Bionic Women’s Cross-Training Full Finger Gloves, Gray/Purple, Medium

Bionic Women’s full-finger cross training fitness gloves were designed by a hand specialist with patented technology that helps your grip and provides hand comfort when performing cross training activities. The strategically-placed anatomical relief pads give you a better grip with less effort, helping you focus on the muscle groups you’re working and preventing blisters and calluses that could interfere with training.

Product Features

  • PREVENT FATIGUE AND INCREASE STRENGTH – PATENTED ANATOMICAL PAD RELIEF SYSTEM AND GENUINE LEATHER PALM – Strategically placed relief pads even out the surface of your hand displacing the pressure from your workout.
  • GET THE PERFECT GRIP – PATENTED DESIGN – The Bionic Glove pre-rotated finger design adapts to your hand’s natural curving motion. This patented design gives you a more effortless and comfortable grip that allows you to power through any workout.
  • DON’T SWEAT IT – PERSPIRATION MANAGEMENT – Wipe away sweat with The PolytowelTM thumb and reach your goal. The terrycloth pads inside the gloves are strategically placed in high risk areas to manage your perspiration. Machine wash no bleach, air dry.
  • KEEP A COOL HAND – MAXIMUM BREATHABILITY – By using the premium material Cool-OnTM for the back of the glove and Lycra® between the fingers and flexion zones, these gloves offer maximum breathability and flexibility for your workout.
  • DURABLE – The Genuine leather palm gives this glove a long lifespan, no matter how many reps you put them through

2 Replies to “Bionic Women’s Cross-Training Full Finger Gloves, Gray/Purple, Medium”

  1. Just ok Wanted a full glove for my workouts. The half finger gloves were digging in to my fingers on some exercise machines. Especially pull downs. These gloves are ok but don’t have enough padding for me and the arthritis in my hands. The small padded areas that are on the fingers will pinch when gripping or doing a push up on a bar or a pull down. Would be better to have padding on whole of fingers and palm. The tips of the fingers are shaped for someone who has long fingernails which I don’t so the…

  2. I had a pair of Bionic gloves before – a different “model”, but the fabric on the fingers began to split and needed replacing. I have joint pain in my fingers, and fingerless gloves don’t help during my Bodypump classes. I got a Medium in this model, and it was pretty tight and felt like it was giving me blisters (but I didn’t actually get blisters) after the first use. I tried again, and I guess they had stretched a little, because they felt better. I like them now, and will buy more…

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