Yoga Poses for Kids Cards (Deck One)

Learn and practice 25 yoga poses for kids! Mix-and-match twenty five yoga poses for kids with twenty five illustrated keywords (categories are Travel, Earth, People, and Animals). Pose index and pose instructions included. Target age group: Fun for all ages.

Product Features

  • Fun, active way to learn yoga poses for kids through yoga card games
  • 57 cards: 1 title card, 1 index card, 5 instruction cards, 25 pose cards, and 25 matching keyword cards
  • 3″ x 5″ with round corners
  • Full Color Yoga Cards for Kids
  • Recommended for ages 3 to 100

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Yoga Therapy as a Creative Response to Pain

Supporting yoga therapists to create a programme of care for those living with chronic pain, this guide brings pain science, creativity and yoga together for the first time. It includes the emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual in its definition of pain and acknowledges there that is no simple physical ‘fix’. The book offers advice on creating an environment that restores hope and meaning to clients, and on building a successful business by creating a community of support. Matt Taylor’s blend of creativity and yoga came from his own chronic spine pain as a physical therapist and his discovery of yoga therapy which led to his yoga-based rehabilitation clinic.

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Yoga 4 Love Tools for Mind, Body and Spirit: For a Holistic Lifestyle

Expanding Horizons, Inspiring Positive Change

Welcome to the much needed instruction manual for those who are ready to delve deeper into a personal practice of yoga, meditation and spirituality.

Experience a strong connection to the Divine Feminine through this book which has arisen from a desire to bring the ancient teachings of the goddess within to people of the 21st century.

The depth and simplicity of traditional and new teachings are appropriate rather you are new to yoga or an advanced practitioner.

Learn yogic philosophy while gaining personal growth. Receive guidance and wisdom with teachings written straight from Spirit.

The tools offered are written to read straight through, or utilize each lesson independently. It’s like having a personal life coach right at your fingertips!

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Danskin Women’s Sleek Fit Yoga Crop Pant, Black, 1X

Our sleek fit yoga crop pant is perfect for yogis of all levels. Meditate n’ move in this chic and easy design featuring forward side seams for added style. A super pick for mat work and more.

Product Features

  • Cropped yoga pant with wide waistband featuring small logo placed at left hip
  • Forward side seams
  • Inseam: 21″
  • This is a yoga crop pant, it is a straight fit and not meant to be tight at the knee

Life, Yoga and Cancer: Lessons from the Battlefield

You can be Victorious in the Battle of Life! Life is the arena. You could call it a battlefield or a stage as well. It is the environment in which we experience our existence as human beings. It comes with an incredibly diverse set of rules, regulations, and scenery. This depends on the location, culture, and many other factors into which we are born, and are seemingly out of our control. Life comes with objectives and obstacles, allies and opponents, challenges, rewards, and punishments. All the qualities of a game or a battle. And all those qualities exist on three primary levels: physical, mental, and spiritual. Yoga is the Ally and Weapon Available to You There are means and methods available to help manage and improve our chances in the arena. An arsenal of tools and weapons if you will. Physical assets to help the body, such as health, strength, energy, and endurance. Mental/emotional qualities such as focus, clarity, calmness, persistence and compassion. Spiritual qualities built mostly around relationships and the quality of them on the three levels. To the practicing yogi, those tools and weapons are yoga itself. Not only the physical exercise, which is a relatively small aspect of yoga but the entirety of yoga. It is an ancient science that was created to relieve human suffering. The Opponents in the Three Realms – Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Life can inflict many fierce opponents and enemies on us. There are physical scenarios such as injury and illnesses. There are the mental and emotional trials such as depression, addiction, anxiety, and destructive behavior. Through these constant distractions, the spirit suffers. As an example of one of these types of opponents I have chosen cancer, however, this book is not about cancer specifically. That section gives an idea of the depth of research required to effectively deal with life’s significant challenges. This would be the same approach to any of the severe problems we encounter. It is the approach of Sun Tsu in The Art of War. You must know the enemy very well. With that said, the section on cancer could be considered a valuable primer on the fundamentals of the disease. It is presented in an easy to understand way and is useful knowledge to possess. Every person I know has been influenced by cancer either directly or indirectly, and yet many, many people know very little about it. This book is not an instruction manual. It is not a “how to do yoga” book, although it explains things about yoga. It is not a “cure your cancer” book, although it has ideas and suggestions regarding cancer. There are no checklists, recipes, or charts. If you Have the Information, and do the Work, you can Succeed This book consists of information, observation, and occasionally opinion. It is presented either directly or through stories. It is told from the viewpoint of a health-conscious, life-long yoga practitioner, who worked hard, tried to do everything right and still ended up having to fight the battle. It is meant to inform, or possibly inspire the reader. Or maybe remind us of something we once valued but have forgotten. It is thoughts on life’s journeys from the viewpoint of a dedicated western yogi, living in the modern age.

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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Essential Yoga Texts for Spiritual Enlightenment

Providing an explanation of the practical and philosophical foundations of Raja Yoga, The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali is arguably the most important text on Yogic philosophy.

The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali is widely regarded as the most authoritative text on yoga. It comprises a collection of 196 Indian sutras (“threads” – as sutra translates from Sanskrit) written 1,700 years ago. These threads or aphorisms were compiled by the Indian sage Patañjali and offer guidelines for living a meaningful and purposeful life.

The book is organized into four parts and provides descriptions of the eight limbs of yoga, such as pranayama and asana. The translated text is presented alongside a clear and insightful commentary by Swami Vivekananda, which makes them more accessible to the modern reader and yoga practitioner. His message of universal brotherhood and self-awakening remains relevant today, especially in the current backdrop of widespread political turmoil around the world.

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FEIVO Yoga Pants, Women’s Power Flex Yoga Pants Tummy Control Workout Yoga Capris Pants Leggings,Mesh-black5,X-Large

The Yoga pants are the ideal fitness pants for women who do yoga, weight lifting, lunges, squats, cross training, running or anything that involves bending over, any type of workout, or everyday use.The material is thick enough that not see through if you bend over, but not too thick that it becomes hot and uncomfortable.

We¡¯ve thought through the small details in each high quality piece we create to fit with your distinct lifestyle and sense of style.Our yoga pants include hidden pockets in the waistband to stash essentials for maximum convenience.Elastic waistband for comfortable fit,stretchy construction for greater freedom of movement.

Applicable Occasion: Our yoga pants provide a flattering and comfortable fit, whether you’re doing yoga, running laps or running errands. They are also the perfect choice for daily wear.

More color to choices: Black/Light Grey /Grey/Light Blue /Blue/Brick Red

Color Disclaimer : Due to monitor settings, monitor pixel definitions, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen as an exact color of the product. We strive to make our colors as accurate as possible. however, colors are approximations of actual colors.

Size Chart:
Waist: S=24.4¡± M=25.9″, L=27.5″, XL=29.1″
Hip: S=31.4¡± M=33.0″, L=34.6″, XL=36.2″
Length: S=33.8¡± M=34.2″, L=34.6″, XL=35.0″

Product Features

  • Non see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage
  • Stretch & Non See-through Fabric. Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. FEIVO Power Flex Yoga Leggings combine fashion, function and performance.
  • Women¡¯s workout pants are designed with high-rise, tummy control wide waistband contours your curves and streamlines your shape.
  • Yoga capri legging also feature all over interlock seams to reduce irritation and eliminate chafing, allows for maximum comfort and wearability.
  • Hidden waistband inner pocket to stash your key or any essentials.