Baleaf Men’s 3D Padded Cycling Mesh Breathable Underwear Shorts Black Size L

Baleaf 3D padded bike bicycle cycling underwear short made with quick-dry and lightweight fabricis great for cycling. It provides quality and comfort support. Also underwear design allows you to wear as whichever outfits as you like to ride a bike.

Product Features

  • Breathable mesh fabric wicks quickly away moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Soft and stretchy fabric, gripper elastic at the cuffs provide a snug, just-right fit
  • 3D gel chamois with 48 breather holes offers reliable cushioning while riding
  • Flat seams construction reduce irritation caused by chafing; Can be worn under any shorts, tights or leggings for added riding comfort
  • Size chart(Waist): S=30-32″ M=32.5-34.5″ L=35-37″ XL=38-40″ 2XL=41-43″ 3XL=44-46″

Boxing Reflex Ball – Adjustable Head Band, Gloves, Repair, Extra String, Instruction and Repair Guide Included – Perfect For Reflex/Speed Training Improve Reactions In Boxing and MMA – By Punch King

We want to provide you with the best boxing reflex ball and give you the best experience. Please read below for more information

1. Our product has been manufactured and tested multiple times so we can ensure a high quality product and regulated tests. Just for your satisfaction.

  1. The instruction and repair guide will help you incase the string breaks or if you don’t understand how to use the reflex ball. This has been a problem for other companies and we have decided to fix it for you. Be sure to check out instructions/repair guide when your order has arrived.

  2. Don’t fall for cheaper quality products. A lot of brands will boast cheaper prices but with Punch King you pay for what you get. Which is the best quality product for your training or general co-ordination.Its easy to use and good for children and adults of any age.

  3. All you will need is included with our product as you can see in the pictures listed. Gloves, reflex ball, instructions, repair guide, extra string, adjustable headband.

Remember that if you don’t love our reflex ball we will happily refund you with no questions asked. This is our promise to you!

Product Features

  • ✔️ THE REFLEX BALL FOR YOU – Using our reflex ball you will start seeing increased reflex and speed the more you practice. It is a good form of exercise to warm up your muscle groups while also working on accuracy and hand eye coordination. Remember we also include instructions and a repair guide to help you!
  • ✔️ QUALITY – We are a US based brand and make sure all products are tested and built to the highest standard. Do not fall for cheap quality products. We are a brand you can trust!
  • ✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – This is great for people of all ages including young children developing skills. . Our adjustable head band makes this perfect for that. It is also great fun even if you are not a fighter.
  • ✔️ USED BY TRAINING PROFESIONALS – The reflex ball is used and recommended by professionals of both MMA and the Boxing world. Be the best you can using our reflex ball.
  • ✔️ LIFETIME WARRENTY – If you don’t love it we will buy it back from you. No questions asked

Bits and Pieces – Children’s Robotic Swimming Shark – Diving Underwater Bathtub or Pool Toy for Kids

This little shark will keep kids entertained for hours. Place in a fishbowl, sink or tub and watch as it dips, dives and does underwater stunts. Adjust the tail to change the direction of the swimming action. Measures 5″ long. Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Ages 3+.

Product Features

  • This little shark will keep kids entertained for hours.
  • Place in a fishbowl, sink or tub and watch as it dips, dives and does underwater stunts.
  • Adjust the tail to change the direction of the swimming action.
  • Measures 5″ long.
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Ages 3+.

EAR BAND-IT ULTRA Swimming Headband – Best Swimmer’s Headband – Keep Water Out, Hold Earplugs In – Doctor Recommended – Water Protection – Secure Ear Plugs – Invented by ENT Physician

The Ear Band-It® Ultra is brought to you by the makers of the Original Ear Band-It® headband, the ORIGINAL swimming headband. Developed by a board certified Ear, Nose & Throat Physician and designed to keep water out of the ears, providing maximum comfort and safety while swimming and bathing. After 20 years of development we are proud to introduce the new and improved Ear Band-It® Ultra! EXTRA GRIP! Made with a custom inner lining that provides extra grip to avoid slipping off the head. Also made of a much more soft and comfortable neoprene material. Water enthusiasts of all ages will also appreciate using the Putty Buddies® earplugs (sold separately) and Ear Band-It® Ultra headband in the prevention of swimmer’s ear. Size SMALL: Recommended for ages 1 to 3. Fits head size range 16″-19″ Size MEDIUM: Recommended for ages 4 to 9. Fits head size range 17″-21″ Size LARGE: Recommended for ages 10 to Adult. Fits head size range 20″-24″ KEEP WATER OUT, HOLD EAR PLUGS IN! Use with your own earplugs and ear molds or with our Putty Buddies® soft silicone moldable ear plugs (sold separately). Putty Buddies® are the best swimming earplugs on the market.

Product Features

  • NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN with special features. From the makers of the ORIGINAL swimming headband, the Ear Band-It®. The Ear Band-It® ULTRA is the most advanced swimmer’s headband in the world!
  • EXTRA GRIP! Made with a custom inner lining that provides extra grip to avoid slipping off the head. ULTRA Grip, ULTRA Strength, ULTRA Comfort… Discover the ULTRA difference yourself!
  • Invented by an ENT Physician and designed to hold earplugs in place while engaging in water activities. RECOMMENDED BY DOCTORS WORLDWIDE. Perfect for ear tubes, perforated eardrums, myringotomy, myringotomy tubes, otitis media, and otitis externa.
  • HELPS PREVENT SWIMMER’S EAR. Great for swimming, bathing, surfing, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Perfect for traveling to the pool, lake or beach. GUARANTEED EAR PROTECTION.
  • KEEPS WATER OUT – HOLDS EAR PLUGS IN. Kids love them! Available in 3 sizes for all ages and the best fit possible. Small for ages 1-3 years. Medium for ages 4-9 years. Large for ages 10-adult.

Siren Anti-Fog Adult Swimming Goggles with Nose Clip and Ear Plugs in Protective Case

See clearly and swim freely with Siren’s anti-shatter, anti-leak, anti-fog Swimming Goggles that have strong UV-protected lenses. Each pair comes with a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Why stay inside when you can catch some rays? Get your daily dose of Vitamin D without worrying about sun damage, harmful glares, or UV rays, and counteract the sun with Siren’s polarized and shatterproof swimming goggles.

As portrayed in Ancient Greek Mythology, Sirens are dangerously beautiful creatures. We are aware of their beauty and danger, but also of their irresistibility. As such, Siren sports sunglasses are made to arm you against the wilds of nature by being dangerously effective as soon as you strap them on. Whether you are battling the sun, wind, or rain – take aim against nature’s dangers while taking part in an active lifestyle. At Siren sports, we do not give in to nature. Instead, we let it act as our muse to constantly inspire and push us ahead to keep you performing at your best.

Product Features

  • Package Includes: 1 Pair – Adult Sports No-Shatter Anti-Leak Fog-Free Swimming Goggles
  • DURABLE LENS: The Siren Adult Swimming Goggles are equipped with ANSI Impact-Resistant polycarbonate lenses to provide your eyes with anti-shatter and anti-leak protection. See clearly and swim freely with the lenses’ anti-fog coating.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: The leak-proof swimming goggles are fitted with a flexible silicone gasket and frame that provide ultimate comfort and a leak-proof seal to keep water out. The adjustable clip-on straps allow the goggles to comfortably fit any face shape.
  • UV PROTECTION: Perfect for snorkeling, water sports, the beach, pool, and other swimmer activities, these goggles have UV400 protection to guard your eyes from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
  • CUSTOMER FIRST – 90 Day Money Back Guarantee is standard on all Siren swimwear goggles products. Customers may return for any reason so there is no risk in trying. All Siren swimming goggles are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and satisfaction guarantee promise. Contact the seller of Siren directly for hassle-free replacement or returns service.