Resistance Band Training: Learn to Use Resistance Bands to Maximize Your Workout and Improve Your Cardiovascular Health (Volume 1)

Resistance Bands
Learn to Use Resistance Bands to Maximize Your Workout and Improve Your Cardiovascular Health
Many people believe that resistance band training is only a fad piece of equipment that will come and go, but resistance bands have been around for quite awhile and are now growing in popularity even more. The reasons why have to do with the ability to perform multiple types of training programs; the convenience of storage and transportation; and because they have actually been proven to work no matter how long they are used. You will come to find that there are many of other reasons why resistance bands are one of the cheapest and most effective pieces of equipment that you can own.
Trainers around the world are beginning to incorporate resistance bands into the daily workouts of their clients, and even elite athletes use them for a variety of different purposes on a weekly basis. Needless to say, the importance of resistance bands being utilized into daily workouts is quite high when it comes to keeping everything convenient and cost effective. Let’s take a deeper look into the world of resistance band training, and see what benefits you will receive upon starting this type of workout.
Resistance Training
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… The Benefits of Strength and Functional Training The Reasons Why Resistance Bands Work Better Resistance Loop Bands Outshine the Rest Convenience and Cost Effective Resistance Loop Band Training Program Explanations of Various Exercises he Different Types of Resistance Bands Flexibility and Mobility
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Gym Training Log Book: Undated Daily Training, Record Your Progress, Fitness & Workout Journal Notebook, Log Cardio & Strength Workout, Set Your Goals (Gym Log Book) (Volume 4)

Gym Training Log Book

Keep Daily Tracker of your training

Great for recording all your training / workout activity.

  • Cardio * Exercises * Time * Distance * Calories Burned – Strength * Upper Body * Lower Body * Abs * Muscle Groups * Exercises * 6 Sets * Reps * Weight

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