Bamboo and Gold Fabric Tai Chi Fan with Fan Case (Red Bamboo Gold Nylon with Dragon and Phoenix)

Professional Tai Chi SiFu highly Recommend this high quality Tai Chi Fan. Comes from all nature smooth bamboo and metal gold fabric . Printed with beautiful peony or dragon and phoenix. 13 pieces frame makes the strongest bamboo fans ever. 13 inch long when it’s closed. Open up to 180 degrees. A short Crisp sound will follow the player while turns open the fan.

Product Features

  • 13 pcs Bamboo Frame
  • smooth bamboo
  • open up to 180 degrees

Martial Arts Day Planner: School Owners 2018 Edition (Volume 1)

Day Planner designed specifically for the Martial Arts Industry is released Woodland Hills, CA –, noted as the first internet-based martial arts resource center and considered as one of the premier news sites of the martial arts community, announced today the creation of a unique, martial arts Day Planner designed specifically to assist in organizational martial arts school management. Ably named the “Martial Arts Day Planner,” the 400-page notebook addresses the needs of the martial arts school structure with the release of three carefully designed volumes including a 1) School Owner Planner, a 2) Martial Arts Instructor Planner, and 3) a Martial Arts Student Planner. “There are over 27,000 commercial martial arts schools in America of which I am one of. Whether a school has 10 students or 300 students, being organized is essential to running a successful studio. The Martial Arts Day Planner, unlike the ones you can buy in a stationary store, features on the needs and concerns of the community,” says school owner and CEO Fariborz Azhakh. Complete with daily, weekly and monthly goal settings and “to do” lists, each individual planner provides clean and attainable objectives and it is flexible enough to adjust to a variety of skills sets and requirements. “I believe it was Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War,’ who coined the phrase ‘plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.’ The martial arts is such a huge industry with so many students coming and going, being organized is the key and the Martial Arts Day Planner will enable school owners, instructor and students that opportunity,” says Michael Matsuda, president of the Martial Arts History Museum. Specific to the Planner, each day the user will enjoy harmonizing and motivational quotes, martial arts historical information, reminders of special martial arts events and goal-setting advice provided by a host of martial arts school owners. “The Martial Arts Day Planner is a very useful and effective planner that provides the owner, instructor and students with a comprehensive, structural workbook that will create a better learning environment. As a school owner for over 30 years, our needs aren’t the same as those in a day-to-day office. We have belt testing, goal-setting and I feel that this planner looks at those issues and I believe this is an excellent step in running a better school,” adds Azhakh. To assist the martial arts community, a portion of every sales will be donated to the Martial Arts History Museum. The museum provides man opportunities for young people to learn about martial arts history, culture and tradition. “The museum is the only venue that will keep our history alive and has taken this very generous step in ensuring the legacy of the martial arts. I hope it encourages others to do the same,” adds Matsuda. The Martial Arts Day Planner is now available and can be purchased at

Mental Martial Arts: Using Educational Principles to Combat Life Challenges

Learn and apply the following educational principles to life challenges using the discipline of Martial Arts: The Power of the Human Mind (White Belt) Categories of Learning (Yellow Belt) Laws of Learning (Orange Belt) Critical Thinking (Blue Belt) Emotional Intelligence (Green Belt) Social Intelligence (Purple Belt) The Power of the Question (Red Belt) Negotiation Techniques (Brown Belt) Debating Skills (Black Belt)

Blitz Martial Arts Magazine

BLITZ Martial Arts Magazine brings you the best in self-defence instruction and discussion from around Australasia and the world.

Complete with all new videos, photo galleries and interactive lessons from elite martial arts instructors and fighters, BLITZ Martial Arts Magazine delivers everything you ever wanted to know about combat, and more.

Since 1986, BLITZ Magazine has been offering expert insights into the ways of the world’s best martial artists and the techniques that made them successful, covering self-defence, combat sports, traditional styles and the latest developments in training methods for the martial arts.

The go-to guide for the serious martial artist!

Unique and Custom “0.76mm Thick, Medium Gauge Hard Plastic – Semi Tip” Guitar Pick w/ Balance Symbolic Eastern Yin Yang Spiritual Martial Arts Design {White & Black – 12 Picks Dozen Bulk Multipack}

This guitar pick is a very unique design and has a very limited availability.

Product Features

  • THINGS TO CONSIDER: This is a MEDIUM thick guitar pick. Medium picks are aptly named as they are a happy medium and are used by many players who jump from chords to picking. The increased thickness makes them better for precision picking while still being a good strumming pick. This is a plastic pick. Less dense picks (plastics, nylon) provide a brighter sound.
  • THE QUALITY: This guitar picks materials are sourced from only the very best manufacturers and are made in Japan and stored in the United States.
  • WARRANTY: Each pick comes with a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to last you the life of your guitar. This pick is guaranteed against any manufacturer defect and each buyer is guaranteed one free replacement for any manufacturer defect that occurs during the course of the original buyers lifetime. This replacement is guaranteed by the manufacturer itself.
  • THE MATERIAL: This product is composed of hard and durable rubberized plastic.

Backdrop Martial Arts Pattern Backgrounds For Photography Fabric Backdrops For Photo Shoots Cotton Foldable Without Creases 5X7FT

1. Material: cotton.
2. Technical characteristics: We use high-tech digital computer production equipment
for image printing technology (pictures more clearly).
3. Features: light weight, easy to carry, easy to fold easy to store, no creases, ironing.
4. Use: the use of products need to match the clip, photography bracket,
lighting, shooting distance, too close will not be able to achieve good results.
5. Customized Service: We can provide you with the required size
and picture, any need to always welcome you to contact me.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, you can also give us a good suggestion, let us better serve you.

Product Features

  • Size: Cloth size is 5x7ft/1.5×2.2m.
  • Material: Cotton.
  • Features: We use high-tech digital computer production equipment for image printing technology, the product feels soft, easy to fold, no crease, easy to carry, can be washed, can be reused,opaque and not reflective.
  • Scope: Photography studio, video shooting background, wedding, newborn,art, party decorations can be used.
  • Custom made:If you need different sizes and pictures, please contact us.

Kids Dabbing Martial Art Fighter – Promoted To Black Belt T-Shirt 10 Black

Stand out in the crowd with this awesome shirt. It is funny & awesome, looking great for any occasions: Casual Wear, Sport, Lifting, Party…You can also take it as gift for your friends, family, special ones. T-shirt come in diffrerent styles for men, women, youth with multiple colors and sizes. If you represent this and you know it, let that flag proudly fly with this graphic t-shirt. Grab it while you can! Check out other similar theme shirt by clicking on LINK ABOVE TITLE

Product Features

  • This perfect shirt will look great on all occasions and for all age, genders alike! Available for Men, Women & Kids. Purchase now for you and your family, friends!
  • Cool tshirt gift for any black belt fighter to celebrate the promotion!
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem