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Exercises for Healthy Joints: The Complete Guide to Increasing Strength and Flexibility of Knees, Shoulders, Hips, and Ankles

Don’t Let Joint Pain Dominate Your Life

As an increasing number of people are living longer, joint pain is becoming more common. However, exercise can play an integral role in promoting joint health by strengthening cartilage and ligaments. Even low-impact exercise can help to prevent joint pain. Exercise is a natural way to keep joint pain and arthritis in check at any age, and studies suggest that implementing exercise later in life can drastically reduce one’s chance of developing joint-related pain.

Exercises for Healthy Joints shows you how to avoid joint pain through physical activity. You’ll also learn about the causes of different types of joint pain and, if exercise is not enough, which surgeries may be necessary for different joint-related issues. Loss of muscle mass, bone, and flexibility does not have to be part of your aging process, and Exercises for Healthy Joints will show you how to remain active and healthy longer.

Exercises for Healthy Joints also includes:
* Clear pictures of safe and effective exercises
* Detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise
* New research concerning long-term joint health and the benefits of exercise
* Overview of joint anatomy and types of joint pain
* A training log to track progress

Exercises for Healthy Joints features easy-to-follow sequences designed for the home or the gym with minimal equipment. It is an essential health reference guide.

3 Replies to “Exercises for Healthy Joints: The Complete Guide to Increasing Strength and Flexibility of Knees, Shoulders, Hips, and Ankles”

  1. Not particularly useful Instead of this, get a book by Dale Anderson or Robin McKenzie.This ” book” is only 108 pages long, despite its stated description as being much longer. After the 108 useless pages, there are additional pages describing the authors and their other books for sale. Another ten pages are blank, allegedly for readers to make ” Notes.” Disgraceful.There is nothing in this book on elbows, which was one reason I purchased it. Shoulders are dealt with briefly, to my…

  2. Nothing about ankles! Just received this book today. I ordered it specifically because it’s titled “Exercises for healthy joints. The complete guide to increasing strength and flexibility of knees, shoulders, hips and *ankles*”. I have stiff ankles and have not found any book on ankle problems. There are 8 lines of very superficial information about the structure of ankles and on another page there is one single exercise where ankles are *mentioned*, “lateral lunge with shoulder press, feel it here: hips, kneels,…

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