Total Resistance Fitness Band Home Workout Training System (Yellow – Medium Resistance)

Resistance band training is gaining in popularity and for good reason!

  • Portable:You really can’t beat a resistance band when it comes to portability. This band weighs in at 11 ounces yet provides nearly 40 pounds of resistance. You could easily pack it in a suitcase or store it at home. Try doing that with a 40 pound dumb bell!
  • Inexpesive:An entire weight set can easily cost $200.00 or more! Compare that with $19.95 and you’ll quickly begin to see the value!
  • Safe and Effective:Resistance bands are much less likely to cause joint and ligament injuries that are commonly seen using free weights. Resistance bands also force the body to engage balance muscles which increases efficiency and results!
  • Cognitive Boost: In today’s fast paced world we could all use a little more brain power. According The Journal of Sports and Science Medicine resistance-band exercises offer greater cognitive benefits when compared to other forms of exercise.

But which band should you choose?

Good question! We’ve designed our resistance band to be perfect for beginners and those of us who have taken a very long break from regular exercise.

  • The stirrups are great for locking your feet in and preventing them from slipping off and snapping back.
  • The foam handle is absorbent to keep moisture to a minimum and non-abrasive which helps to prevent calluses.
  • This system is also very intuitive, there’s no need for programs or directions. Just lock your feet in, grab on to the handle and do what feels best for you!

So don’t wait ADD TO CART now before this deal is gone!

Product Features

  • SIMPLE: Because you shouldn’t need a DVD or instructions to be in shape. We’ve made the Total Resistance Fitness Band intuitive and easy to use!
  • PORTABLE: Light weight single piece design means the Total Resistance Fitness Band is Portable. Easily pack it in a suitcase or duffle bag!
  • COMFORTABLE: Soft yet supportive foam stirrups lock feet in place while the absorbent foam handle ensures you maintain a good, comfortable grip!
  • DURABLE: Our customers enjoy hours upon hours of fitness bliss with 10,000+ pulls and still no sign of breaking!

PharMeDoc Cardio Jump Rope for Exercise – Adjustable – Extra Steel Cable and Case Included – Speed Rope for Martial Arts Training, Skipping, Boxing, All Training and Cardio Exercises

Fun Full-Body Workout
Whether you want to shed some pounds for a special event, love to work out, or just want to be healthier, the PharMeDoc Jump Rope will help you find your workout groove.

Burn fat fast with durable steel cables made for speed, accelerating RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) that challenge muscles to the next level and enhance agility. Steel cable with PVC coating outlasts regular jump ropes made with plastic PVC, cloth, and beads. Comes with a free storage bag for easy packing and an extra cable with screw kit just in case you have a little too much fun with your cardio workout.

Why Use a Cable Jump Rope?
Jumping rope is essential to your workout because it’s known to be the best anaerobic exercise that you can do anywhere, either at home or the gym. Performing 10 minutes of high intensity jump rope alone burns about 125 calories; that’s equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging!

If you’re looking to burn calories fast and get your cardio in, then skipping rope is for you. Easily add it to your routine, whether it be aerobic training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), boxing, mixed martial arts, weight lifting, or any other cardio workout.

No assembling required, making this lightweight equipment a must-have for your home gym, traveling, or workout.

Product Features

  • Our jump rope comes with weighted handles to help you rapidly melt fat and burn calories, perfect for your workout of the day
  • Heavy duty 9-foot steel skipping rope adjusts to your height and whips around for a cardio workout that’s perfect for double unders, circuit training, boxing, martial arts training, or any sort of fitness exercise
  • Free carrying case, extra cable, and spare screw kit included, making it easy to store or pack for use on-the-go
  • Incorporate over 40 different moves to your workout and sweat it out without losing your grip for an intense and uninterrupted cardio session
  • Designed in California • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

Helencasa Digital Jump Rope for Cardio Fitness & Endurance Training (Blue)

Jumping Rope For 30 Minutes will produce a caloric burn of approximately 300 calories. Exercising with a jump rope is a great way to improve the muscle tone in your legs and body. Features Contoured grip handles for maximum comfort. Digitally track your distance and calories. Stop using the rope if you experience pain or discomfort. Style: Non-slip Handle, Digital Skipping Rope, Feature: Adjustable Length Design: Calorie Counting, Jump Rope with Counter and Comfortable Handles, 4 digits LCD display. Handle Size: L17.5cm/ 6.83 inch , Rope Size: L260 x Dia 0.5cm/ 101.4 x 0.2 inch Power By: 1 x AG13 (Included) Adjustable Lightweight Jump Rope with Counter for Kids with Comfort Handle, Children Skipping Rope for Exercise, Crossfit, Boxing, Workout and Fitness Note: There are 3 functions, but it only show one function one time , you can press the RESET button firstly and then press the MODE to choose which one you want to show before using it. Package Content:1 x Jump Rope

Product Features

  • Adjustable Length ,one size fits all.Keeps track of calories burned and equivalent distance.
  • Jump Rope with Counter – Perfect for All Experience Levels, Exercise, Cardio, Boxing, Workout and Fitness
  • Non Slip handle are designed to reduce hand fatigue during longer workouts
  • lightweight design, extremely endurable plastic
  • With Calorie and Jump LCD Counter,also can show you how long you jogging

The Ultimate Military Prep Workout & Cardio Program: How to prepare for Basic Training / Boot camp: Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines

From a two time veteran (Master Fitness) and Trainer – Coach to Pro Athletes, Performers and Fighters for over two decades. This Program is designed to begin up to a year before leaving for Basic Training. Every aspect of your fitness , health and diet are covered in this comprehensive course. You will arrive at Basic ready and prepared to take on the PT demands that WILL be put upon you. I have been Personal Training and Coaching since the late 1980’s…..When I got my first job as a teenager at the infamous “George Turners Gym” (Maker of Bodybuilding champions in those days). I have served twice in the United States Army (Aviation) , where I was a Master Fitness and in charge of fitness programs battalion wide. During this time period is where “MAC-P” fighting systems were formed and put to practice. I am a level 3. I went to college in Oregon and Arizona, where I majored in Law and Finance. I have also spent two decades working in and around finance and Real Estate Development. I currently also managed my own real estate based Hedge Fund. For the past 12 years I have focused on being the Agent, Coach and the trainer of Models, Performers and athletes. In particular, Fitness Models and physique competitors, Cheerleaders and Pro-MMA Fighters. Over the past decade, I have worked in some of the most famous gyms in the world for their prospective sport…. Training next to and sparring with some of the biggest Icons of our day. I specialize in getting clients “Performance/Competition Ready”.

Poly Dacron Battle Rope Exercise Workout Strength Training Undulation Ropes (1.5″ x 50 feet)


Switch it up

Looking for a fun cardio routine that produces great results? Want to finally break through that plateau you’ve hit of late? Then
you need to add our battle ropes to your fitness arsenal! Just 10 minutes with the heavy training ropes and you’ll feel a nice burn
in your upper body, core and legs. And just about anyone can use them! Go for the 30-foot conditioning rope if you’re a beginner,
the 50-foot if you’ve done rope training before, take it outdoors, and have the workout of your life.

Tough as Can Be

This isn’t one of those battle ropes that frays on day one and snaps soon after. We’ve used our years of experience in fitness
equipment to design exercise ropes that will see you through countless workouts. The heavy duty polyester blend is wear-resistant,
providing great protection against fraying and unraveling. We’ve even gone a step further and fitted the ends with waterproof 10-inch
sleeves. This not only provides added fray prevention, but also gives you the grip to break a sweat without a hitch.

Here’s what makes this combat rope the choice for pros:

  • Heavy weight to effectively increase strength and endurance.

  • Heavy duty construction to allow for use outdoors.

  • 600D waterproof sleeves that provide great grip.

  • Easy to roll up for convenient storage and portability.

  • Blue tracking line that helps during rope maintenance.

    Whether you’re working out indoors or out at the park, count on Garage Fit’s heavy training ropes for unmatched durability to
    help you transform that body. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Product Features



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  • ★ HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The 3-strand thick training rope is made using a highly durable polyester blend that is wear-resistant to prevent fraying even when used outdoors, with a high tensile strength that prevents the breakage experienced with other products. It even comes with a blue tracking line for easy maintenance.
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  • ★ PROVIDES GREAT GRIP: We’ve fitted the undulation fitness rope with heat shrink caps at the ends that not only prevent it from unraveling, but also offer unmatched grip. The 10-inch waterproof sleeves allow you to work out even without gloves.
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  • ★ FOR FULL BODY EXERCISE: Garage Fit’s battling ropes provide effective resistance to work out the back, arms, shoulders, core and legs. The combat rope is also great for cardio, producing a good sweat within minutes.
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  • ★ ACCOMMODATES ALL FITNESS LEVELS: These 1.5″ heavy ropes for exercise training are available in lengths of 30 or 50 feet. The shorter conditioning rope is great for those new at rope training, with the longer one challenging intermediates and pros.
    • ★ EASY TO STORE: You can easily roll up the crossfit rope for storage when not in use. The flexible design also makes for convenient portability, allowing you to take your power rope to the gym, park or beach. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

  • Gold’s Gym Indoor Cardio Training Compact Sports Exercise and Fitness Recumbent Bike

    Improve your strength, coordination and circulation without leaving the comfort of your chair. This simple, low-impact cardio workout is designed to deliver total-body benefits. Plus, an electronic meter tracks your total workout time so you stay on top of your progress.

    Product Features

    • Compact, quiet design
    • Pedal straps hold feet in place
    • Durable steel frame
    • Easy assembly, no tools required
    • Fold for storage

    LeTEK 10 Feet Premium Quality Jump Rope Adjustable Fast Speed Wire Cable Rope with Carry Case to Fit Men Women Children for Cardio Training MMA Boxing Training Crossfit Double Unders

    Full Length: 10ft
    Diameter: 2.5mm(Standard Rope)
    Handle Length: 7.2″
    Patented self-locking
    Color: Black and Orange

    The item includes:
    1 Premium Jump Rope
    1 Spare Replacement Rope: the diameter of the both ends are 2.5 mm and the diameter of the bold part is 4mm
    1* Convenient Portable Black Bag and 1* Transparent PVC Clip Chain Bag
    Lifetime Service Guarantee
    Versatile Usage:
    LeTEK premium jump rope is easy to adjust for any height and perfect for any height men and women.You can change the length without having to cut it and you just screw the one part to loosen and then tighten it. It is great for Weight loss,Health,Office Worker,Muscle tone,Full body workout,Great for travel or when you lack access to a gym and Burn lots of calories in little time etc.

    LeTEK Jump Ropes Are Your Best Choice, Buy It Now!
    If Any Question, Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

    Product Features

    • Material: LeTEK jump rope is made from durable, safe and eco-friendly TPU rope, not PVC material which are cheaper and tend to break easily. We also make it with a solid handle.
    • Features: Adjustable,compact, lightweight and carry case included Jump Rope with solid handel.
    • Easily adjust for everyone: 10 ft cable, easily adjusted to a perfect length.It is Great for women and men of different height.
    • Suitable for a variety of exercises: High Quality Rope for Crossfit,Boxing MMA,Mastering Double Under and Cardio Exercises etc.It is great for Home and Outdoor Workouts.
    • Lifetime Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with our jump rope for any reason, just tell us and we’ll help you