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Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap, XS-S

Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap, XS-S

Product Features

  • BUILT-IN MEMORY: Heart rate monitor stores 1 heart rate training session. Perfect for sports and activities where a wrist unit would be difficult to use.
  • GoPro COMPATIBLE: Pair your H10 heart rate sensor directly to the GoPro Hero 5 compatibility camera and overlay your heart rate data onto the recorded video.
  • UPDATEABLE FIRMWARE: Heart rate monitor contains firmware updates that enhance the functionality.
  • ENHANCED BATTERY LIFE: Polar watch stores 400 hours of operation time on a user replaceable
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Revised heart rate chest strap design provides the comfort and security needed when exercising.
  • Compatibility with iOS mobile devices iPhone 4S and later and Android mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capability and Android 4.3 or later
  • Building upon the legacy of Polar heart rate technology, the H10 is set to be the standard upon which consistent, accurate heart rate recording is based. Utilizing advanced materials and optimized construction, the H10 combines the latest in Bluetooth sma

3 Replies to “Polar H10 Heart Rate Monitor, Bluetooth HRM Chest Strap, XS-S”

  1. Real Improvement! I just received my new Polar H10 heart rate monitor. I have had for some time an H7 that was an outstanding monitor. However, it sometimes reported erratic heart rates, especially in the beginning of a training session. Most of the time it was pretty stable, but response improved when using an electrolytic gel that improved conductivity and its sensitivity. But false very high heart rates still were reported (much higher than my maximal heart rate). It’s hard to say if the improved sensitivity…

  2. Polar H10 Strap Sizes, I highly recommend Completely happy with it. I got the med-XXL size and though after contacting Polar for sizing to be sure it would fit, I have to adjust it to the reading material and I could really go over it but don’t want to hurt it. I measure at 75 cm. So here’s what Polar sent me on sizing as I couldn’t find this info at the time of my purchase with Amazon or on the Polar website.The H10 strap sizing is as follows:Available in sizes XS-S, M-XXL, and XXXL.XS-S: 51-66…