Grip Strength Training, 3-inch Hardwood Pull-Up Cannonballs – Ninja Warrior Climbing Holds & Crossfit Training, Set of 2

These 3-inch rock-climbing cannonball bombs are an incredible tool for power training and extreme grip strength. Work alternate-grip and rotating-grip pull-ups. Switch from pull-ups to chin-ups to biceps-pull-up without stopping. The naturally ergonomic design allows for open-handed training; grip over the top or pinch around the sides for increasing thumb strength.
These types of grips are often seen on American Ninja Warrior and other extreme obstacle courses. Compatible with Slackers Ninja Line. Weatherproof textured sealant makes them great for use outdoors too!

Great for:
Cross fit training
Gymnastics strength training
Power Training
Rock climbing grip strength
Obstacle race or American Ninja Warrior training

How to use:

Hang from nylon webbing or rope from pull up bar, swing set, monkey bars, rafters, tree, or anything else that will support the weight. Must be mounted with something compliant that allows cannonball bombs to rotate. This will prevent undue stress and twisting on the anchor. Of course any climbing hold should be used with caution. Please remain within your comfort level when training to prevent injury.


Grips: The grips are made of solid hardwood, textured, hand painted and coated with polyurethane.
Eyelets: Made or zinc plated solid steel, rated to 250 lbs working strength and tested to over 1,000 lbs!.

100% MADE IN THE USA. More specifically, the great state of Maine.

Product Features

  • EXTREME GRIP STRENGTH TRAINING – 3-inch solid hardwood balls for training rock-climbing grip strength, American Ninja Warrior training, Parkour, Crossfit, obstacle racing, Grappling and more.
  • WEATHERPROOF TEXTURED COMFORT GRIP – Light texture allows for no-slip grip but will not hurt your hands. Weather sealed for durability and outdoor use.
  • EASY TO USE by simply hanging from nylon webbing, quick draws, chain or rope.
  • COMPATIBLE with Slackers Ninja Line for American Ninja Warrior, rock climbing and Crossfit training
  • 100% Manufactured in the USA. Load tested to over 1,000 lbs! Please be sure to hang them from something that will adequately support your weight.

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