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FDBRO Workout Mask-Sports Mask Fitness,Running, Resistance,Elevation,Cardio,Endurance Mask for Fitness Training Mask 3.0 with Carry Box (Jungle CAMO, S)

FDBRO Sports Mask is an innovative performance breathing device that strengthens the respiratory muscles and improves breathing mechanics via the patented NXT FORC3 air flow system. Use the FDBRO Sports Mask as a key part of your conditioning program to achieve unparalleled stamina boost endurance and maximize recovery to take your fitness to a whole new level.

Product Features

  • 【WHY YOU NEED】: Breathing is always the key; whether you’re a veteran of an active lifestyle or you’ve recently discovered the benefits of a proper workout, you know by now that when it comes to sports, breathing is an essential part of your success. Take your fitness, sport and game to the next level by adding the Training Mask into your workout routine today.
  • 【SIX LEVELS OF RESISTANCE】: Change the intensity of your breathing without removing your mask during your workout. This training mask comes with a 6-level valve system, from light to extreme, depending on your endurance. Better breathing while training leads to increased stamina, workout capacity, and enhanced recovery.
  • 【DURABLE & RELIABLE】: Exercise mask is made from high quality ultra durable construction. Made with sturdy elastic straps and It’s super easy to wash,you are able to remove the mask from the strap so you can clean just the mask or the strap from any residue/sweat from a workout.
  • 【BENEFITS】: You can take deeper breaths during your workout which doesn’t tire you as quickly and make you feel more productive. Increased growth hormone will help you burn more fat, build more muscle, and recover faster after a tough workout.
  • 【SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】: Order Now with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee