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  • 90 Gym Workouts for Women: Daily Record Journal for Gym Training Fitness Exercise Cardio & Strength Workouts Log Book and Progress Tracker Notebook … Weight Loss Healthy Planner Diary) (Volume 4)

    Gym Log Book / Gym Workout Log Book / Gym Training Log / Fitness Journal / Exercise Log Book

    90 Day Challenge Gym Exercise Book are like to-do lists, they are easy to start.
    Includes Sections for
    – Section for tracking progress daily and monthly. Setting your goal and recording present height, weight and body measurements.
    – 90 pages for daily log gym fitness and cardio. Record for date / time / sleep / water / calories / weight / today’s focus / Workout planns with accurate set, reps, wgt./ Cardio planns with type, min., pace, heart rate, cals. burned / Feeling.
    – 7 Blank note pages for extra information.
    Ideal for everyone such as woman, men, teen, who love exercise, diet, worikout exercise, Bodybuidint diet, gym fitness exercise and more
    Pocket size 6 x 9 Inches, 110 Pages
    Keeping a log of your exercise will help you to identify what is working and what you need to change within 3 monthes.
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  • Home Strength Training for Young Athletes

    Home Strength Training for Young Athletes is the first at home strength training video for young athletes. Designed for athletic kids between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age, this video and flashcard set will teach parents, coaches, and health providers how to strength train young athletes at home.

    All you need is a set of dumbbells and a motivated young athlete, this self explanatory video and workout is led by nationally known sports medicine physician Dr. Jordan Metzl ( Produced in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics, this video will teach you how to keep your athletes on the field and out of the doctor’s office. A must have for the families of any athletic kids and teens, this video will make prevention and performance enhancement fun, easy, and safe.”

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    • Used Book in Good Condition

  • Weight Training: Steps to Success – 3rd Edition (Steps to Success Sports Series)

    Take the guesswork out of strength training and understand the details of proper technique, weight loads, and reps. The no-nonsense approach of Weight Training, Third Edition: Steps to Success has guided more than 175,000 readers to their strength training goals, step by step—and it will do the same for you!

    You will develop through a thorough, progressive approach to strength training with either free weights or machines. Learn which exercises target what muscles and how to perform each one correctly and safely. Then determine the amount of weight and the number of repetitions and sets that you should lift in order to achieve your objectives. Finally, develop a workout and program that fit your interests and training preferences.

    Whether your goal is improving muscular endurance, building strength, increasing muscle mass, toning, or enhancing body composition, Weight Training, Third Edition: Steps to Success will help you achieve it. With more than 30 exercises explained and illustrated, along with guidance on how to approach introductory workouts and create a tailored training program, it’s no wonder this is the book thousands of strength training enthusiasts use to get the most out of their workouts.

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  • Paleo Fitness: A Primal Training and Nutrition Program to Get Lean, Strong and Healthy

    Winner of the Paleo f(x) Award: Best Fitness Book Category 2015


    The best way to get a strong, lean physique is to eat and work out the way nature intended. Paleo Fitness guides you through the fitness and exercise plan anthropological evidence has proven to be the most efficient, healthiest way to live–work out in the real world, for the real world. A healthy, athletic physique is as easy as tuning in to how your body evolved. This book shows how to work out with functional, playful, and primal movements for:

    * improved strength, speed & stamina
    * greater mobility & flexibility
    * life-long fitness & good health

    Packed with step-by-step exercises, a two-week meal plan and delicious, satisfying, healthy
    recipes, Paleo Fitness helps you use the high-intensity methods proven to increase fitness in the shortest possible time.

    Product Features

    • Used Book in Good Condition

  • The Yoga of Jesus: Understanding the Hidden Teachings of the Gospels (Self-Realization Fellowship)

    In this remarkable book, Paramahansa Yogananda reveals the hidden yoga of the Gospels and confirms that Jesus, like the ancient sages and masters of the East, not only knew yoga but taught this universal science of God-realization to his closest disciples. Compiled from the author’s highly praised two-volume work, The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, this insightful and compact book transcends the centuries of dogma and misunderstanding that have obscured the original teachings of Jesus, showing that he taught a unifying path by which seekers of all faiths can enter the kingdom of God. Topics include:
    •The lost years of Jesus in India
    •The ancient science of meditation: how to become a Christ
    •The true meaning of baptism.

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