Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Now widely adopted on courses throughout the world, the prestigiousNutrition Society Textbook series provides students with thescientific basics in nutrition in the context of a systems anddisease approach rather than on a nutrient by nutrient basis. Inaddition books provide a means to enable teachers and students toexplore the core principles of nutrition and to apply thesethroughout their training to foster critical thinking at all times.

This NS Textbook on Sport and Exercise Nutrition has beenwritten to cover the latest information on the science and practiceof sport and exercise nutrition. A key concept behind this textbookis that it aims to combine the viewpoints of world leadingnutrition experts from both academia/research and a practical standpoint. Plus where necessary there are additional practitioner basedauthors to ensure theory is translated into practice for eachchapter in the form of either ‘practice tips’ or‘information sheets’ at the end of relevant chapters.

The textbook in essence can be divided into three distinct butintegrated parts:

  • Part 1: covers the key components of the science that supportsthe practice of sport and exercise nutrition includingcomprehensive reviews on: nutrients both in general and as exercisefuels; exercise physiology; hydration, micronutrients; andsupplements.
  • Part 2: moves into focusing on specific nutrition strategies tosupport different types of training including: resistance;power/sprint; middle distance/speed endurance; endurance;technical/skill, team; and specific competition nutritionneeds.
    The unique format of this textbook is that it breaks down nutritionsupport into training specific as opposed to the traditional sportspecific support. This reflects the majority of current sport andexercise requirements of the need to undertake concurrent trainingand therefore facilitating targeted nutrition support to thedifferent training components through the various macro and microtraining cycles.
  • Part 3: explores some of the practical issues encountered inworking in the sport and exercise nutrition field and includes keysport related topics such as: disability sport; weight management;eating disorders; bone and gut health; immunity; injury; travel;and special populations and situations.

READERSHIP: Students of nutrition and dietetics at bothundergraduate and postgraduate level. All those working in thefield of nutrition and related health sciences.

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  1. Sport and Exercise Nutrition for Kindle: The Incomplete Edition I bought the Kindle edition despite the other reviewers note that it is missing many figures. I wasn’t too concerned about missing figures as I don’t use them very often, but there is also missing text. Chapter 18, which focuses on eating disorders, is missing the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and eating disorders not otherwise specified. The kindle edition indicates that this material is also not available in the digital edition. I also don’t like that this book is…

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