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Mayo Clinic Fitness for Everybody

Features an abundance of information on how to exercise safely and effectively by providing a custom program that is tailored to lifestyles, needs, medical problems, and age, and offering tips on choosing the right equipment, staying motivated, and much more. Reissue.

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  • Used Book in Good Condition

3 Replies to “Mayo Clinic Fitness for Everybody”

  1. Medical Theory from a Practical Point of View In the world of health and exercise this book really shines. There’s a complete run-down of how to monitor and improve your systemic health from diet to exercise, from psychology to aging.Practically laid out and extremely easy to understand, you’re told not only what is important, but *why* things are important. There is particularly deep focus on practical head-to-toes exercises and stretches; including detail on weight lifting, balance and plyometrics.Unless you…