Fit Spirit Premium Printed Yoga Mat Purple Swirl 3mm

A great grab-and-go accessory for your yoga practice, Fit Spirit’s PVC Portable Yoga Mat is the only durable and easily accessible yoga companion you will need. A perfect ally for the on-the-go user ranging from beginner to advanced, this portable mat defines safety and comfort in one natural roll. Simply fold or roll your mat to bring both comfort and ease along with you on your fitness journey. Available in a wide selection of unique and inspiring designs.

Your Fit Spirit yoga mat is made to transform your daily movement and way of life while improving your physical aesthetic. Just as maintaining your health should be a part of your lifestyle, so should maintaining the products you use to support your health. To continue using your mat to the best of its ability, we encourage you to perform simple routine maintenance to keep your mat in pristine condition. The positive energy you give to it will channel back to you during your practice.

Gently wipe your mat down with a wet cloth or mild cleaning liquid. Allow your mat to air dry. Roll your mat with the fabric facing outwards to keep the corners of the mat flat.

Product Features

  • Package Includes: 1 – Purple Swirl 72″ x 24″ x 3MM PVC Workout Yoga Mat
  • Free from toxic phthalates and heavy metals
  • Ultra light weight and thin construction for easy accessibility and packaging
  • Designed with protective material that allows for liquid dispersion to reduce slipping
  • Perfect for on-the-go use with compact and easy to use fold or roll assembly

Hylaea Yoga Socks for Women, Toeless Non Slip Grip Socks for Pilates, Ballet, Barre, Bikram, Studio, Workout (Black/Gray/Fushia-5, One size)

We just make more concentrate on Quality & Beauty.

Product Information:
Name: Toeless Non-slip Women Socks for Yoga, Pilates, Ballet or aerobics exercise
Material Type: 82.5% combed cotton, 13.6% polyester, 3.9% binding cloth
Washing: Hand Wash and Machine Wash

* This toeless yoga socks are made of high quality and eco-friendly material – light, durable and breathable.
* The transparent anti skid dots on the bottom are elasticity, no oil stain and stronger friction. Even after multi-uses and washes, the grips still stick and not fall off.
* Five toe separated can fast relief of beriberi and prevent athlete¡¯s foot effectively.
* The toeless design for better tactile feel and balance, move and spread naturally, increase the flexibility of your toes and sensitivity.

About Hylaea:
Hylaea are high quality socks that you will want to wear over and over again.
Our innovative socks for barefoot activities such as Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Martial Arts and more, allow your toes to roam free while keeping your soles dry and clean.
Hylaea are designed with anti-slip grip sole and reliable arch support to help you and your feet build confidence while exercising, without giving up the barefoot sensation of freedom and balance.

Product Features

  • Toeless Yoga Socks: Exposed toes can feel from the floor, retaining the barefoot sensation, for better tactile feel and balance
  • Five Toes Separated: Keep each toe separated to wick moist away, leaving no space for fungi. Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, ballet, aerobics, barre, etc
  • Better Material: Made of Combed Cotton, better effect in Sweat Absorption and more comfortable than normal cotton (82.5% combed cotton, 13.6% polyester, 3.9% binding cloth). The silicone gel grips on the bottom import from Korea, providing a absolutely effective anti-skid surface
  • Hygienic Protection: Eco-friendly Yoga socks, keep your feet dry and help prevent contacting with other bacteria or unclean surfaces
  • If not 100% satisfied with the purchase, you may return it within 30 days and receive a full refund or replacement

Yoga Cloud Ultra-Thick 1″ Yoga and Exercise Mat with Shoulder Sling by Crown Sporting Goods (Blue)

If downward facing dog is causing aches in your wrist and elbows, or camel pose is creating tension in your knees and hips, then this yoga cloud by Crown Sporting Goods is the solution. Made with high-density foam, this mat is 1-thick. That’s 4 times thicker than a traditional yoga mat, allowing you to comfortably exercise on surfaces with minimal shock absorption. Its ridged texture creates a no-slip, moisture-resistant surface, so you can safely practice yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises without slipping or sliding. It’s even great for physical therapy and strengthening injured joints. This pad measures 72″ x 24″ and includes a shoulder sling carrying strap, making it easy to take with you wherever you exercise. It’s available in a variety of colors: black, pink, blue, and red.

Why You’ll Love It:

Exercising on surfaces with a high level of shock absorption is vitally important for the health of your joints. Unfortunately, these types of flooring can be difficult to come by at home, the gym and outside. Using a high-density mat during your workout, provides that extra cushion to your hands, wrists, elbows, knees, hips and back, that most floors aren’t equipped for. The extra cushion is not only great for safely strengthening weak joints, but also preventing future injuries and mitigating common pains suffered by yogis of any level.

Product Features

  • Ultra-thick 1-inch yoga mat by Crown Sporting Goods
  • High density foam is 4 times thicker than a traditional yoga mat to protect joints
  • Includes no-slip ridges and a moisture-resistant surface for a safe and comfortable workout
  • Measures 72″ long and 24″ wide. Perfect for physical therapy and cushioning weak joints
  • Great for yoga, Pilates and other floor exercises that can be tough on joints

Healing Yoga: Proven Postures to Treat Twenty Common Ailments—from Backache to Bone Loss, Shoulder Pain to Bunions, and More

“To many of his patients [Dr. Fishman] is a miracle worker.”―Jane E. Brody, New York Times

Healing Yoga unites medical knowledge with the practice of yoga to help treat twenty common conditions, including headache, weight gain, the common cold, scoliosis, PMS, stress, depression, and eight different types of back pain. Dr. Fishman shares techniques he has invented, refined, and validated with thousands of patients, including detailed pose instructions and accompanying photographs. He walks readers through not only healing but also diagnosis of specific medical conditions, especially back pain, when there is more than one source of trouble. Suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis, this book is an at-home guide to a renowned doctor’s expertise. 170 photographs

Product Features

  • Healing Yoga Proven Postures to Treat Twenty Common Ailments From Backache to Bone Loss Shoulder Pain to Bunions and More

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Yoga & Psyche: Integrating the Paths of Yoga and Psychology for Healing, Transformation, and Joy

Has yoga improved your health and expanded your awareness—but emotional and relationship issues continue to challenge you? Or, have you found psychotherapy helpful, yet yearn for further spiritual discovery?

With Yoga & Psyche, Mariana Caplan explores these two domains of transformation and how they complement each other, laying the groundwork for a new merging of the two.

“When we bring together yoga and psychology,” writes Caplan, “possibilities for growth are awakened within one’s body, deep psyche, and spirit. Together they form a seamless weave of insights and practices that are applicable in the yoga studio, therapy room, or amid the rush of daily events.”

Through original research, clinical findings, Caplan’s own experiences, and many practices, Yoga & Psyche takes us on an in-depth exploration of this emerging terrain.

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Reehut (1-PC) Yoga Block, 9″x6″x4″ – High Density EVA Foam Block to Support and Deepen Poses, Improve Strength and Aid Balance and Flexibility – Lightweight, Odor Resistant(Purple)

Effortlessly Enhance Your Yoga Workouts!

Yoga is a great way to relax, increase blood flow and support a healthy lifestyle. But for
those who are new to stretching, yoga can be difficult or uncomfortable. Even those who
have been practicing for years may struggle to master certain poses.

With a pair of Yoga Blocks from Reehut, the benefits of staying active are accessible to
users of all fitness levels! Fun and easy to use, our foam bricks provide the support needed
to elongate poses, deepen stretches and improve strength. Used regularly, they help aid
overall balance and flexibility while enhancing posture and alignment.

To offer incredible value, your purchase will include 1 block, measuring 9″x6″x4″.
And because they are lightweight and ideal for travel, they are great at home, in the studio or
anywhere in between! Regardless of how intense your workouts may be, our odor-free
blocks won’t grow bacteria. They’re non-absorbent, moisture-proof and available in 8
stylish colors!

How can we make our blocks firm, yet comfortable? The secret is Reehut foam! This durable,
long lasting material provides you with the support you need, but remains soft. They are also
slip-resistant and feature rounded edges for the perfect grip.

Why Choose Our Yoga Blocks?

  • Provide stretching support
    – Great for yoga or meditation
    – Lightweight and portable
    – Available in 8 colors

Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Order Your Yoga Bricks Now and Get the Support You Need!

Product Features

  • Package Includes: 1 Piece Yoga Block 9″x6″x4″. 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. Non-slip even sweat.
  • Lightweight, high-density and sturdy foam for long-lasting durability.
  • Beveled edges provides soft grip. Moisture-proof material keeps bacterial away.
  • Deepens, elongate your stretches and aligns your posture perfectly, fit for all fitness levels.
  • Perfect for on-the-go, in the studio, or at home use.