6 Weighs 28 lbs. Easily Mobile – Throw down in your living room and easily roll up to store.

• For Light Yoga: Flip the cardio mat over with the foam circular patterned side facing up. For serious yoga, we recommend the Square36 Yoga MAX 8′ x 6′ yoga mat.

• Please check out our newest line of Gray Matter Cardio Mats. These mats are made from the same proprietary cardio mat material as the Cardio Black Label Mats, but come in gray, and in alternate sizes to the black mats. This batch of Gray Matter mats is being sold at a significant discount based on a minor aesthetic defect. Click on “Sold By Square36” above to see all of our exercise mat products. The Gray Matter Cardio Mats come in 6’x5’x6mm and 6’x3’x6mm..

CUSTOMER SERVICE: We Are A Small, Family Run Company With Customer Service As Our Top Priority. If You Are Unsatisfied With Our Product Please Contact Us At info@square36.com Before Leaving A Review & We Will Do Our Best To Solve Any Issue You May Have.

•*PLEASE NOTE: This mat does have a break-in period. Please use the mat several times in order to break it in. The more you use it the better the traction will develop on the mat. Thank you for your patience in waiting to review the product until it has been fully broken in.

Product Features


    Can be used for everything from CARDIO WORKOUTS like P90X and Insanity, to DANCE WORKOUTS like Zumba, to HOME GYM WORKOUTS like KETTLE BELL, JUMPING ROPE or UNDER A PUNCHING BAG. 8ft x 6ft & 6mm Thick.


    Square36 manufactures the largest exercise mats in the world. If you’re working out at home, you need more space to maximize your workout. Our mats aren’t only the BIGGEST, they’re made with the best PREMIUM NON-TOXIC MATERIALS, and they’re backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturer’s defects.


    Square36 Cardio Black Label Mats are produced using the most advanced and sustainable methods possible. All of our mats are made using the absolute highest grade, least toxic premium materials available. Our mats are phthalate free, latex free, silicone free, and toxin free. We use our own products everyday, and have done our utmost to ensure Square36 mats are the absolute top quality, highest grade, premium exercise mats available on the market today.


    The Cardio Mat works great over concrete, tile, and protects hardwood and carpet. Perfect for living rooms, home gyms, basement or garage workouts. Roll out in living and easily roll up to store. Our mats are made from premium grade non-toxic high density foam and natural rubber that provides shock absorption, cushioning, and noise dampening specifically designed for home-based workouts. The top surface is made of natural rubber and can withstand vigorous movement.

  • IF YOU PLAN TO USE Square36 OVER CARPET we recommend the 12 pack of Carpet Anchors by Carpet Anchor available on Amazon. Carpet Anchors don’t work for every kind of carpet, but do considerably limit the mat from shifting. We recommend the 12 pack to create the maximum amount of traction possible against the carpet.

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