Etronic M6 Resettable Combination Lock Bike Cable, 6-Feet x 3/8-Inch, Black

From the manufacturer the Etronic security bike lock M6 self coiling resettable combination lock bike cable lock with ultra high cable performance is a perfect solution for protecting your bicycle, ATV or other valuables against theft. And conveniently it comes with one handy solution, resettable combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. The protective coating helps prevent scratching and the flexible braided steel cable for strong cut resistance. The cable is 6′ (1.85M) long, large enough to lock up ladders, bikes, gates, fences, grills, tool boxes and other items that need to be secured.

Product Features

  • Set-your-own password combination bike cable lock. Resettable combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience. Easy to set & reset
  • Ultra high cable performance. Braided steel cables for strong cut resistance
  • Protective vinyl Coating helps prevent scratching
  • Ideal for bicycle lock, combination lock, cable lock, Skateboards, sports Equipment, Gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, tools, tool boxes & ladders
  • 6′ (1.85M) long x 3/8 inch (10mm) Diameter. Bike lock mounting bracket included for easy transportation

3 Replies to “Etronic M6 Resettable Combination Lock Bike Cable, 6-Feet x 3/8-Inch, Black”

  1. Great value and 6 ft. length is enought to lock my bike on trunk rack securely.. This is a great lock set. I didn’t need a lock to secure a bike all day in front of my work in the Bronx or anything, just something to secure riding around my small towns and rural areas to lock up going in for a bite or shopping etc. This fits the bill, PLUS I wanted something with longer length to secure my bike on the trunk hang-style bike rack I have. I can run this cable with it’s 6 ft. length around the trunk lid support and it is thin enough that the trunk closes over it and it’s just…

  2. Very Happy with lock. Bracket is waste of time. Nice easy to use lock. I would give it 5 stars, but really wanted to keep it on the bike without having to store in a bike bag. I only keep a smaller bag for needed tools (BV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag / Seat Bag). SO, having a useless bracket is a big deal to me. Maybe not to you … so …Very easy to use combination spinners.. easy to see numbers, nice all aroundThe frame mount bracket is a joke. Don’t even bother with it – IMHO. The bracket is entirely plastic…

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