Boxing Reflex Ball ,New Design With Head Band and Boxing Gloves Great for Training to Improve Reactions and Speed.Morgiana Punching Training Ball is Design for Training and Fitness .

Colour:Chinese red

Package included:

moisture wicking head band X1

Ball X1

Imported elastic string X1

Boxing gloves X2

Instruction manual X1

Materials: PUF

Training Method:

1.Hit the ball form the left lower inclined side first and then switcch to the other side .Keep it going and repeat,

if you feel too difficuty ,please wear the gloves to hit it .

2.When you are familiar with the inculined side ,you can try the parallel side to hit the ball gradually .


1.Wear the headband on your head properly.

2.Cut the elastic string and make sure the length equal to your arm length.

3.Tie up the string length.

4.The extra string can be resever for further use .

Want to strengthen your boxing skills?

Want to improve your coordination, focus and speed?

Want to stay in shape, or stay fat?

Here what you need – Boxing Reflex Ball!

It will be hard to control at first, so you need to practice more.

You can use the power you use to determine the rhythm of the ball

and determine the next position of the ball,

If you’re new, start with a slower, less sharp hit to avoid hitting your face.

The more you train, the better you will become,

and eventually everything will be in your control. You’re a general, the ball is a soldier!

This fun game is sure to burn a lot of calories!

No photoshop – Win Good figure!

Buy it, you might be the next Muhammad Ali .

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Product Features

  • IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – Exercise is good for your body. You build muscles while increasing your stamina. Boxing this reflex ball is a good alternative for a gym. It will influence all muscle groups.Let you enjoy the fun of boxing in your spare time. It can greatly mobilize every muscle in your body and make you energetic in your work and life.
  • IMPROVE YOUR REACTION SKILL – While using this fight ball reflex punch exercise, your reaction skills will be improved. Besides, it improves The training response ability, coordination force, visual dynamic training response ability, precision strike.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE-Easy to carry and can be used in different occasions,In the home. In the office. In the open air etc. you can take this Morgiana boxing training ball with you anywhere, perfectly fit into your pocket or backpack.simply adjust the headband and you’re ready for your daily workout!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PEOPLE!- Man or woman, teenager or child…it doesn’t matter! Morgiana boxing training ball not only suitable for boxing, MMA and other combat sports boxing, but also can used to coordination and reflex ability improve.It’s an interesting game release the pressure from this moment.
  • 100% SATISFACTION OR REFUND! – Morgiana professional sports equipment, in order to give you a better customer experience, we support it with a 100% refund guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with it! At the same time, we also believe that our product quality can get your satisfaction.

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  1. This thing is amazing. I love it. The size and weight of the ball is OK. Bright color also is pleasant for me. The ball can be hard on knuckles so wraps may be needed for some people. Definitely helps with hand eye coordination. It works well either I bounce the ball on the ground or out in front of me. Moreover, it even exceeded my expectation. Especially I like that I can not only make different exercises with it. I could get rid of my negative emotions or anger, when hitting the ball. It…

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