Fitness and Exercise Ball (Blue, 75 cm)

Wacces,‘s Professional Stability Ball is a safe, durable ball with burst resistance to 500-lbs!
This ball is perfect for weight training on the ball as well as users looking for extra performance for health club settings & other heavy-use applications.
Wacces Exercise Ball with free pump included. Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Wacces exercise balls into your workout.
Core strength training is the only way to exercise.

You can take your exercise balls with you wherever you go or exercise at the convenience of your home.
Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, this ball will enhance your workout giving you results. Ideal for stretching, strengthening and toning exercises.
First used by physical therapists over 30 years ago, Exercise Balls are now used in leading health clubs around the nation and are quickly becoming a standard item for any home gym.
The Wacces Fitness Ball is safe, durable, and easy-to-use.

Product Features

  • Helps relax muscles, remove tension and increase tone
  • Increases flexibility in abdominals, thighs and lower back
  • Strengthens, stretches and tones all major muscle groups.
  • Enhances coordination and balance, and improves flexibility.
  • Tone, sculpt and chisel your shoulders, arms, thighs and abs

HomeGym 4U Nonslip Ab Mat – Perfect For Sit Ups & Crunches – Great Exercise Equipment For Home – Core Workout Abdominal Exercise, Fitness, Six Pack, Brilliant Lower Back Support


Then HomeGym 4U’s Abdominal and Core Trainer Mat is a must-have! Made of high-density foam and durable materials, it is very comfortable to use and made to last. It provides stability, constant tension, and a full range of motion, which regular crunches do not provide. Get full extension when doing sit-ups or crunches while having constant back and spine support.

Our ab trainer mat is specifically designed to target the right muscles – the upper abs, lower abs, obliques and the lower back muscles. Ideal for sit-ups, cross crunches, leg lifts, heel touches, and can also be used as a padded support for push-ups or handstand.

Its sleek design contours to your back’s natural shape providing your core support and stability as you perform different abdominal exercises. This high quality mat increases the effectiveness of standard floor crunches. Now you can do ab crunches without having to worry about lower back pain or injuries!

The non-slip feature helps you concentrate solely on doing your workout routine. Unlike fitness balls and ab wheels, this trainer mat will not roll or wobble on you so you so can do perfect core exercises every time. Plus, it is lightweight and portable so you can perform your abs workout routine anytime, anywhere!

See results from your rigorous ab workouts.

Buy now with our risk-free 30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Product Features

  • GREAT BACK SUPPORT WORKOUT – Contours to your lower back providing maximum support to help prevent injury during rigorous abdominal exercises. Effectively prevents lower back and neck strain to ensure that you maintain an optimal position to maximize the benefit of the ab exercises. Protects your inner organs, central nervous system as well as promotes good posture.
  • STRENGTHENS ENTIRE CORE – allows full range of motion so the entire abdominal group is working to its full capacity – abs, obliques, and back. This trainer mat effectively isolates your ab muscles during crunches, leg lifts, and sit ups. It takes the hip flexors completely out of the equation, thus allowing you to make perfect ab workout reps every time.
  • STURDY & PORTABLE – the high-density foam ensures that our ab mat is strong and won’t flatten, tear and will maintain its shape for a very long time. Requires no set up and can be stored in its accompanying bag so you can effortlessly carry it and do perfect ab workouts anywhere!
  • COMFORTABLE & STABLE – has a non-slip base design to keep your ab mat firmly in place so you can focus solely on your workout. No need to worry about balancing – it won’t wobble or slipout from under you! No readjustments, post-placement needed.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, FREE CARRYING BAG & USER GUIDE – purchase our ab trainer mat and also receive a free pouch and instructional guide on how to make the most out of your new workout equipment. You will love your ab support mat, or your money back! Just email our excellent customer service team for any questions about our products and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Fitdeck Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Fitness Equipment Workouts, Kettlebell

FitDeck Kettlebell is an intense fitness tool to harden your entire body in one workout (upper, middle, and lower body). Intended for a broad range of users from first-time Kettlebellers to Kettlebell experts. Perfect title for cross-training.

Product Features

  • Strengthen and tone the entire body in one workout (upper, middle, lower body)
  • Contains illustrations & instructions describing 18 different basic kettlebell exercises
  • Pre-arrange cards to create custom sequences or shuffle cards for random sequences
  • Provides unique cross-training opportunities when combined with other FitDeck routines
  • Intended for a broad range of users from novices to fitness enthusiasts

KLB Sport 27″ Adjustable Exercise Equipment Step Platform With 2 Risers

This exercise stepper will help you improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your lower body. The secure, nonskid surface can ensure your sporting activity safely for it gives you a firm footing and works your way up as your endurance and abilities improve. The aerobic step can be used to shape your hamstrings with alternating lunges and strengthen your chest and back muscle by doing pushups.

About This Stepper
It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor workout and easy to maintain and keep clean.

About KLB Sport
Covering a wide range including leisure and sporting goods, toys, garden furniture, home consuming products etc, KLB Sport has set its aim as “manufacture the most innovative, creative and high quality products; provide the clients with the most satisfactory service” since its establishment at the year of 1988. It has also obtained CE, GS, ASTM and CPSIA certifications for the products produced. It’s therefore greatly appreciated in a variety of markets throughout the world aiming to improve the physical, psychological health and the fitness passion for the people all over the world.

Package Includes: 1 x Stepper (with 2 risers)+1 x Free Training Instruction

Product Features

  • Support Up To 500LBS
  • Adjustable Heights: 4″ to 6″
  • Dimensions: 27″L X 11″W X 6″H
  • Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Material and Advanced Injection Molding Technology
  • Non-slip Surface for a Worry-Free Workout.

#1 Physical Therapist Recommended, Gravity Fitness Stretching Strap, Premium Quality Multi-loop Stretch Out Strap, Neoprene Padded Handles, 12 Loops, 1.5″ W x 8′ L (Black and Grey, 8 Feet – 12 loops)

Developed by Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness. Gravity Fitness enhances your fitness experience with the innovative GF Stretch Strap and the FREE Stretch Guide!

Experience the most comfortable and convenient way to improve your flexibility and overall fitness level. All Gravity Fitness products are premium quality design for any fitness and physical therapy use.

The multi grip “Stretch Strap” is available for PRIME shipping and a 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Don’t settle for the boring stretching strap that is made with thin nylon, rough handles, and is too short to adequately stretch your hamstrings. We have the answer! The Gravity Fitness Stretch Strap is LONGER, WIDER, MORE LOOPS, NEOPRENE PADDED HANDLES, and COMES WITH A SLEEK TRAVEL BAG.

Measuring 8 feet long, 1.5 inches wide, 12 independent stretching loops, ultra soft neoprene padded handles, sleek colors, and a convenient travel storage bag to take with you for fitness on the go.

ATHLETICS: The Gravity Fitness Stretching Strap is the perfect piece of equipment for athletes. From Football to Yoga our stretching strap will provide the the perfect blend of comfort and durability to provide all of your stretching needs. Your purchase includes stretching resources from beginner to advance in both hard copy and digital format.

REHABILITATION: Gravity Fitness Stretching Strap is used and endorsed by Physical Therapists. This is a staple piece of equipment required to maximize the results from your home exercise program.

INJURY PREVENTION: It is well documented that musculature imbalances including tightness of muscles and joints increase one’s risk for injury. Let us help! Use the Gravity Fitness Stretching Strap with our FREE Stretch Guide specifically designed by a Physical Therapist, and you too can lead a healthier life.

Product Features

  • Use it for Yoga, Increased Range of Motion, Physical Therapy, Athletic Teams, CrossFit
  • Better than resistance bands! Our non-elastic non-latex Stretching Strap is made with 100% premium quality nylon webbing. You Stretch, not the Strap!
  • Neoprene padded handles to give you the ultimate comfort for all exercises.
  • Durable XL 8′ Strap with 12 independent stretching loops
  • Take on the go with the included Nylon Storage Bag. Purchase with confidence with our 90 day 100% money back guarantee

Exercise Ball with E-Quick Start Workout Guide by CRUSH FITNESS – Gym Quality, Anti-Burst, Anti-Slip Fitness Ball. More colors and sizes available aka Yoga Ball, Swiss Ball (Black, 55 Centimeters)

Own one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment with an E-Quick Start Guide by Crush Fitness Personal Trainers!!

Did you know that some schools are using stability balls as chairs to improve students focus and concentration? Physical therapists are using them with patients to strengthen muscles without putting stress on bones and joints. Stability balls are being used by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. They’re fun, easy-to-use and employ the neuromuscular system in a way that no other piece of exercise equipment can.

Safe and beneficial for the entire family

Our anti-slip stability ball leads the industry in thickness at 1,877 micrometers, making it burst-resistant to 2,000 lbs. That is ONE TON of confidence for even the most rigorous and sustained workout. Even if you don’t actively participate in a fitness plan, simply using the DynaPro Exercise ball as an office chair will improve your balance, flexibility and back health. The time you spend balancing on a stability ball forces you to use your core muscles, which not only tones your midsection by also properly aligns your spine to alleviate back pain. The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is highly portable so you can use it in your work cubicle, or take it with you to your yoga or Pilates class. We even include a convenient hand pump so you can inflate your stability ball anywhere with ease. The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball is available in a range of stylish colors, as well as 3 sizes: 55cm, 65cm and 75cm. Here are basic guidelines to choose your optimal size:

4’11” to 5’4″ height: 55cm ball; 5’4″ to 5’1″ height: 65cm ball; 5’11″to 6’7″ height: 75cm ball.

For a low-impact workout with big overall health benefits, add the DYNAPRO Direct Exercise Ball to your cart today.

Product Features

  • EXERCISE BALL and E-Quick Start Workout Guide by Crush Fitness Personal Trainers- GUARANTEED to be the Highest Quality Material on the Market Today. 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE Fitness Ball includes a Pump, Plug, and Plug Remover Tool- Highest Quality PVC Material
  • ANTI-BURST TESTED at 2000lbs able to stand up to the most rigorous workout conditions. This ball will not burst if punctured, it will slowly deflate
  • SUPERIOR DURABILITY- 1877 Micro Meters Thick- Strong enough to use as a daily Exercise Ball Office Chair and a Fitness Ball for Women and Men: Sizes come in 55cm, 65cm, 75cm
  • SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE- DYNAPRO is a USA based company with a 5 STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE RATING- 365 day manufacturers warrantee

TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops, Fitness Band for Home Exercise and Full Body Workouts, Portable Gym Equipment, Gift for Athletes, Individual 5 Foot Band, Green, Heavy, Intermediate Level 1

TheraBand CLX Consecutive Loops deliver unparalleled versatility and ease of use that makes exercise and rehab easier than ever before. The CLX provides multiple unique grip options that enable exercises like open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required exercises and never before possible exercises such as simultaneous upper and lower body work. Lightweight and portable, the CLX has the potential to be an entire gym right in the palm of your hand and is made from non-latex rubber material for those concerned about latex allergies. A FREE integrated CLX App provides a CLX exclusive exercise library with unique support tools to enhance any rehab or training program. And because it is not made with natural rubber latex it’s an ideal option for users with latex sensitivities.

Product Features

  • Universal resistance band perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, provides multiple unique grip options to enable exercises like open and closed hand grips, holding objects with resistance, no-grip-required exercises
  • Enables never before possible workouts, such as simultaneous upper and lower body exercises and additional resistance for dumbbell training, all with the functionality and portability of a traditional resistance band
  • Non-Latex CLX with no scent and no powder meet the needs of athletes, gyms, patients, practitioners, exercise professionals, and personal users with latex allergies, and are the best option for workout facilities and hospitals with a “no latex policy”
  • No heavy equipment necessary – Free CLX App provides a CLX exclusive exercise library to enhance rehab or training program, allowing you to achieve a complete workout using the product at home, while traveling, in the gym or on-the-go
  • Heavy Green CLX are the fourth of eight levels of resistance and great for rehabilitation and light to moderate resistance exercise, they offer 4.6 lbs. resistance and 25% increase from preceding color at 100% elongation, and 6.7 lbs. at 200%