j/fit Medicine Ball, Red/Black, 18-Pound

Soft outer core absorbs impact that allows for more explosive solo or partner training. Increase overall strength. Great for beginners and advanced users. The result of using a special combination of cotton, recycled cotton, sand and rubber in the inner core, ensures that the ball keeps its shape and remains balanced and durable.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty, triple stitched soft shell covering
  • Absorbs impact
  • All sizes are 14-Inch diameter and red/black color
  • Special construction allows ball to maintain balance and keep its shape
  • 6lb, 8lb, 10 lb,12lb,15 lb,18 lb,20 lb, 25 lb, and 30 lb sizes
  • Not intended for slamming exercises, please refer to j/fit Slam Ball for use

2 Replies to “j/fit Medicine Ball, Red/Black, 18-Pound”

  1. Nice Addition To My Home Gym First, let me get something out the way. For those complaining about the “poor quality” of this WALL ball and posting proof pictures and such, because it fell apart after you used it as a SLAM ball, well, therein lies your problem. It is a WALL ball – meant for tossing with people, up in the air and catching or or tossing to touch a target up on a wall – not a SLAM ball meant for use specifically for hard full body powered slams against a floor! The seller/manufacturer specifically says this is…

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