Concept2 Model D with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Black

Concept2 sets the standard for rowing. Our commercial-grade rowing machines are the choice of boathouses, National Team athletes, and gyms worldwide. The same Model D is suitable for home use.

Product Features

  • Low impact workout that engages all major muscle groups; work legs, core and arms with a smooth, high calorie-burning motion
  • Track your progress with real-time reliable data; the Performance Monitor 5 (included) self-calibrates for comparable results; connect wirelessly to heart rate belts and apps (not included)
  • Designed to fit most users: 14-inch seat height, adjustable footrests and ergonomic handle
  • Separates easily into two pieces for storage; caster wheels make it mobile; easy to assemble with only eight screws
  • Space recommended for use is 9 x 4 feet; 500-pound user capacity; 5-year frame warranty included.Seat Height:14 inches

2 Replies to “Concept2 Model D with PM5 Performance Monitor Indoor Rower Rowing Machine Black”

  1. This machine may save my life I’m a former marathon runner who now has severe arthritic pain in both knees. Even walking long distances hurts. I transitioned to an elliptical machine, which was better, but still leaves me with some pain as there is still some weight bearing. I’d stopped exercising for the last few years, and have watched my weight balloon and my health start to decline. I’m so out of shape that housework and even climbing a flight of stair leaves me out of breath. I’m about 5’10” and a depressing…

  2. Concept2 Model D has advantages over BodyCraft VR500 After much research I bought the Concept2 Model D rower. Now I am very glad I did.I was comparing the following machines* Concept2 Model D ($900)* Concept2’s Model E ($1100) which is higher off the groundand probably Concept2’s strongest competitor on quality (but not price)…* BodyCraft VR500 (listed for $1900, usually on sale for $1500-1600)Also high off the ground like the Model E, and with a long monorail (both Concept2 models D…

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