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Champion Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt, Honorable Blue, 3X Large

For more than 90 years, Champion athletic wear has outfitted athletes in authentic athletic apparel before, during and after the game.

Product Features

  • Ring-spun cotton fabric for extra softness
  • Athletic fit for comfort
  • Narrow collar for a more modern fit
  • Left chest ‘c’ logo and c patch on sleeve

2 Replies to “Champion Men’s Classic Jersey T-Shirt, Honorable Blue, 3X Large”

  1. Not the Old Champion you are probably looking for OK, if you are like me and are trying to find those awesome Champion t-shirts that you have had for years, this is definitely NOT that shirt. I think I got mine, years ago, at Sam’s Club so I came on here to get more. The old shirts were made of nice, thick cotton with a great fitting neck and a strong collar. The collar on this shirt is non-existent (See Pics). The I am 6’2″ and 270lbs (I like to think all muscle but I am kidding myself) and the old shirts fit perfectly. I do have…

  2. trendy “skinny fit” more important than actual correct sizing. So sick of the idiots that are trying to make everything fit the trendy looks. I’m fat. this is why I need a workout shirt that is 2XL, so when I receive a shirt that is stretchy and tight against my stomach like it is a medium and the chest is loose and flapping like a sail because some idiot actually thinks that the “tight” look on fat people is desirable, it really makes me question what kind of idiots are running the show.This shirt is NOT what is expected and will be…