Monsta Gym Wear Classic Workout T-Shirt Black

Monsta Clothing Company presents a 100% Ring Spun Cotton T-Shirt for the serious athletes, bodybuilders, and gym rats. This Ultra-Soft Tee is the very same fashionable fit and feel you’ve come to love and expect from the Monsta Clothing brand at an economical price. This line of workout T’s features our signature locker label on the bottom of each shirt as our seal of authenticity, allowing you to truley go 100% BEAST in the gym without any concern of damaging artwork.

Product Features

  • Ultra-soft short-sleeve t-shirt
  • Fit: Athletic Fashion
  • Great For Training Or As Undershirt
  • Shrinkage: Will shrink some if put in the dryer
  • Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry for Best Long-Term Care

2 Replies to “Monsta Gym Wear Classic Workout T-Shirt Black”

  1. Very Nice Tee Shirt It is very hard to tell by the models the company uses how this shirt will actually fit a non-bodybuilder physique. I have an athletic build but I am not a body builder. I am 5’4″ and 146lbs. I purchased a medium. The shirt is cut specifically for the body builder but I personally think that it would be a very nice fitting shirt on a number of differing builds as long a your stomach is not the largest part of your upper anatomy. The shirt is not a mixed fabric but the quality of the…

  2. The shirt fits great out the package The shirt fits great out the package. It fits snug and enhances you figure. Unfortunately, out of habit, I threw it in the dryer like I do with most of my clothes and it shrunk, almost in a comical way. The length was shortened by at least 4 – 6 inches, which is a big disappointment. You may be better off ordering a size up and shrinking it, but it may still look odd considering how short it got for me. Maybe I’ll order a size up in the future but for now, I won’t buy another one and just use…

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