RUSH ATHLETICS Speed Rope NEON Pink – Best for Boxing MMA Cardio Fitness Training – Speed Agility Condition – Adjustable 10ft Jump Rope Sold

SPEED, PRECISION, FEEL. Take your jump rope skills to a whole new level with the iconic Rush Athletics Speed Rope aka ‘THE MONEY ROPE’! This rope has been adored by thousands of followers on the RUSH ATHLETICS TV YouTube Channel. It’s built for all levels of skill; Offering superior speed, comfort and feel with it’s slick and durable design. It’s ideal for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those who just want to make cardio enjoyable again! The handles have been specifically designed to allow for tricks, smooth transitions and extra comfort during your jump rope routines. Whatever your goals, this rope will help you crush every workout! It’s no surprise why this has become one of the most sought after speed ropes in the market. Note: To get the most out of this rope, we recommend not using it on concrete or hard flooring. Check our Instagram @rush_athletics and YouTube Channel- Rush Athletics TV for more instruction on how to jump rope the slick way! Warranty details: Check for full details. However, for the avoidance of doubt, no refunds or exchanges will be available where: (1) Skipping ropes have been used; and (2) Skipping ropes have been damaged whilst in use. Check for more information on new products.

Product Features

  • Also known as ‘The Money Rope’: As seen on YouTube: RUSH ATHLETICS TV
  • 10ft (3.05m) Adjustable speed rope
  • 5mm thick vinyl pvc rope
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle design to allow superior control
  • Comes complete with instructions to help you get started

3 Replies to “RUSH ATHLETICS Speed Rope NEON Pink – Best for Boxing MMA Cardio Fitness Training – Speed Agility Condition – Adjustable 10ft Jump Rope Sold”

  1. It doesn’t last… == UPDATE after 20 days ==It’s brokenI’m disappointed. I’m not new to jumping rope. I used 15 min every other day. I took good care of it.This morning, during my warm up the rope broke.See picture… So sad… Well now I’m back to my Fitness Gear rope, which actually is cheaper than this Rush Athletics one, Fitness Gear will last forever_—————————————————Amazing rope!I’ve been jumping rope for a year, but only used it…

  2. Fantastic old school speed rope – beats my speed rope w/ weighted ball bearing grips any day Got my new speed rope the other day, and man did it make a difference. I’ve been working with a typical weighted grip/ball bearings rope, and there’s just no feedback from the rope. This one is old school fantastic. I’m not tripping over the rope anymore b/c I can’t feel where it is, and I’ve started in with cross-over jumps, which I could never get with the other rope. The yellow color makes it easy to see and I think seeing those flashes of yellow clicking by has helped my timing as well…

  3. It’s good. I like it Update: 05/01/2018 -After trying this rope, I do like it alot…I’ve ordered 3 more._____________________________________________It’s good. I like it…and I have, and have had, many ropes, at different price ranges, and a variety of styles and materials (from licorice ropes to Buddy Lee to Crossropes).The ONLY thing, I can see happening, is the PVC snapping or breaking where it wears against the handle.Now, fortunately, this isn’t a $50-100 rope, or even…

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