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Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles

Babiators Submariners swim goggles have dropped anchor. Submariners are built for underwater adventure and exploration. With comfortable fit, easy strap adjustment, and no-leak design, your child will be one happy water baby.

Product Features

  • Flexible, no-leak frames are especially designed for the comfort of little swimmers ages 3+; Anti-fog and shatter-resistant lenses provide 100% UV protection
  • Easy strap adjustment button makes fitting the goggles hassle-free and high-quality silicone gasket and strap make these goggles able to last through summer’s adventures
  • Guaranteed: If you lose or break your Babiators in the first year, Babiators replace them for free. All you pay is shipping.

3 Replies to “Babiators Submariners Swim Goggles”

  1. … enough to fit a one year old who swims like a fish but has a terrible reaction to chlorine I have probably spent over $100 on different goggles trying to find a pair that would be small enough to fit a one year old who swims like a fish but has a terrible reaction to chlorine. None fit as well as these do. They are easy to adjust and the soft flexible molding around the frame makes a seal to keep even the tiniest drops of water out. Not only that, but the soft molding doesn’t dig into his little face like the hard framed goggles do, so he is much more comfortable in them and wears…

  2. Great fit and increased confidence in the water! I have had quite a bit of trouble with goggles on my daughter. These are by far the best I have found. They allowed her to feel more comfortable in the water and her performance in swim lessons improved immediately with these. They require goggles for her lessons and previous ones we have used leaked or fit poorly. The …

  3. Haven’t tested them in the water yet but, so far, they seem good. They fit my 7 year old son and my 4 year old daughter. I even tried them on my face and they seem to suction on pretty tightly so I’m hopeful they’ll keep the water out. I knocked off 1 star because the description states: “Each pair arrives in an awesome submarine case that kids can use in the pool, bathtub, or at the beach.” I ordered 2 pairs – 1 blue & 1 pink – and neither came with the submarine case or any case at…

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