Exacme 6182-S12 Trampoline Heavy Duty Frame with Safety Pad & Enclosure Net & Ladder, 12′

Exacme trampolines are made from High-strength, corrosion-resistant steel designed to last for years. The sturdy w-supports provide twice the number of contact points with the ground, guaranteeing stability. 8 safety enclosure supports are Fabricated from rust resistant galvanized steel material. And the enclosure supports poles are covered with premium safety padding, protecting you and your family from every angle. The industrial-grade galvanized springs provide a perfect bounce that will not degrade over time. The easy to assemble design requires no special tools or drilling, which means you and your family will be up and jumping in no time. Trampoline: brand new 12ft trampoline with 4 W legs; rust resistant galvanized steel frame; 4 w-support legs; frame steel tube (hot-dip galvanized); u-shape steel tube (hot-dip galvanized); leg extension tube (hot-dip galvanized); galvanized springs; PP jumping material; pe+pvc pad cover in Blue color; maximum weight limit : 375lbs. Net enclosure: creates a fun jumping environment without limiting visibility; PE mesh netting; rust-resistant galvanized steel frame padded with protecting foam for the poles; sturdy straps and ropes to secure net to trampoline; including:12ft, 14ft, 15ft net enclosure, poles, clamps, pole pads, and hardware. Ladder: heavy duty galvanized ladder with slip resistant rungs helps children get safely on and off of trampoline. The ladder is designed to hook securely over the frame but under the safety pads. Content:1 x trampoline; 1 x trampoline safety pad; 1 x trampoline jumping mat; 1 x trampoline ladder; 1 x trampoline enclosure and net; Instruction manual, all required bolts, nuts. Item specifications:size:12ft; legs 12,ft:4; springs:12ft:72 pcs; trampoline height with net:12ft:8.4ft; weight total:12ft:125lbs; maximum weight limit:375lbs.

Product Features

  • Fits:12′ trampoline with 4 w legs and 8 poles
  • Pea mesh netting; rust-resistant galvanized steel frame padded with protecting foam for the poles
  • Sturdy straps and Ropes to secure net to trampoline

Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps | Available in Multiple Colors (Red, 18″)

Our standard Rogue Wrist Wraps measure 3″ in width and are made from a durable blend of Cotton (50%), Elastic (40%), and Polyester (10%), with a thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom tightening. This ensures you have a firm but comfortable fit as you move through your regimen.

Product Features

  • Available in three different lengths, Rogue Wrist Wraps provide additional wrist support anytime you need it. These affordable but durable wraps are made from a cotton, elastic, and polyester blend that absorbs excess moisture and won’t irritate the skin.
  • Use them for greater wrist stability anytime you are pressing or going overhead during weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman training.
  • This standard Rogue Wrist Wrap model is sold in pairs and comes in a range of color options. It includes a convenient thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, easy adjustments, and quick removal.
  • Our standard Rogue Wrist Wraps measure 3″ in width and are made from a durable blend of Cotton (50%), Elastic (40%), and Polyester (10%), with a thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for easy, custom tightening. This ensures you have a firm but comfortable fit as you move through your regimen.
  • Rogue Wrist Wraps now come in a variety of colors, which you can choose from the order menu on this page. This includes the original black with red stripes combo, as well as blue/white, green/black, gray/black, and red/white.

Yoga Headband with Multi Style for Sports Fashion or Travel Pack of 5 (Black Blue Green Red White)

You can style the headband to suit your mood, hairstyle, or activity. Wear it wide, turban style, folded- just to name a few of the options. The sweat-wicking properties of our Headbands keeps the sweat out of your eyes so you won’t need to fuss with wiping sweat away.

Product Features

  • SIZE:The finishing standard size is Length*Width 18.9*9.4(inch) Thickness is 0.4 MM, high stretchable suit to head circumference 21.25 to 25 Inch. This fits teenagers as well as adults of all ages. Super Comfortable. Contemporary Style & Premium Quality.
  • COMFORT & SWEAT WICKING. This multi-use headwear is made of 100% Polyester microfiber, it has exceptional absorbing and wicking features.
  • Wide Non Slip Design for Running. We’ve designed our headband so it’s really comfortable without slipping around. Most likely you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.
  • Wear it to cover your ears or around the neck on cool or windy days, as a sweat headband on warmer days, or double it up on really chilly days (or lazy hair days!). Wearing our heard wear, balaclava, face mask, or neck gaiter will block up to 95% of the harmful ultraviolet rays from your head, face, neck and ears to further protect your skin from being over exposed to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • Hand or machine washed with neutral detergent

Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism and Exercise (Nutrition in Exercise & Sport)

Exercise by itself tears down the body. To rebuild that body so that it expresses greater strength, endurance, and speed, requires sound nutritional practices based on fact rather than fad. Those practices must also recognize that specific needs vary greatly according to age, gender, and intensity of exercise.

Sports Nutrition: Energy Metabolism and Exercise offers a cutting-edge investigation of energy metabolism and exercise in relation to sports nutrition. Edited by the team of Ira Wolinsky and Judy Driskell, who continue to build on their reputation as leading experts on sports-nutrition, and written by researchers qualified for the task, this myth-busting work presents-

  • New findings on essential energy-yielding nutrients
  • New material on the estimation of energy requirements
    Various chapters examine the active body’s need for energy-yielding carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. The book also considers laboratory methods for determining the energy expenditure of athletes as well as unique assessment methods used to measure activity in the field. In addition, the text considers important physiological aspects of energy metabolism such as body weight regulation, and examines variances necessitated by gender and age.

    Based on rigorous research, this readable work offers sound advice for all those concerned with the proper nourishment of the active body. Nutritionists, trainers, exercise physiologists, and athletes themselves will find much food for thought on nutrition science, as well as practical guidance in determining the ingredients required to maximize training.
  • Product Features

    • Used Book in Good Condition

    Mauer Sports Nutrition Classic Protein Bars, Dark Chocolate Covered Caramel Macadamia, 12 Count

    Incredibly tasty, full size protein bars made with the highest quality ingredients. They are created with 70% organic ingredients, non-GMO, gluten-free, and contain no refined sugar. You will feel good about what you’re eating! Developed by sports and health expert, Kenny Mauer. “I created a snack that incorporates healthy ingredients while not forfeiting great taste. I sincerely hope you enjoy my healthy alternative.“-Kenny Mauer.

    Product Features

    • If you LOVE chocolate, you will LOVE our dark chocolate covered bars – they are amazing!
    • Made with 70% Organic Ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, No Refined Sugar, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavors
    • 21g Protein, 14g Fiber
    • Pack contains twelve (12) 2.6 oz (75g) bars
    • We are proud of our ingredients, our products, and our brand.

    Mauer Sports Nutrition Classic Protein Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 12 Count

    Delicious, 70% organic protein bar. Made with the highest quality ingredients with 20g of protein per bar. 8g of dietary fiber. Non-GMO, gluten-free, no preservatives, no refined sugar and low in sodium. 888-609-2489

    Product Features

    • 70 % organic
    • No refined sugars
    • Gluten free
    • Non GMO
    • Low in sodium