Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD

Traditional warm-ups zap valuable strength and energy! Ultimately, performance suffers. Even worse, the typical warm-up will increase the risk of injury! If you re tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere with your training then discover the real secrets to effective workouts.

A proper warm-up will:

  • Increase body temperature and warm the connective tissues
    – Increase blood flow to muscles and heart (i.e. charges the circulatory system)
    – Deliver more oxygen to muscles (specifically greater exchange of oxygen to tissues because hemoglobin gives more oxygen at higher temperatures as well as greater oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange)
    – Increase nerve conduction velocity (i.e. activates the nervous system)
    – Improve efficiency (i.e. rate and strength) of muscle contraction and reaction time
    – Promote more efficient cellular metabolism (i.e. facilitates metabolic transition to activity-specific energy systems)
    – Excite the hormonal system
    – Increase the amount of synovial fluid in joints (thereby decreases the viscosity of the joint capsules)
    – Decrease muscle viscosity
    – Lubricate the joints and reduces muscle and joint stiffness
    – Increase joint range of motion
    – Increase muscle coordination through related movements
    – Increase work capacity
    – Increase attention and focus
    – Decrease stress, anxiety (high anxiety can increase fatigue), and tension
    – Decrease fear of injury and prevent injury altogether

The key word is “proper” warm-up!

Warm-Up to Strength Training is geared to the recreational, amateur and professional athlete, as well as to personal trainers, strength coaches, and other health care practitioners. The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD highlights limitations and fallacies in traditional warm-up programs and gives practical, researched methods for efficient pre-exercise preparation. It contains vital information for anyone – from the weekend warrior to the elite athlete – wanting to improve performance while avoiding injury.

Warm-Up to Strength Training is used for weight loss and for increased strength, speed, power, coordination, balance, agility, endurance, flexibility and muscle! It is used to help eliminate back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain … as well as an assortment of aches and irritations all over the body. Warm-Up to Strength Training has been featured in various magazines. Plain and simple, these techniques work!

The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD is equipped with a text insert so you can take the exercises to the gym with you. Each section provides a reference to all the exercises, allowing you to mix and match your own personalized warm-up scheme to suit your specific needs for that day.

The Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD has received a “thumbs-up” from many experts including Drs. Eric Serrano, Mark Lindsay and Ken Kinakin as well as Olympic strength coach, Charles Poliquin.

Warm-Up to Strength Training is a compilation of material from various strength and conditioning authorities including Paul Chek, Alwyn Cosgrove, Eric Cressey, John Davies, Joe DeFranco, Anthony Ditillo, Ann & Chris Frederick, Stephen Holt, Chad Ikei, Dr. Mark Lindsay, Aaron Mattes, Dr. Stuart McGill, Charles Poliquin, Mike Robertson, Dr. Mel Siff, Charles Staley, Christian Thibadeau, Pavel Tsatsouline, George Turner, Jim & Phil Wharton, Chad Waterbury, and more.

No warm up DVD on the market has been as thoroughly researched as Warm-Up to Strength Training!

Not only has the Warm-Up to Strength Training DVD sold across North America, its popularity spans worldwide. Warm-Up to Strength Training is an international best seller!

Cluster training: The fastest way to build strength and size

After his two highly rated books, “The Black Book of Training Secrets” and “Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods”, Coach Thibaudeau is finally releasing the first of his DVD series!

“Cluster training” details several novel training techniques that will help you blast through any muscle size or strength plateau in no time.

Several different applications of the cluster method are discussed, demonstrated and explained in this DVD. Furthermore, all these techniques are divided into 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) which will help you select which application is best for your needs.

As a bonus feature a 15 minutes Q&A session “in the coach’s home” is included. A sample training program is also given.

All and all this DVD presents some revolutionary new material. It’s up to you to harness its power!

About the Author Christian Thibaudeau is a strength and conditioning coach who works with a wide range of elite athletes. He has successfully trained athletes requiring a wide array of physical qualities ranging from strength and power (football players, Olympic lifters, strongmen competitors) and important energetic capacities (hockey players) to proprioception and stabilization/balance (figure skaters ). He’s also a competitive Olympic weightlifter, bodybuilder and a football coach. Christian is completing his M.Sc. degree in exercise science and has been a research assistant in that field for the past two years.

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15 Strength Training Exercises That Help to Prevent Osteoporosis and Build Bone Strength

Strength Training Exercises that Build Bone Strength. Learn 15 primary strength training exercises that are designed to improve strength, increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis. Each exercise is fully explained and demonstrated with superimposed graphics showing modifications and training tips. Most exercises can be done while seated in a chair. Learn the Dumbbell Row, Upright Row, Chair Squats, Triceps Extension and other key weight training exercises in this 45-minute demonstrational workout DVD. Includes a brief warmup and full body stretches to help prepare you for the workout. Requires just a set of 2 or 3-pound dumbbells and a stretch band. Suggested for senior adults 55 years of age and over or for anyone that wants to learn how to work out with weights the correct way. If you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, osteonecrosis or other muscle or bone-related diseases, this DVD will help minimize your pain and discomfort. Doctor recommended. This DVD is one of our top sellers. It makes an ideal gift for anyone that wants to learn the 15 key exercises for preventing “the hump.” It’s lead by fitness expert, Francesca Fisher, owner of Geri-Fit Co. Ltd. Copyright 2008.