It’s All About the Bike: The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels

Robert Penn has saddled up nearly every day of his adult life. He rides to get to work, to bathe in air and sunshine, to travel, to go shopping, and to stay sane. He’s no Sunday pedal pusher. So when the time came for a new bike, he decided to pull out all the stops and build his dream machine.

It’s All About the Bike follows Penn’s journey, but this book is more than the story of his hunt for two-wheeled perfection. En route, Penn brilliantly explores the culture, science, and history of the bicycle. From the United Kingdom to California, via Portland, Milan, and points in between, his trek follows the serpentine path of our love affair with cycling. On the way to building the perfect bike, Robert Penn brilliantly explains why we ride.

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  1. A Dream Bike comes to life This is the story of a man who decided to build his Dream Bike after many years getting experience as a bicyclist. Interwoven with the main plot (the man traveling around the world to get the parts and components for his dream bike, and in the process visiting the factories and meeting the owners and some true personalities of the bike world) are remembrances of his lifelong adventures on the bike, which are astounding; a lot of interesting history (especially captivating: how the today…

  2. An Ode to Craftmanship Robert Penn decided to have a bicycle built to his own specifications and to fit him perfectly and wrote the book about that experience. He chose the components and then travelled to see them built by craftsmen in England and the United States. Along with an explanation of how he picked each component, he talked about the person who was creating that particular part for him and provided a history of that part. In the end, Penn has given us a history of the bicycle and the evolution of all its…

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