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Are You looking to overcome your workout limits and to get to the results you desire? Are You interested in a SHORTER and a more EFFICIENT TRAINING TIME?

Train with the GO4FIT workout mask! The gym mask will let you control your breathing by limiting the air supply your lungs receive resulting in higher pulmonary resistance and in stronger lung muscles.
The endurance mask simulates workout at high altitude and upgrades your training to a more intense, powerful and efficient routine. Trick your body to feel like training at a high altitude with the GO4FIT workout mask! Get more STAMINA, go beyond your limits, get the results you always wanted in less than half or your usual training time.

Why should you get your own GO4FIT workout mask?

  • BOOST your ENDURANCE to effort and RESISTANCE training
    – Receive your adjustable GO4FIT workout mask, equipped with 24 levels
    – Continuously train and adjust your resistance levels on the go, without taking off your mask.
    – High quality, premium sleeves
    – 100% money back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with our product
    – send us a message and get an answer back in less than 24 hours

    What are you losing in case you will not get your GO4FIT workout mask?

-You will get the same workout results, as always
-You will not improve your breathing
-You will continue to train at a low intensity
-You will continue to train in more time, with less results
-you will lose our special mask for training offer

Starting today you can train at the next level, so select your size and add to cart!

Product Features

  • MAGNIFY YOUR WORK OUT! Breathing is key for any sports: running, CrossFit, fitness, biking, boxing, football, rugby, cycling, basketball etc. Train your lung muscles with the GO4FIT workout mask for resistance training by simulating training in an oxygen deprived environment, CUTTING DOWN YOUR TRAINING TIME TO LESS THAN HALF OF THE USUAL, bringing you significantly better results.
  • 24 BREATHING LEVELS! The GO4FIT high altitude workout mask is made for You, regardless if you are a man, a woman, a beginner or an absolute master in your preferred sports activity. Our training altitude mask is equipped with 24 breathing levels. Switch between the levels without taking off your gym mask, ensure fitness continuity. Overcome your training limits, BE UNSTOPPABLE!
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR PREMIUM OFFER! We know how important sports activities are for You, that is why we designed our exercise mask offering with the best materials at the highest standards: high quality endurance mask with ultra-resistant sleeve, a practical and cool carrying case, 5 adjustable valves, followed by our instructions manual.
  • SIZES FOR ALL: For a perfect and comfortable fit of our altitude masks, we created 3 sizes: S – for people weighing less than 139 lb., M – 140 to 220 lb., L – more than 221 lb. Check which size fits you best and order now, until it’s not too late to achieve your athletic goals.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY, YOU CAN’T LOSE – our aim is to have 100% happy customers. REWARD YOURSELF with the GO4FIT workout mask and increase your stamina every time you use it.


  1. Impressive mask I am a marathoner and always wanted to try one of these masks and I did not make a terrible choice with this mask. It has 24 levels and is quite impressive how hard is to run with the highest level. If you are a beginner in using this mask, then start with a lower level because you will have hard time breathing just like me. I expect to improve my lungs muscle and to have better results overtime.Overall, the mask looks good, great quality, and very easy to use. Also, it provides a…