Coospo ANT+ Bluetooth Technology Wireless Waterproof Fitness Tracker Speed or Cadence Sensor

Why You Need A Bike Speed & Cadence Sensor?
For cyclists, it’s important to master your own cadence, and a stable cadence is the foundation of scientific cycling. Helps cyclists get a better energy output power ratio.

Switch Sensor Mode:
Through reseting battery to switch mode between speed and cadence sensor. Please kindly note that the blue light indicates cadence detection and the red light indicates speed detection.

Product Features

  • With high performance ultra-low-power 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer, accuracy recognition and logging your cycling data without external magnet parts.
  • Track your cycling speed, cadence and distance through wireless transmisson. Save your ride data in real time.
  • Waterproof grade IP67, enjoy your cycling every day in all weather.
  • With antiseismic precautions, our bike speed and cadence sensor accompany you on bumpy road. Let you know more about your cycling data, enjoy efficiently exercise.
  • Easy to install. Simply attach the sensor and ride. NOTE: Please understand that this could not track your speed or cadence SIMULTANEITY.

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